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13.05.10, 23:40
Short Info

Tracker: TorrentHR
Tracker's URL: http://www.torrenthr.org/
Tracker type: no-ratio
Open Signups?: Invites only
Category: general, croatian
Number of Users: ~ 10 000
Number of torrents: ~ 10 000

Its largest and most popular Croatian tracker. Hosts all kind of stuff and everyone can upload regardless of user class (but mods must approve in before).

No-ratio tracker, only req. is that you leave torrents that you download for 72h on seed in 2 weeks time period.

User interface is in Croatian (rules and faq are also translated in eng) , meaning only people with origin of former Yugoslavia could read it flawlessly... But if someone is interested in tracker I'm sure language will not be barrier, heck I even use some chinese trackers. :biggrin:

I personally use tracker only for croatian media, music and movies, but there is also most popular english/american stuff there, which I usually grab from trackers like TL, its faster...

Here comes screenshots.

home page:

some quick translation:
"Prvi hrvatski torrent tracker" (in the banner) = first croatian torrent tracker
"Početna" = homepage
"Domaće" = croatian torrents
"Želje" = wishes
"Pravila" = rules
"Linkovi" = links
"Dobrodošao" = welcome
"Pozivnice" = invitations
"Moji torrenti" = my torrents
"Novosti" = news

torrents page, sorted by most seeded torrents:

again some quick translation of categories:
"Crtani Filmovi" = cartoons
"Dokumentarni Filmovi" = documentaries
"Filmovi" = movies
"Igre" = games
"Koncerti" = concerts
"Muzika" = music
"Ostalo" = other
"Serije" = series


and english rules:

@anon: I tried to upload pics into sbi album as you mentioned me last time but they have been resized too much, so I used imageshack again.

13.05.10, 23:41
@anon: I tried to upload pics into sbi album as you mentioned me last time but they have been resized too much, so I used imageshack again.

Split them in more than one image or use BayImg (which won't take down "copyright-infringing" pictures).

13.05.10, 23:46
meh, pics from last 2 reviews on imageshack are still standing good so I expect no problem with these too. But if they go down I'll reup them somewhere safer asap.

13.05.10, 23:47
OK then. I'll keep a backup just in case.

13.05.10, 23:48
any words about cheating there?

13.05.10, 23:55
Didn't try anything yet, but I doubt that they have any good security scripts... More important then amount of uploaded is that you don't do hit and run, I think this is the most frequent way ppl got banned there.

14.04.12, 19:33
It's no point in cheating there, rule is that you need to seed to ratio 1.0 or minimum 72h for EVERY torrent...so there is no buffer you could build...