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09.05.10, 15:31
Chose a section that fits best your new poll.
Click on new thread.
Scroll down till you see:
Click on that box and choose how many options should the poll have.(default is 4)
Write the actual thread and give it a title.
Click on submit new thread.
Then u'll see something like this:

09.05.10, 15:43
wow great:baeh: .. i asked coz i never saw make a poll option and i never checked down to the bottom as i have created 1 or 2 threads hardly here

u know how to pull somebody's leg .. don't u :tongue:

for this u'll have to fight with me in chat spam thread:icon_angry[1]:.. hu hu ha ha ha

thanx man btw for the the tut:biggrin:

09.05.10, 15:54
Your welcome and thanks for the rep lol.
We'll have to postpone or fight.I need to study right now:biggrin:

09.05.10, 15:59
well i'll postphone now.. we'll fight someday else but do reply to my new poll which m going to make:biggrin:

09.05.10, 17:51
This belongs to FAQ & Tutorials, thanks.

I voted for "wtf", by the way.

09.05.10, 17:54
Someone had to do it lol:tongue: