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20.12.09, 22:23

i think it would be a good idea to move all the tracker cheating threads in a sub-forum. maybe in the English Talk Section?

Talk - SB-Innovation - Leecher Mod Source Nr. 1 (http://www.sb-innovation.de/forumdisplay.php?f=56)

and it can be named:
"Tracker Cheating"
"Tracker Cheating Experiences"

others maybe?

please vote if you like the idea or not,
then i will gather the thread links for easier moving.


20.12.09, 22:30
The idea is not bad, but it's not possible to move the current topics into a new subforum, because this changes the links and then the google results have a 404 error.

20.12.09, 22:33
hmm i didn't thought of that ,

but as far as i know google updates the link fast :confused2:

maybe we can do a small test ? :smile:

21.12.09, 21:57
how should the test look like?

21.12.09, 22:06
creating a topic then waiting for it to appear in google, then moving it and checking the effect,if Google Updated the links quickly or didn't update at all :biggrin:

21.12.09, 22:14
This will not work. How should google know that the old link and the new link have the same content? Google will think that the old link is removed (404 error) and the new link is anything with new content. This will end in removing the old links and add the new links which have no ranks in google results --> bad for us.

21.12.09, 22:15
As long as the thread ID is the same, vBulletin will redirect you to the new URL, have a look:


21.12.09, 22:20
@ Rebound i remember a forum which had vbSeo and disabled it,
then moved the vb folder from /vb to root.

but anyway if this is hard then it can be solved making an Index Thread much like Hitman's release list :top:

21.12.09, 22:24
Then we should test it. ;)

21.12.09, 22:30
ok :biggrin:

this thread is found in google:
Tracker Cheating Threads in a Sub-Forum - Google Search (http://www.google.com/search?q=Tracker+Cheating+Threads+in+a+Sub-Forum)

Feedback - SB-Innovation - Leecher Mod Source Nr. 1 (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f135)

how about moving it to the German Suggestion section?

21.12.09, 22:35
~ moved
Then let's wait. :wink:

21.12.09, 22:37
yes we will wait and see if google updates or not.

and as anon mention
the ID is the important in the URL:

Google redirects to this page

but its better to have the links 100% exact :top:

EDIT: its updated!

21.12.09, 23:48
Ok good. I think then it's no problem to create a new subforum. Our administrator hitman will do it in the next days i think. :biggrin: