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30.06.10, 00:50
>>>>>> eMule 0.50a [Katana 2.1] <<<<<<

modded by pP
based on OfFixed Mod by Spike2
Changelog / Features:

Changed: Some cosmetic changes around AntiLeechInfo & ClientDetail dialog [pP]
Changed: Slotlimiter uses limits from Opcodes again, [pP]
Changed: FloodControl gets disabled if Waitinglist exceeds 50 clients [pP]
Changed: AntiLeechDialog, disable disabled Leecher detections ;) [pP]
Changed: AntiLeechDialog, disable CA outputs when official CS is used [pP]
Changed: ClientDetailsDialog, hide total up/down when CA is enabled [pP]
Changed: ClientDetailsDialog, OwnLine for OwnScore [pP]
Changed: Show Anylyzer score in AntileechDetails plus some other small design changes [pP]
Changed: Removed the X-Ray SecureIdent icons from ClientDetailsDialog [pP]
Changed: Fixed transparency on client0/1/2/3/4.ico [pP]
Added: Switch to turn off adding BBCodes to exported stats and feedbacks [pP]
Added: Chunkdetail for uploaded and doenloaded chunks [pP]
fixed: ModIcon was not shown in title bar and tray [pP]
Changed: Upgraded SlotFocus to Wizards version for more constant trickle speeds [TSX 1.0]
added: The slot column now shows if it's a trickle (T) or full (F) slot (uploadlist) [pP, related to BlockRatio/SlotFocus]
added: BlockRatio with DropBlockingClients [XRay 1.7]
added: RequestedFiles tab for ClientDetailsDialog (w/o MultiFileStatusbars for now) [XRay 1.7]
added: Show compression in uploadlist [XRay 1.7]
added: FillSolidRect [XRay 1.7]
fixed: GPL-Breaker Icon was shown in Clientdetails without Modstrings [MiM] [pP]
Changed: Moved all IDS strings into stringtables and cleaned it up a bit [pP]
removed: localize.cpp/localize.h [pP]
removed: forgotten "Dutch as defaults" codes in preferences.cpp/.h [pP]


added: Antileech tab for clientDetailsDialog [pP]
added: Redesigned ClientDetailsDialog [pP/from X-Ray 1.7]
-> Added support for ModIcons
-> Added support for SoftIcons
-> Moved Countryflag in front of countryname
-> Hide IP2C and Modstring labels if not needed
added: Icon for complete files (replaces filetype icon) [pP]
added: OwnScore Columns in queue and upload list [pP/VQB]
added: LeecherHashes are stored per session. Lists are check on new connections [pP]
changed: ModIconDLL, behaviour of showing SoftIcons [pP]
-> MiM off: All official SoftIcons for others clientsofts are shown in all lists
-> MiM on : All clientsofts get the eMule icon with full overlays, other client-
softs are displayed by the Mapper only.
added: BadHashList to store detected badmods (sessionbased) [pP]
removed: unneded codes after update [thx @ umeK]
removed: Unneded ClientSoft codes [pP]
changed: Prefs are saved to/loaded from separate ini file [pP]
-> Fallback: try to load from preferences.ini if no mod file exists.
updated: Clientanalyzer 1.51 [Wizard/TS 2.1]
Updated: merged into eMule 0.50a [thx @ morph4u for giving a hand on the libs!]

Changed: Some small fixes [pP]
Added: Various fixes by dolphinX [pP/dolphinX]
Added: Grey out dead/unreliable servers [bluesonicboy]
Added: show current server in blue & bold [xman1]

