View Full Version : eMule Pawcio Fake List and IPFilter link doesn't work !

13.07.10, 23:05
Hi @all.
How I said in in title, the eMule Pawcio links for eMule (the SBI Leecher default) doesn't work from some days.
Someone know other good and updates links ? Thanks ! :top:

13.07.10, 23:05
Browse IpfilterX-u23 Files on SourceForge.net (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ed2k-ipfilterx/files/)

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eMuLeecher also posts his own ipfilter in the Member area regularly.

13.07.10, 23:10
I would know how eMuleLeecher can do IpFilter and check servers... I'm really curious. And about fake list (really stupid but better than nothing) ???

13.07.10, 23:11
And about fake list (really stupid but better than nothing) ???

Pawcio's seems to be still available:
Download Emule Pawcio mod from SourceForge.net (http://sourceforge.net/projects/emulepawcio/files/Fakes/Fakes/fakes.rar/download)

13.07.10, 23:51
Yes, don't work the link in eMule. For IP Filter work with .dat. Check it if you want... also on eMule-Project I found a thread with that problem ! Maybe is better change these 2 links in next version of SBI Mods...

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I will wait some news about that, because in firefox these links work. Why change these link for new version of mods ? And why don't post it here for now ? Thanks. See you tomorrow guys... :top: