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Max Users: 19000
Current Users: 18762




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Bonus System


User Classes


Rules: Translated from Chinese

General - non-compliance with the following rules will be Ban!

* Do not challenge the administrator's authority!
* Do not upload files to our seeds to other download sites! (Details can be found in "Frequently Asked Questions")
* Any server in the forum or destructive behavior will be a direct result of a serious warning ().
Any member will only get a warning! After that, you will bid farewell to HD directly to China!
* Any form of cheating will be directly Ban!
* HDChina prohibiting any form of account transactions! HDChina similar business practices will be a thorough investigation of the relevant ID and be invited to one, while the seller will be closed permanently and the IP scope of ID!

Prohibition rules - for the following reasons would make you be Ban!

Share ratio standard

* If you download is less than 10 GB, you have to share the rate must be higher than 0.3.
* If you have more than 10 GB of download, you have to share is higher than 0.4.
* If you have more than 20 GB of download, you have to share is higher than 0.5.
* If you have more than 50 GB download, you have to share is higher than 0.6.
* If you have more than 100 GB of download, you have to share is higher than 0.7.
* In the four weeks after registration, if does not meet the above criteria, then you will be the system warning that is still no improvement after a week, Ban will be the system out.
* Share the rate of non-compliance because the system automatically received a warning situation, the default warning period is one week, a week after the warning signs will disappear (must be a week, even if you receive a warning the next day to share your rate of compliance, and will continue until the week after the warning will go away).
* Added: warning go away simply means that enough time has a week does not mean that compliance or security of your account. Automatically disappear after a warning will inform the background, then the administrator manual examination of the members to share target rate of non compliance will be deleted.

Other Considerations

* Registration within one week there is no upload and download activities, the system will be removed.
* For 6 weeks did not visit the site (except holidays), the system will be removed.
* Used to open up BT to do kinds of client-side way to achieve the double brush points, that is, there are a number one seed to do the same kinds of ID at the same time (due to close and reopen the BT software, the emergence of a temporary statistical overlap Do not worry, this site can be resolution), ban.
* The site of the private seed directly to other websites or Tracker, the system will be deleted (again to forward to other kinds of stations with no problems).
* A violation of the rights of other members, causing public outcry, the system will be removed.
* To download the resources from the site forwards to another site, subject to forwarding rules do not allow non-branded original production team of this resource (or HDChina) than the other groups under the banner, and offenders ban.
* Other cases, after the management decided through consultation to be deleted. (Be removed must have the exact reasons, the management will not be free to remove members)

Download the rules - failure to comply with the following rules you will lose the right to download!

* To obtain the latest seed file must be based on the premise of a certain share ratio conditions (details can be found in "Frequently Asked Questions").
* Users to share a lower rate of use may lead to serious consequences, including the account deletion and restrictions on downloading and so on.
* You must have downloaded the file to your legal rights.
* Respect for the publisher is strictly prohibited in the "browse seed" of the "Comments" published similar to the following statement: fast blue Yeah, is not blue, no less than, this should be given a discount, I was not a small pipe under the same blue-ah, and so on * ** Panel version, this no less than *** of the other versions, and so on. Non-compliance of speech, first given a warning, the second ban.
* HDChina allows only the following client software:

Azureus, BitTornado, ktorrent, rtorrent, Transmission, uTorrent

Please use the latest version of these clients, the old version will also be banned.
* Uploading and downloading can not both be three units or more computers (up to 2 sets), specifically:

Different seed, allowing 1-2 computers at the same time upload (up to 2 units).
The same seed, publisher allowing 1-2 computers at the same time upload (up to 2 sets), non-publisher does not allow.
Different seed, allowing 1-2 computers at the same time to download (up to 2 units).
With a seed, does not allow two computers at the same time to download.

Subject to these rules, it will be ban.

Forum General - please observe the following rules, or you may be warned!

