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23.12.09, 22:01
Tracker Name: Digital Hive
Tracker URL: http://digitalhive.org/
Open Signups: Open Ocassionally when accounts are pruned. Limit is 25000 members
Category: 0-Day


Digital Hive is yet another low level 0-Day tracker. Off late they have upgraded their servers which is good news for the users as I personally got many errors earlier about server being "overloaded".



As can be seen there are not many torrents on this site and collection is rather poor. Given the 25000 Userbase, One would have expected more.



Since it is a General Tracker, we find the general stuff here. Although I feel they lack quality in terms of uploaded content. HD content on the site is dissappontingbut anime collection is quite nice.




Nothing much to say here. An okayish forum with general topics which you would find on any other forum. Fairly active.

User Classes:


New user joins as "User". Interestingly, Power users need 40gb upload which is different from most other General 0-Day trackers where 50gb is normally required.

Donations will get you different priveleges depending on the amount.



this is the irc channel


Final Words:
Digital Hive provides nothing revolutionary and i can see why it is labelled a low level tracker because that is where it belongs. I love the layout which is dark themed. Hopefully with better uploaders, this site might improve though i feel that that is unlikely.

27.12.09, 08:43
NIce review !!!

I think the Tracker did really good after a year or so. When it started it was really creppy and the design sucked as well. And now it isn't that bad anymore. The speed could be better (Duh). And I mean look at that, they are quite close to the registered user limit !
But it is right that for the "large" user base, compared to other low level Trackers, it quite shitty as you sad.
Cheating is easy, but be careful, because there was a time where I waas caught there and a couple of other Tracker banned me, because of it.

27.12.09, 17:52
Cheating is easy, but be careful, because there was a time where I waas caught there and a couple of other Tracker banned me, because of it.

Too many connections to good trackers for such a bad one, I think.

They also offer a modded uTorrent version called "hTorrent", which supposedly has all crap (DHT, call-homes, PEX) removed from it. Except maybe for the call-homes, it'd be easier to tell people to disable those two offending options - not like they have an effect on private torrents anyway :rolleyes:

26.04.11, 17:30
Nice review they have now more than 14000 torrents and 15000 member. Pretimes are very fast. may need some time to beat scc and GFT :-)

26.04.11, 20:14
Last time I checked, they were already beating those two for many releases, if that's what you're talking about. Of course, SCC and GFT are l33ter more established sites.