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29.08.10, 19:45
This trick will let you avoid the RS waiting time,it's really useful when you do not have a Premium account

It works with any web browser: Opera,Safari,IE,Firefox,Chrome,...,


1.Download a RS file,for example: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/128793908/USDownloader135.rar.html)

2.Choose "Free User" and then type in your address bar the following: javascript:alert(c=1)

3.Your download will just take you 1 second to start



29.08.10, 20:45
I was pretty sure that doesn't work so I tested it and indeed it does not work. AFAIK RS has a server side counter too, so if you try to cheat the system, it will give an error. "The download cannot be provided. Please check, if your browser supports Javascript."

I do not get this error when I let the counter finish. This little trick used to work in the good old days, but it's an exploit that has been fixed for a number of years now

Did you try this before posting?

29.08.10, 20:46
Indeed there was one that worked in the RS.de days, and doesn't anymore:


I had the same suspicions as Sazzy (even though the counter was indeed set to 1 after entering the code), but didn't bother to check if you could actually download.

30.08.10, 03:41
Did you try this before posting?

It works OK for me!

30.08.10, 03:54
It shows the download link yes, but does it actually download? Seems like it only works for you, if it does.

30.08.10, 14:49
It shows the download link yes, but does it actually download?

This. Reducing the countdown is quite useless if they're also measuring things server-side. The trick already stopped working back in the RS.de days, so I don't think the .com site will fall for it, either.

30.08.10, 16:20
So what, this won't work? I do remember something similair for RS before, but that didn't work for me!

30.08.10, 19:58
Well, it didn't work for me. Nor Sazzy. :happy:

31.08.10, 20:44

Works good!

31.08.10, 20:45
Works good!

Except that it doesn't here... can you actually download files?

The Shutter
01.09.10, 01:26
this trick doesn't work now , it worked on rapidshare.de only

01.09.10, 04:24
Works good!

:top: It really works for me too




01.09.10, 13:18
Blocker, I don't see you clicking the blue download button in the images. :gwink:

Sb Lover
01.09.10, 19:22
yes when I clock on download an error of java appear !!

01.09.10, 20:13
this trick doesn't work now , it worked on rapidshare.de only

AFAIK, it used to work on .com too, but not for long.

31.03.11, 04:00
lol u guys are funny, instead just buy the account for a month personally i say its worth the money! :)

31.03.11, 19:26
This doesn't work anymore, thread closed.