* In the forum, without any attacks on the actions of others or sensitive words.
* The prohibition against the national sovereignty and the people of the offensive themes and content.
* Expressly prohibited without the theme and content of verbal abuse and foul language.
* Banned in the forum to share cracked software release and its website.
* To publish in the forum prohibited without the requested serial number, CD Key, crack passwords or information.
* Banned Forum irrigation, (all irrigation users will be punishable by a warning or even be deleted).
* Forum published a picture no larger than 800 * 600, it is best format for network optimization.
* Avoid double post thoughts, if you want to re-publish content, please release the contents of your last choice editing, rather than re-release the theme.
* Make sure have seen it posted before the area where the version version of regulation and to ensure that published content meet all the requirements and the corresponding version of the district.
* Finally, please read the FAQ carefully, after re-submit any questions, in case of doubt, please seek answers to the forums, such as the lack of answers to the problem can be related to the corresponding version of zone posted for help, ordinary members can give answers to these question please Do not directly PM the administrator, the administrator time is limited!

Icon General - you abide by the rules!

* Supported formats include. Gif,. Jpg,. Jpeg, and. Png.
* Adjust your image with a width of 150px and no more than between 150KB. (The browser will re-adjust the picture: the small images will be automatically extended, the effect will not be clear).
* Do not use potentially offensive picture, involving pornography, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideological metamorphosis. Webmasters have the right to independent arbitration to determine an acceptable range. If in doubt, the hair station message to the administrator.

Upload rules - the seeds of non-compliance with the following rules will be deleted, do not give advance warning

* For seed requirements:
* Resolution: 1920x1080i, 1920x1080p, 1440x1080i (satellite), 1280x720p
* In order to withdraw until the three kinds of species, such as no people to download, you can withdraw after 72 hours kinds.
* DHT network site requirements must be banned!
* Prohibit the uploading of sub-volume RAR compressed files.
* To seed named according to resolution 1080p/1080i or 720p.
* If you want to upload the film has already been uploaded but the tracks are different, simply upload the audio and video files and synchronize!
* For TV shows, with the season a few episodes of the format name (S01E01)
* Do not upload another sample of the seeds. Please upload samples with positive film.
* Can not be a low-quality re-encoding must be a native 5.1.
* Prohibit the uploading of the high transfer rate with low bit-rate files, delete these files directly!
* Seed Description:
* From the seeds must be accompanied by an appropriate description.
2 or more pieces of the original resolution size (1920x1080/1280x720) of the PNG screenshot.
Screenshot of the seed will not properly be directly deleted.
* Do not add directly to the size of the original film-resolution pictures to the description. Original connection with the use of preview. Most plans provide bed pictures bbcode.
* Audio, video / rate, time and other information.
* If the movie in the IMDB link for the better.
* Multiple upload video does not match the timeline severe allowed (error "2 seconds) subtitles sexual behavior, and in order to access points to multi-lingual subtitles uploaded several times by different combinations of behavior, first given a warning, malicious and the recidivism of the ban.

Comments: HDChina is home to the excellent Wiki release group. Open signups have been closed for about a year. Alot of users should have left over invites from the time before invites through bonus system were introduced. There is an option to change between four langugages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean but when English is selected only categories menus change. Profiles, FAQ and rules remain in chinese. There is an International Forum for English speaking users. Has 0day scene releases as well as releases from other HD sites.

25.04.10, 06:20
HDC recently there have been some unhappy things, some managers and team staff (including the WIKI) chose to leave, we respect their choice, while certainly in the past efforts and to pay, HDC HDC several working groups since the establishment of guidelines proud part of that, many works are also widely disseminated, so that more experience and understanding of high-definition HD enthusiasts.

For whatever reason, the incident also reflects the HDC management problems, I am with other sysop Because the reality of work and life conflicts, some degree of participation in the affairs of the HDC's not enough, but we are the greatest measure of the Working Group support and encouragement. HDC team members as not only to work enthusiasm, hardware and technology, a lot of work is done by many managers and staff, as well as many ordinary members of the hard work and quiet dedication, HDC has the impact of today, inside and outside the station we are very grateful All managers and staff and the general membership of the HDC's pay and HDC love.