Added: Variable compression [ [NetFinity]
Changed: Added active Betatesters to credits [pP]
Extern: updated ModIconDll (check forum!) [pP]
Changed: Download ModIconDll from emulesector [pP]
Changed: Moved all Icons to ModIconDLL [pP]
Added: Overlays for LowIDs in all lists [pP]
Removed: ClientSoftIcons code [pP]
Removed: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons [pP]
Removed: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule [pP]
Fixed: AHL, DynADP and Updates stopped working after some time [pP]
Added: Show real- and funnynick in clientdetails[pP]
Added: Emulate other [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004]
Added: File Feedback [IceCream/MorphXT]
Added: Session Feedback (Export Stats) [pP]
Added: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule [pP]
Added: Fincan detection [JvA/Wizard]
Added: Session and Global PS stats [pP]
Added: Switch for SlotFocus (q-list/up-list) [pP/evl]
Added: Switch for Flood Prevention (q-list) [pP/evl]
Added: Flood Prevention [Wizard]
Added: SourceSaver [?]
Changed: Added ActiveRatio, removed offi one [pP/Netfinity]
Changed: Adopted ANT to usage of FunnyNicks [pP]
Added: Client Anylyzer 1.5 [Wizard]
Added: Icon for GPLEvildoer [pP, Icon from Argos]
Changed: Added some Mods to GPLEvildoer list [pP]
Updated: Rewritten ClientSoft icon code [pP]
Added: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons [pP]
Added: Slot control, fix amnesia after restarts [pP]
Added: Dynamic AutoDownPriorities (v1 & 2.1) [pP]
Added: IPFilter update [pP]
Added: Reask sources after IP changes [Stulle/X-Ray]
Added: Colored/Bold downloads [pP]
Added: Winsock v2 support [?/X-Ray]
Added: ConChecker [eWombat/X-Ray]
Added: Powershare, incl. statistics [zz/pP]
Added: Own Ratio [VQB/Alias]
Added: Recalc scores only after Up/dn changes [pP/idea by Wizard]
Added: ChunkDots [Slugfiller/CB]
Added: ICS [EnkyDev/X-Ray]
Added: DynamicBLockRequests [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: Delayed NNP [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: ClientPercentages [?/X-Ray]
Added: NodeDatUpdate [pP/Alias]
Added: Download countryflag dlls if missing [pP]
Added: Ip 2 Country, full implementation again [from X-Ray]
Changed: Modstring [pP]

OfFixed 1.0 by Spike2
-->CODEBASE : eMule 0.49c
-->LIBRARIES: Newer as in official eMule:
* Cryptlib 5.6.0
* ID3lib 2.3.0
* libPNG 1.2.35
* newest ResizableLib (they don't use version numbers...)
Same as in official eMule:
* CxImage 6.00
* zlib 1.2.3
-->NOTE : Changes tagged with "BUGFIX" in this changelog include code-improvements and small optimizations as well
ADDED : 80% score for non SI clients (Xman)
ADDED : AntiCorruption (WiZaRd)
ADDED : AntiShape (netfinity)
ADDED : Aux ports support (lugdunummaster)
ADDED : Better passive source finding (origin unknown to me, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Enhanced Client Recognition (ECR) v2 (Spike2)
* Since the nowadays ECR has much changed since it's initial code I declared it to be v2 :)
* Tag: Spike2 - Enhanced Client Recognition v2
* Now includes a small fix by taz for recognizing MLdonkeys
* Stulle's CompatClientStats are now part of the ECR
ADDED : Find best sources (Xman)
ADDED : FriendHandling from all lists (Xman)
ADDED : HashProgress (O2)
ADDED : IntelliFlush (always enabled; WiZaRd)
ADDED : L2HAC (always enabled; by eMulePlus, taken from NeoMule)
ADDED : MessageFlash (Slugfiller)
ADDED : ModString is being sent (using parts of WiZaRd's EasyModVer)
ADDED : MoreFourCCCodes (zz_fly)
ADDED : NoNeededRequeue (Slugfiller)
ADDED : SearchCatch (Slugfiller)
ADDED : Server.met-default-update URL added and auto update from emulefuture.eu, if no URL is entered
ADDED : Show Modversions with mod-statistics (code by Slugfiller)
ADDED : Show own userhash in status window (iOniX)
ADDED : Simple SlotFocus (switchable in Extended Options; Spike2)
ADDED : SourceCache with my own GUI-AddOn from Spike2Mod (Xman)
ADDED : Support link in network-info-dialog (points to emulefuture.eu, my homeboard)
ADDED : Understanding eDonkeyHybrid's pr-tag (netfinity)
ADDED : WiZaRd's KadAddons (including many bugfixes for bugs in official Kad-code, Code-optimizations, WiZaRd's KadHelper for
fighting bad nodes, parts of netfinity's SafeKad and reduced CPU-usage code in UInt128.cpp by netfinity)
BUGFIX : Accurate compression percentage indication fix (BlueSonicBoy)
BUGFIX : AICH-Hash - Additional security check (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Automatic Firewalled Retries (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Catch oversized public key in credit.met file (SiRoB)
BUGFIX : CheckDiskspaceFix (SlugFiller) - very important fix, fixes crash and data-corruption in part and part.met-files for me !
BUGFIX : Clean up filename: Do NOT alter DVD-Video files VOB,IFO,BUP, etc. (BlueSonicBoy)
BUGFIX : CodeImprovement for choosing to use compression (Xman)
BUGFIX : Don't kill source, if it's the only one complete source or a friend (MorphXT)
BUGFIX : Fix collection double extension (CiccioBastardo)
BUGFIX : Fixed many typos ;) (Spike2)
BUGFIX : Fix for "exit" command (leuk_he)
BUGFIX : Memory Leak on Low ID Smart Check (origin unknown; taken from one of taz' mods)
BUGFIX : Message bounce protection (for Kad; by netfinity)
BUGFIX : Obfuscation FiX (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Prevent switch to ... busy popup during windows startup (leuk_he)
BUGFIX : Prevent USS spam (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Publish small incomplete files fix (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Reconnect Kad on IP-change (Pawcio / Spike2)
BUGFIX : Relax on startup (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Request AICH-Hash-set only if necessary (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change (Pawcio / Spike2)
BUGFIX : ThreadSafe-fix (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : ToolTip-FiX (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : UDP Reask security check (netfinity)
BUGFIX : Various code improvements, crash fixes, memleak-fixes and other fixes (mainly by eMule's No1 debugger WiZaRd ;) and by Xman,
Morph, myself and many others (look at the tags in the code))
BUGFIX : Webserver-Download-Fix (Stulle)
BUGFIX : Wrong Hover FiX (WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Wrong null userhash fix (ilmira)
BUGFIX : XS-Workaround (WiZaRd)
CHANGED: Always show if obfuscation is in use (Spike2)
CHANGED: Clienttype-Icons changed to the real client's logos (merged from Spike2Mod)
CHANGED: Credits changed (added myself as modder ;p and bluecow under retired o-devs (why did they forget him there ?!?))
CHANGED: CryptTCPpaddingLength may now be adjusted in Extended Options (Xman)
CHANGED: Disabled some warnings thrown by official code (Spike2 & various)
CHANGED: Don't accept to short message-filters (WiZaRd)
CHANGED: Enabled ListSearch (already in official code)
CHANGED: Hardlimit of 5 for emule collections (Xman)
CHANGED: HighResTimer is now switchable in Extended Options (Spike2)
CHANGED: Lower CPU-load in IsBanned() (using code from WiZaRd and sivka)
CHANGED: Re-enabled "Extract meta-data via DirectShow" (Spike2; USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ! Although I never had any problems with it, there's
a reason why the official devs disabled it..!)
CHANGED: Some default settings: Don't compress avi-files now enabled, Dead server retries risen from 1 to 3, Icon flash on new
message enabled, filter server by IP enabled, PeerCache enabled (doesn't hurt) and message filter extended
REMOVED: FullChunk-transfer option (always enabled now)
REMOVED: Option to disable SecureIdentification - the checkbox in the options-dialog is now used to indicate if SI is working (WiZaRd)
UPDATED: Used libraries (see above)

