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22.02.10, 03:11
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Tracker Type:

general tracker,specializes in bollywood (mumbai-made)movies. Also have huge Indian TV episode torrents collection. It’s bollywood music collection is good also.

Tracker Age: Over 4 years.






Most Recent




"Please Donate towards the monthly bandwidth/electricity expenses so we can keep BwT alive for YOU, as soon as the target of 1200 USD is reached BwT will become Ratio-FREE for the remaining month"

Bonus System :

No bonus system is available.

Tracker Stats:


Tracker Rules:

General rules

BwTorrents- BwT - FAQ (http://www.bwtorrents.com/faq.php?)

Release rules:-
-: Release Rules :-

These rules apply to all release sections and on all members of BwT without prejudice. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action ranging from warning points to ban. Staff decisions will be final.
1. General Guidelines
o Advertising other websites is strictly prohibited.
o Leecher-grabbing words (e.g. "High Quality", "Awesome Print", "Seeding", "Sexy", etc) should not be used in thread titles.
o The following 3 tags: "Remastered", "Audio Fixed", and "Full Video" are allowed only in the Pre Releases forum if sufficient proof of such work is provided.
o External releases (i.e. releases originally obtained from outside BwT) should not be re-tagged; the original release name must be preserved and the original releaser (or release group) should be acknowledged. Also, any material in the release NFO and file names that constitute advertising should be removed. (See also Section 7 below).
o Re-encoded releases should include due credits to the original ripper. The person releasing the re-encode should not tag the thread title and file names with their own name or group name. Any banners used in the post should make it clear that this a re-encode not an original rip.
o Scene tags (e.g. "Proper", "Real", etc) are not allowed for BwT-based releasers with the exception of the "Repack", "Re-rip", and "Nuked" tags (See Section 6 below).
o Please read Section 7 below to learn about releases which are either banned or restricted on BwT.

2. Movie section

2.1 Basic Requirements
o Screen shots are mandatory for all releases; screens must be taken from the rip only.
o Screen shots must be provided using IMG tags instead of external links (in text or in NFOs).
o Sample required for all releases except Uncompressed DVD5 & DVD9 releases and raw Blu-Ray dumps. A sample must be atleast a minute long, predominantly of a conversation (this is good to check for sync issues) and uploaded on an external site like sendspace, 4shared etc.
o Technical Information required for all releases. N00bs can post a screen shot of "GSpot" (Google) as that will cover everything for XviDs; for x264 they can present a screen shot of "Media info" (Google).

The following information should be provided:
 Source
 Runtime
 Video information should have the following:
 Video resolution (for DVD-Rs DAR* is sufficient)
 Frame rate (for XviD/x264).
 Video bitrate
 Video codec
 Audio information should have the following:
 Audio language
 Audio codec
 Audio bitrate
 Subtitle information
 Release size
 Special notes if needed

o With the exception of Pre-Releases, all XviD/x264 releases must conform to the following formats based on size:
 1/3 DVD (~1490MB): single file
 1/2 DVD (~2240MB): single file
 nCD (multiples of 700MB): must be split into n parts before being posted

* DAR = Display aspect ratio (basically 4:3 or 16:9)

2.2 Thread title format
o Movie Name
o Year
o x264/xvid specific
 Source (DVD: DVDRip, BluRay: BRRip, HDDVD: HDRip etc)
 Re-encodes from XviD/x264/Transcoded DVD/Shrunk DVD can not use DVD Rips
 Codec (XviD/x264)
 Audio used (AAC/AC3/MP3) [optional]
 Subs (to indicate presence of subtitle) [optional]

o DVDR specific
 Manual/M (for manual encoding) [optional]
 Encoder used [optional]
 Video type (NTSC/PAL)

o Group name [optional]

2.3 Rules specific to DVD-R sections
o The following technical information must be provided:
 Video type (i.e. NTSC or PAL)
 Encoder used (CCE/HC/ProCoder/QuEnc etc.) along with the profile information.
 CCE: profile information should mention if it is OPV or multipass (# of passes should be mentioned)
 HC: profile used, Fast/Normal/Best
 ProCoder: profile used, Normal/Best
 QuEnc: profile used, Norma/High/Extreme & Slow

o Menus are preferred unless the original DVD does not have menus and mentioned in special notes.
o Preference for Manual encodes:
 Unwanted buttons in the menu disabled.
 Superior audio track preferred always, stripping the others.
 If source has DD 5.1 and DD 2.0, DD 5.1 be used while stripping DD 2.0.
 If source has DD 5.1 and DTS, DD 5.1 preferred, inclusion of DTS is ripper?s discretion.

The following are again preferred:
 Macro vision be removed.
 Any user limitation present be removed.
 Release made region free.
 Warning(s) be removed.
 Any kind of anti piracy warnings/notices be removed.

o Oversize must be burn tested.

2.4 Rules specific to Hi-Def Releases section
o This section is for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD dumps & rips with 720p/1080p resolution.
o Upscaled DVDRips should not be released here. They should be released in the DVDRips section.
o Sample is not required for RAW BluRay dumps.

2.5 Miscellaneous
o Releases re-encoded from XviD/DivX/x264 should not contain the term "DVDRip" in the title.
o 'Upscaled' tag can only be used for rips which have been upscaled to 720/1080 (i/p).

3. Music section
o Thread title should include the following information:
 Artist name (OSTs, multiple artists can be tagged as VA or have artist name dropped)
 Album name
 Year
 Bitrate (320kbps/256kbps/128kbps etc)
 Encoding type (ABR/CBR/VBR)
 Codec (MP3/FLAC/AAC etc)
 Group name [optional]

o Screen shots requirements for Music Videos same as Section 2.1.
o Cover image must be included for Post 2000 releases. Image maybe obtained using scanner, digital camera or even cell phone camera if the former are not available. However, scene releases are an exception.
o Strictly no advertising allowed. The following or website names in any form in the release, are considered advertising:
 Title or track names having website names.
 Covers watermarked with website names.
 NFOs with website names.
 ID3 tags with website names.

o Voice tagged releases are strictly not allowed.
o Single tracks not allowed to be released as a torrent. Upload them on rapidshare, 4shared, sendpace etc and share in 'Mp3 Singles' section.

4. TV section
o Video and audio details must be specified.
o Screen shots are mandatory for all releases.
o Sample must be provided for releases of over 30 minute length.
o Thread title should include the following information:
 Name of the TV show
 Channel Name
 Origin of the record (i.e. Ind/UK/USA/etc)
 Episode/season information [optional]
 Air date
 Video codec
 Audio codec (not required if info is provided in release post)
 Group name [optional]

5. Documentaries/Cookery/Stage shows/Religious/Any other video torrents

5.1 Basic Requirements
o A proper description containing information about the documentary/show/episode. (Use Google).
o Screen shots are mandatory for all video releases; screens must be taken from the video.
o Screen shots must be provided using IMG tags instead of external links (in text or in nfos).
o No propaganda releases disguised as documentary/religious releases.

5.2 Thread title format
o Documentary/show/episode name
o Year
o Episode No.(If the documentary/show is a part of a series/season)
o x264/XviD specific [Optional]
 Codec (XviD/x264)
 Audio used (AAC/AC3/MP3)
 Subs (to indicate presence of subtitle)

o Group Name [Optional]

6. Nuking Releases

6.1 Basic Rules
o Movie, TV and Music (audio & video) releases that suffer from one or more of the flaws specified in Section 6.2 below will be moved to the Nuked Releases forum. The thread title will be edited to include the "Nuked" tag and the post edited to cite the reason.
o The releaser himself/herself (or the release team leader/vice-leader) may request staff to nuke the release if they discovered that it suffers from one or more of the flaws described in Section 6.2.
o Users, including other releasers, may report releases which they feel qualify for nuking. Staff will take decisions on a case-by-case basis.
o For nuked releases suffering solely from out-of-sync problems, the releaser may issue a sync fix that will be added to the release thread. However, the thread will remain in the NUKED forum.
o Once a release has been nuked, the releaser (or release group) may issue a "Repack"/"Re-rip" tagged as such.

6.2 Reasons for Nuking
6.2.1 Movie & Music Videos Section
o Out-of-sync rip.
o Bad AR which is blatantly wrong (XviD/x264).
o Bad crop which is blatantly off (XviD/x264).
o Incorrect FPS, valid fps 23.976/24.975/25.00/29.97 (XviD/x264), 24.00 (XviD/x264) when source is BluRay/HDDVD.
o Over sized rips.

6.2.2 TV Section
o Out-of-sync rip.
o Bad AR which is blatantly wrong.
o Bad crop which is blatantly off.

6.2.3 Audio Releases (Music Section)
o Blatantly bad rip such as the presence of hissing/clicking noise, leading/trailing silence(s), etc.

7. Banned/Restricted Releases
o Pornographic material strictly not allowed.
o All 18+ releases/content has to be approved by the staff first. Telling staff, that if found objectionable please remove it will not help.
o Non-desi films, television shows and music are not allowed.
o Non-desi material is only allowed under the 'Other Torrents' category (i.e. Documentaries, Books, etc). However, these will be strictly monitored and are subject to removal under staff discretion.
o Desi releases which have been MPAA rated are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact staff and obtain permission before posting such releases.
o No external releases & re-encodes (i.e. releases by groups not on BwT) are allowed in TV section.
o xDR rips can only be posted by xDR members.
o All DJLUV releases are banned from BwT.
o IndiaFM rips or re-encodes from it are not allowed.
o No watermarks allowed in external releases in any form including tagging subtitles.





Forums and Community:


IRC Info:

Donation Information:


Signup URL:

BwTorrents- BwT (http://www.bwtorrents.com/register.php)

Invites required.

Also by donating for the site,you can become a member.




Ratio rules


User area info:

All users belonging to the site are shown in this map.They update it in every 15 minutes.


grades and Comments:

Content: 9.5/10

possibly the best bollywood movie and music tracker.It has a huge content of bollywood movies and also contains Indian TV channel episodes.

Speed: 7.5/10

sometimes great,sometimes low...it's ok..i think.

Community: 8/10

great community,and the staffs are pretty helpful.You must be active in the forums,to get invites.

gist of review:

I like this tracker for mainly its great torrent collection.I mean,YOU CAN EVEN FIND 1932 old bollywood classics also here(though i can't guarantee whether anyone seeds them or not!!) but a great tracker,with great contents,and considerable speed.

22.02.10, 03:25
nice review but please follow rule 3 from there http://www.sb-innovation.de/f210/tracker-review-guide-read-before-posting-16717/

22.02.10, 03:31
nice review but please follow rule 3 from there http://www.sb-innovation.de/f210/tracker-review-guide-read-before-posting-16717/

thanks will keep in mind !
menas i have to subit links to sbi ?
or use some other image host !

22.02.10, 03:33
menas i have to subit links to sbi ?
or use some other image host !

just read it :rolleyes:

22.02.10, 14:42
Lol U.S.A is full of torrenters.

22.02.10, 17:05
Use the SPOILER tag for very long quotes, such as the rules. And please don't end everything you write with either a question or exclamation mark, even the title.

Other than that, good job. You even wrote about the tracker.

17.07.10, 13:40
the best indian tracker and worst anti cheat sripts

20.11.10, 13:17
^^It was the best but its nomore the best at present.DT has surpassed BWT in Bollywood releases