HDC came a glorious past, glory is the passion and commitment needed, but the reality is cruel, even though a better tomorrow, but history is full of ups and downs, the road ahead will be destined to create an uneven extraordinary future. I am convinced that as long as they work together to crack HDC, will be able to create a brilliant tomorrow. HDC is currently a non-commercial organization itself, the process of development in the business of trying to promote, test Yiding have to pay, Fuchu means Touru can be convinced, HDChina continue Nulidajia resources and provide a platform for exchange of high-definition, while Zhu Jian implementation of standardized management of ideas, although members and management are currently the main form of exchange is virtual commune, but the HDC will evolve in line for more activities, including activities around the theme of HD, HDC will follow the formal business idea to pursue this goal first leg of high-definition.

HDC is an inclusive definition resource platform, the station also welcomed the work of other groups or individuals to the HDC release resources, and also welcomes people of insight talented people in various quarters to join, HDC is the general membership to continue to recruit management talent, the original disc publishing group, original tablet group, 0day release groups and release all resources group, can be directly related to points inside or outside the station directly hdman.

Source: InsideBT: HDChina problems (http://insidebt.blogspot.com/2010/04/hdchina-problems.html)

30.08.10, 10:58
Any IRC channel available of HDChina ?

30.08.10, 14:26
There's none that I know of, but if you're having problems logging in, you can use their forums to ask for help.

07.03.11, 22:31
how the invite system works?

07.03.11, 22:44
You get lots of bonus points, and trade them for invites.

08.03.11, 04:29
You can trade in 50,000 bonus points for an invite.

08.03.11, 10:12
thats a bad tracker script, is old and infected.

Thats Netamaniac 1.6(ased on TBDev) and all tracker's on this script have problems with hackers, so now nearly nobody use more this script but looks nice(this is the standard theme from Netmaniac 1.6).

08.03.11, 18:22
Looks reminded me of TorrentBytes. I think that's the standard TBDev theme. I wonder why they don't use NexusPHP, every East Asian HD tracker does that, and the blue theme looks great. :wsmile:

09.03.11, 20:48
may we have any new updates to stats (users, active torrents etc.)? i'm not a member there and i would love to know about that tracker.

10.03.11, 10:42
Looks reminded me of TorrentBytes. I think that's the standard TBDev theme. I wonder why they don't use NexusPHP, every East Asian HD tracker does that, and the blue theme looks great. :wsmile:

@anon install Netmaniac 1.6 then you se is exact the same(Hdchina nothing changes) look only cat_icons are other :rolling_eyes:

i love also this script but is very old(2000-2001) and never relased in a "bug free" version, is very hard to improve all bugs and waste much time, but is simple to admistrate the tracker and the hacks can be included(with little changes) from TBDev, because is based on (TBDev) :cool:

01.02.13, 17:55
Has HDChina died? or is it just down?

01.02.13, 18:04
Has HDChina died? or is it just down?
It seems that chinese authorities forced them to shutdown.

30.09.15, 17:22
HDChina is back.
New adress: https://hdchina.club/
Every account registered before feb 2014 will be intact.

Anyone willing to submit an updated review?

23.02.19, 06:01
maybe the "Cheating on HDChina" thread (https://www.sb-innovation.de/showthread.php?19088-Cheating-on-HDChina) should be reopened? this site already come back for years.

FYI, the six largest chinese PT sites are what we called "套岛空馒春瓷", which means:
1 TTG http://totheglory.im Games/Japan TV/Korean TV
2 CHD https://chdbits.co/ 4K/DIY
3 HDS https://hdsky.me Movie/DIY
4 MT http://tp.m-team.cc General/XXX
5 CMCT http://hdcmct.org MiniBD/special effects sub
6 HDC https://hdchina.org HD-TV

i really hope to see more cheating exp. about these sites. esp CMCT HDC and MT

23.02.19, 10:38
maybe the "Cheating on HDChina" thread (https://www.sb-innovation.de/showthread.php?19088-Cheating-on-HDChina) should be reopened? this site already come back for years.


i really hope to see more cheating exp. about these sites.

Well, feel free to start the ones that don't already exist =]