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09.03.10, 22:00
Hey Friends, I stopped along the trackerway about this greek-ALT: Vibes V3 :: Login (http://vibes.cc) the sign up is open till 20000 User at moment 18300 User

Hostname vibes.cc

Internetdienstanbieter Unbekannt

Land Kanada Ländercode CA (CAN)

Stadt Markham Region Ontario

IP-Adresse Postleitzahl l3p1y2

Nationalflagge CA Breitengrad 43.8667Längengrad -79.2667

Sorry for my bad English :rolleyes: a part of this side is translate to google ^^

I'm to begin the review ;-)





http://www.sb-innovation.de/attachment.php?attachmentid=3637 sorry by the sallowness






I'm hope that's a bit of input about this tracker ;)

best regards and have fun guy's :rolling_eyes:

10.03.10, 00:14
you know, snity. This place isn't all that bad. What I like the most there is the selection of a certain type of catagory of torrents.
(Sorry, can't say here as this'll just give me away over there should any mod from there be here...you know what I mean?? LOL. )

And no, it's ain't porn. :biggrin:

but the place isn't all that bad. What I dont like about it is the fact that all the forums are Greek...I guess that couuld be expected, though I doubt that only a small number of users there are non-Greek.

The layout there is decent too, IMO.

Cheating??...IDK....I haven't cheated in awhile (anywhere's for that matter), though I doubt that it's too difficult though.

10.03.10, 00:16
are they using the ScT icons?

10.03.10, 00:21
Seems yes - or at least, they look a lot like ScT's.

10.03.10, 01:19
Ive been there, thanks to SeaLion's recommendation, and it is fairly easy to navigate and they have a wide selectioin of stuff not just greek-style (http://www.sex-lexis.com/Sex-Dictionary/Greek%20style) (lol) stuff.

Seeding might be a bit hard on some torrents but its good that people still leave those torrents seeding although not many dl from them. But most popular are games and some popular movies u will have np seeding.

10.03.10, 02:17
OMG...one of the screenshots has got the Encyclopedia Brit on it....LOL. I downloaded that baby. '
Nice piece that is. :biggrin:'

Hey Vibes.cc admin...I"m here if you want me ....:biggrin:
I downloaded one of your torrents..LOL. :biggrin:...Yaaa

10.03.10, 02:51
I distinctly remember reading SealLion's post a while back when I was still a noob (still am) about saying hi to the admins of Vibes.cc. Of course I had to register in order to post in the forums. I just dont understnd why people choose to shoot the messenger. I was just bringing them nice and friendly news :`(

I still cant login :confused2:

By the way the above was just some grey humour ;)

10.03.10, 17:25
By the way the above was just some grey humour ;)

Oh, you almost got me. :lol:

11.03.10, 01:55
ya, I know, He almost had me there too. I was thinking that maybe he got banned cuz he posted about me in the greek tracker forums and I didn't know about it.

As a matter of fact, I actually went into the international hub in the forums and was looking for my username from here wherein he may have said, "...oh by-the-way, SealLion from SBI says 'hi' :biggrin: "..or somthing like that.

Oh, s**T, I was thinking. What'd he do now??

actually, that would've been funny.

But you know....they don't really leave much room for non-Greeks over there. Most of the non-English sites that I know of, do.

By the way, another thing that I really like about that site is that it has certain content there that I don't find anywhere else.
Sorry, it's a secret...can't give myself away too much, eh??

Other than that, that tracker is also not as well known as other sites, like AL of other scene places. Probably cuz it's still fairly new.
The content as I have noticed seems to stick around on the same page without moving back a page or 2. In other words, the content that is uploaded there is peanuts compared to other scene site, you know what I mean??

11.03.10, 02:01
Now if I really go banned for saying hi then I broke the 1st and golden rule
Golden Rule: Dont reveal ura cheata!

11.03.10, 02:41
are they using the ScT icons?

Seems yes - or at least, they look a lot like ScT's.

This tracker is using ScT's layout and icons FYBER.ORG - Your key to the scene! (http://www.fyber.org/) :baeh:

By the way I din't know about Vibes V3 but 20,967 torrents and 17,901 user are decent amounts