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10.08.10, 11:29
The Complete Guide to Downloading Files from Usenet

Whatís the first place you go to for downloading your files online? A torrent tracker? A client like Frostwire? (Please say no to applications like that.) What if I told you there was a way to do it in almost complete secrecy and it would max out your connection while doing so? Well, there is a way to do it, and it doesnít require a huge amount of time, but it does require a subscription to a provider and a client to use, as well as a place to download NZB files. (more on those later) It will require a little money, but I can honestly say I have no regrets about it. First off, lets talk about Usenet.
Contents of Guide

Configuring SABnzbd+
Using Newzbin
Final Thoughts


Usenet is a precursor to the Internet. Bulletin Board Systems and Usenet were the typical methods of discussion back in the day. Rather than bore you with the technical details, which Iím not afraid to admit are beyond me (I wasnít alive back then), check out the Wikipedia articles on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and Usenet. Usenet and BBS groups were wide and varied, and specific groups exist for nearly every subject. Online forums are now used in place of these systems for the most part.

But weíre not interested in using the discussion side of Usenet. We want to download files from it, and let me tell you, downloading from Usenet is superior in almost every way to torrents. The way it works is that itís able to utilize all of your true download speeds. So if you have a 5 meg line, youíre gonna get 5 megs (unless your ISP is lying to you.). So where do we start with this? Well first off, weíre going to need a Usenet provider. Most people will suggest Giganews, and I was a happy subscriber last year until I let it run out. My current provider is Supernews which with their current special will run you about $12 USD a month. This package gives you unlimited bandwidth, 400 days binary retention (more on that later too), SSL encryption if you want it, and 30 connections. Other providers can give you more retention and more connections, but I think this is the best deal anyone could need.

Next, weíre going to need a place to download NZBs from. NZB files are the standard files we use to download from Usenet. An NZB file simply tells our client where to download the pieces from off of Usenet. Itís basically a .torrent for newsgroups. There are free sites that offer NZBs, like the popular NZBMatrix, but my favorite place is Newzbin. Newzbin is a pay site, but itís incredibly cheap. It will run you £.30 a week, or $0.47c USD. They also charge a £.50 service charge everytime you add on to your account. The smallest amount you can pay for at a time is 8 weeks, so for about 2 months of Newzbin access, itís gonna cost you roughly $5.25. So itís cheap. To top it off, you donít currently need an invite to get in.

Thirdly, weíre going to need a client to get everything talking together. The only client I can recommend is SABnzbd+, it has an easy install, and will integrate with your Newzbin or NZBMatrix account. I wouldnít bother with anything else. Now that weíve satisfied all the prerequisites, letís get started.

Again, just to recap on everything youíll needÖ

A Usenet provider
Access to NZB files, whether theyíre from Newzbin or not it doesnít matter

Depending on the provider you went with, they should have given you access details to your account. Supernews will send you an email with all the needed information, or you can login to your account on their website to get it. All we need from them is the name of the server, username, and password. Write this information down somewhere. As an example, here are the credentials I use.

Server Name: news.supernews.com (Most providers servers are like this. news.[provider].com)
Username: denklckr@gmail.com
Password: *****************************

Now we need to configure the SABnzbd+ client. Download the version you want depending on your OS. Here are the links to the Windows and Mac versions. Some other tools I would recommend are the nzbdStatus Firefox add-on, and a Greasemonkey script that will auto-send NZBs from Newzbin to your SABnzbd+ application. I canít currently find the link to the right script so Iíll have to update this part later.

So, download SABnzbd, and install it. Itís web based, so when youíre done installing it, navigate to: https://localhost:8080/sabnzbd .(Note: in the pictures I use, my address is 9090 because I have SSL enabled. SSL simply provides another layer of security.) It may ask you for a username and password if you specified that during the install. Letís get this configured, so hit the config tab. (Note: I use the classic lightblue theme, it may look different on yours. You can switch to the theme I use for this walkthrough, and change it back later if you want.)...............
source and full reading:
The Complete Guide to Downloading Files from Usenet ę the klckrlog (http://denklckr.com/file-sharing/complete-usenet-guide/)

10.08.10, 13:10
Whatís the first place you go to for downloading your files online? A torrent tracker? A client like Frostwire?

google? :P

about $12 USD a month...itís gonna cost you roughly $5.25.

a bit hard to compete with free eh?

On occasions some posts will have missing PAR2 files and you wonít be able to fix all the corruptions. In that case, just find another, equivalent post to download.

meaning you'll have to download it all over again - torrent hash checking avoids this problem

you'll also notice how the mass effect 2 game is posted several times (no dupes on private trackers) which creates the dilemma which one to download, do they all work (none has scene tags either) which naturally isn't important to the author's imaginary friend carlos - also, seems like only a few comments are posted there, somewhat unusual for a quite popular game

10.08.10, 14:57
What if I told you there was a way to do it in almost complete secrecy and it would max out your connection while doing so?

Complete secrecy? Usenet providers require that you give them personal information in order to, well, charge you. That's kind of worse that having my IP addresses, ratio/e-mail/password/passkey change history and a list "sensitive" sites I have visited on What.cd's any tracker's database.

However, as it's the case with everything else, it also has its set of advantages. As the text states, you should usually always get the full speed your connection can offer, the files' age not being a factor as long as it's below the retention treshold. Furthermore, it's a bit more secure than P2P, since only you, your news and Internet providers and the many routers among the way know what you're transferring (note the amount of concealment from your ISP SSL can give you is pretty null if they're determined to snoop on your traffic, click here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-in-the-middle_attack) to know why).

Finally, some links for those that are interested:
Just4Today.NET - Free Usenet (http://just4today.net/) - a free provider. The login data changes every day, retention's only around ten days, and you're only allowed a maximum of two connections.
Unzbin - Tiny Usenet NZB Powerhouse | Download, Decode, Repair and Unpack! (http://www.unzbin.com/) - Unzbin, the equivalent of uTorrent for newsgroups. Light and does the job well for a beginner.
NZBs (http://filesharingtalk.com/nzbs/) - FST's NZB area, free and I think you don't even need to register if you don't mind some limitations.