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08.03.10, 13:09
When searching my (or someone elses) posts I cant see a complete list of posts made by me.

# Find all posts by saebrtooth
# Find all threads started by saebrtooth

It gives a limited list back in time. Can we please get a complete list of every single post including the very first post we posted?

It would be great to have this.

Thanks :top:


08.03.10, 17:07
There's a limit of 500 posts to avoid severely increasing the server load. If that wasn't in effect, the server would explode every time someone searches all my posts.

08.03.10, 18:06
the server would explode every time someone searches all my posts.

:lol: exactly.
actually without anon we could at least raise that limit :P

08.03.10, 18:58
Why would you wanna search all your posts?Are you trying to make a personal sig with helpful posts like mine or anon's?

08.03.10, 23:45
hehe thanks for the feedback guys. This feature is a good idea because its always good to know how much we have changed, and also to see a complete history of information whether up to date or outdated. From a standpoint of cheating we can also see how trackers have progressed to.

Searching a limited number, as anon says 500 posts, can be left as it is the default, but for those curious we can go thru 1 or 2 hoops to press a button menu to enable all posts. Not everyone will do it, and most likely than not will leve it as the current default. Just make sure that this option to search complete history is not allowed to be saved as as a current template but rather an option that needs to be made every time u want it. Also make it hidden in a menu so it makes it a bother to enable. This way it will not overload the servers but only used when needed.

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I have notcied the some hex editors when loading a large file dont load everything into memory but when it goes near the end of its memory contents (part of the file)


-- file
== loaded part of file into memory

it then proceeds to load the next portion of the file. So the additinal to the hurdles of multiple clicks to get this complete listing add this other feature and then it will be exactly like any other search, 500 at a time or whatever number it can even be smaller too like 300 or two hundred, just click next to get the other few hundred, Im sure this feature will save even more cpu time and bandwidth :top: