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Tracker: HQ-Films.ws
Open Signups?: No, invite system. You can get invite code through SMS too.
Category: HD, Full Blu-Ray, DVD, Music Videos, Games.


The various categories. There are also DVD5, DVD9, HQ Album and the Music Videos in HD.




Torrents Most Seeded


HD Music Videos



Forum just for Russian people. Infact don't exist an Internation Forum.




* These rules are not negotiable and binding on all users tracker rank from simple user to the moderator (Administrators and Managers - a person, these rules setting - comes at its own discretion). If you do not like these rules, you can always create your own website and do anything that you like.
* According to the Administration - the law for users tracker! This rule is no exception, HQ-Films is a private torrent tracker, and its policy is determined solely by the owners of the resource.
* In the case of a single violation of the rules the user receives a verbal remark, in case of repeated violation - a warning () for a period prescribed by the moderator. Violators of the rules immediately receives a warning. This means that the next warning will not! The user will simply be deleted from the tracker, and access to the tracker, with its IP address will be closed.
* Do not register multiple accounts for themselves - we regularly check our database and can easily calculate the craftsmen of this kind.
* Banned sale Invite. Message Invite the sale will be deleted, and the seller account blocked permanently.
* The trading of invites is expressely forbidden, failure to follow will result in a ban. Do not offer trades on the messageboards either, as this will lead to a ban as well. Forbidden to perform any actions that result will be gerrymandered rating.
* It is strictly not recommended to create multiple accounts from one IP, the use of your account by several persons.
* Talk on the tracker and our forum is the literary Russian language. Other languages can be used only when absolutely necessary.
* We welcome all suggestions and comments aimed at improving the work of our tracker. We also ask that you inform the Directorate of any errors or inaccuracies in the work site. General issues of the tracker, you can obsuzhat in an open discussion forum, it is recommended to solve individual problems in private correspondence, using the system LS (personal communication).

Userclasses And Promotions


What classes of users exist on your site?

User Standard class user. It can pump up to 3 torrents simultaneously. PS If you have a rating below 0.3 then you will lose the ability to download new torrents, so try not to lower the rating of this face. If you have registered less than a week, you can download only 1 torrent at a time.
Experienced user of an experienced user. It can pump up to 7 torrents simultaneously.
Especially distinguished user
VIP Elite user. Not subject to automatic reduction to range.Ne has a limit on the simultaneous downloading torrents.
Relizer user with the casting.
Moderator representative of the administration of the resource. Can edit and delete comments and distribution, to raise and lower in rank, to issue warnings.
A representative of the Administrator of the resource. Coordinates and monitors the actions of moderators.
Directors may anything. Thanks to these users has been created and maintained by this resource.

How do these classes?

An experienced user should be registered for at least 5 weeks, at least 70Gb download and have a rating of more than 2.05.
When the set of requirements will automatically be raised in rank. Subject to automatic reduction in the fall rate to less than 0,95.
If the administration deems it necessary, you will receive this distinctive mark.
VIP passes for special services to the resource.
Relizer Nominations are considered individually. To do this, write WildeTier.
Moderator is appointed by the Administration. Do not ask us, we'll ask you.




Design: 9/10 - I like so much the design of this tracker, much colored.

Speed: 7/10 - High speed

Contents: 7/10 - This tracker has very much contents but being almost similar to BitHQ and being BitHQ to have much more files, a 7 is ok for it.


Recommended Sofware = Shu Mod

Speed: I'm tried until 800 Kb/s and it works ;)