01.09.10, 07:47
> Mod-Statistics report for:
|--> eMule v0.50a [Katana 2.1]
|--> Modded by pP for http://forum.emulesector.eu
|--> Created: 1.9.2010. 6:47:05
> eMule Settings:
|--> Linecapacities u/d : 50/800 [kiB/s]
|--> Linelimits u/d : 20/800 [kiB/s]
|--> Max. srcs per file : 600
|--> Max. conns : 200
|--> Max. conns per 5 sec: 20
|--> Max. halfopen conns.: 40
|--> Uses standard ports : no (static)
|--> UPnP activated : no
|--> Filebuffer size : 7.50 MiB
|--> Waiting Queuesize : 5000
> Connectionstats:
|--> Networks connected : ed2k on, Kad on
|--> Peak connections : 913
|--> Average connections : 71
|--> Conn. limit reached : 1 times
> Transferstats:
|--> Session runtime : 1 Days 7:16 Hours
|--> Uploaded data : 2.08 GB
|--> Downloaded data : 6.12 GB
|--> u/d ratio : 1 : 2.95
|--> Avg. uploadrate : 19.34 KB/s
|--> Peak uploadrate : 20.09 KB/s
|--> Avg. downloadrate : 57.05 KB/s
|--> Peak downloadrate : 158.00 KB/s
|--> Lost to corruption : 180.00 KB
|--> DL Sessions : success 1951 (77.51 %), failed 571 (22.49 %)
|--> UL Sessions : success 301 (93.31 %), failed 22 (6.69 %)
> Downloadqueue:
|--> Found sources : 680
|--> Valid sources : 678
|--> NoNeededParts : 2
|--> QueueFull : 5
|--> Unknown : 1
|--> TooMany : 0
|--> Banned (both-way) : 0
> Uploadqueue:
|--> Waiting on queue : 1455
> ClientAnalyzer:
|--> Nickthieveries : 86
|--> Modthieveries : 86
|--> File fakes : 224
|--> UDP-FNF fakes : 30
|--> Fast asks : 4031
|--> Spams : 0
|--> Fast XS : 2090
> Filestats:
|--> Overall files : 13
|--> Active files : 13
|--> Running downloads : 17
|--> Running uploads : 6
+--> Finished files : 2