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14.11.09, 12:00
Tracker Review: StoreThe Net - STN (The Beggars)



Tracker speciality:

Begging for donations , Scene/0Day with impressive pretimes.





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Userclasses & Promotion system:

Recently they have renewed their user policy and STN has proudly announced their Pay 2 Leech policy as all of their current members must have to donate to become sponsor otherwise their accounts will get auto pruned after 14 days :baeh:

Ratio Requirements

Ratio free site all you have to do is to seed the torrent to 48 Hrs to avoid HnR count



Invite Policy:

currently no invites are available as their invite policy is under review

Banned or Allowed Clients


Tracker details

Tracker url: StoreThe.NET :: Welcome to StoreThe.NET (http://storethe.net/)
Signup link: StoreThe.NET :: User Agreement (http://storethe.net/signup.php)

Comments about tracker

STN is a very decent 0day tracker with impressive pretimes close to GFT and SCC, on their initial launch and by guessing from their exclusive features such a very good and challenging request system I first though they will be successful in the future but after some stupid steps taken by the STN's staff such as banning romanian IPs and after this now they have announced a new Pay to Leech donation system so If someone wants to remain on STN he/she much have to donate to save him/her self from getting pruned. :baeh:

You may understand yourself what a big failure that P2L policy will have from looking at sponsorship meter below


Cheating suggestions ;)

Never cheated on STN

14.11.09, 17:14
I used to like this tracker until they went Pay2Leech like this. I'm downloading to avoid paying for stuff in the first place, and they don't offer anything I can't find elsewhere (as a matter of fact, they've missed several important releases), so why should I bother?

Also, have a look at this quote from their sysop:

There is not a single site that is bit-torrent (p2p) that is not p2l
Here is my logic.
Sites that sell donations (SCT, etc) are p2l
Sites that have ads are p2l
Sites that you click on anything or are forced to view something are p2l
sites that are ratio based are p2l (as you pay with your bw that costs you something).

So there are NO sites that are p2p that aren't p2l, because p2p is inherently p2l.

Most of us are already paying for our Internet connections, so by that logic every site in the world is P2L. :stupid:

14.11.09, 17:48
yeah, logic is flawed, as if leech would somehow cut down my internet bills :)

14.11.09, 18:25
I also had a account here but p2l is somewhat flawed
They want me to pay for a thing which i am already pirating
quite surprising and amusing though
and as anon has put it whatever they have to offer is readily available
and at even better speeds and stuff which they have missed also has to accounted for

19.11.09, 22:41
Yeah, screw them and their membership policy. There are way better sites out there with good pretimes/speeds, e.g. HeavenTracker

19.11.09, 22:51
I hate financial economic driven society.

19.11.09, 22:53
+1 - as of the latest update, non-sponsors can't ever download or post in the forums. :eek13:

20.11.09, 07:56
STN - The Beggars !! lol :biggrin:

20.11.09, 10:22
Being a p2l tracker, and with the publicity they got is just asking for the banhammer really...

20.11.09, 10:55
i don't really like the style of the site.

20.11.09, 13:25
Being a p2l tracker, and with the publicity they got is just asking for the banhammer really...

And by profiting from piracy, they could draw attention from the authorities.

Like their new dark theme though :tongue:

20.11.09, 21:34
Yes, and TBH I think they don't deserve anything else.

It's a shame to make profit with "stolen things".

11.12.09, 23:04
Yes, and TBH I think they don't deserve anything else.

You were saying?

So effective Dec 15th, I'm closing STN. I will process and give refunds.
No need to send me a pm with your transaction ID as I'm refunding everyones money including previous donors.

I'll spend my time, my money, and my effort on something else that brings me enjoyment. Because taking abuse from the handful of ignorant, uneducated people here is consuming way to much of my time

I took everything down. The only two things left are yoctogon.com for the clients that are there, they can reach me via IM.
And the site, which will be closed to logins on Dec 15th.

This is my last post.

11.12.09, 23:08
hmm so he discovered that he will never succeed with a P2L site..

btw on yoctogon.com:

Yocto of Yoctogon is located in Dominica, I am available 24x7 via messenger (YIM, AOL, MSN, IRC), skype, email, and blackberry

i am smelling "No Life" from this message ;)

14.12.09, 21:31
STN will stay open. One of the mods was promoted to sysop.

Well, as most of you have read, heard or otherwise seen. STN was slated for closure on Dec15th. Since the announcment was first made, there has been mixed reactions in the bittorrent community. Today I(Mcface) have spoken with yocto about the future of STN and where to go from here. He has given me the keys to the site, and has allowed me to take it in almost any driection I would like. Now I am full of ideas, but always open to suggestion. I would like to start discussion of the future of STN HERE. Nothing will be changing today. But over the next few weeks, minor changes will be implemented.

15.12.09, 16:48
How many members there now? Under 500 I bet :tongue:

15.12.09, 16:49
Total Spots: 1700
Spots Taken: 248
Spots Available: 1452

15.12.09, 17:20
even 10 members are too much for there :biggrin: