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08.10.09, 23:26

Tracker: Awesome-HD
Tracker URL: Awesome-HD (http://awesome-hd.com/)
Open Signups?: Usually invite only, but open signups atm!
Category:HD - movies/tv/xxx/music
Number of Users: 5,434
Number of Torrents: 725

A decent tracker but unfortunetly it's not so big, yet. Only 725 torrents and about 500 movies. But as it is steadily growing I see a brighter future.

The avarage speed is good on newer releases, but gets really bad on the older ones.

They have recently updated the site and made a lot of improvments, for example a collage section like the one in PtP.

I personally rarely use the site since there are better HD sites out there, but sometimes I find releases here that I can't seem to find anywhere else.

Nice interface is also a big plus!

Seems to be impossible to donate at the moment and I believe it's never been possible (and never will?).

Using RM on free leech torrents. Speeds of 500 up and 600 down has been working fine for months.

Tracker Info




* Do not defy the expressed wishes of the staff.
* Access to this website is a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away from you for any reason.
* Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is hazardous for you account.
* One account per person per lifetime. Anyone creating additional accounts will be banned.
* Avatars must be safe for work, non-pornographic or semi-pornographic, and not even slightly offensive. Use common sense.
* Do not post our .torrent files on other sites. Every .torrent file has your personal passkey embedded in it. The tracker will automatically disable your account if you share your torrent files with others. You will not get your account back. This doesn't prohibit you sharing the content on other sites, just the .torrent file.
* This is a torrent site which promotes sharing amongst the community. If you are not willing to give back to the community what you take from it, this site is not for you. In other words, we expect you to have an acceptable share ratio. If you download a torrent, please, seed the copy you have until there are sufficient people seeding as well before you stop.
* Trading, selling or offering invites in public is strictly prohibited, and will get you permanently banned.
* Trading, selling, sharing, or giving away your account is prohibited as well. Delete it if you no longer want it.
* You're completely responsible for the people you invite. If your invitees are caught cheating or trading/selling invites, not only will they be banned, so will you. Be careful who you invite. Invites are a precious commodity.
* Attempting to find or exploit a bug in the site code is the worst possible offense you can commit. We have automatic systems in place for monitoring these activities, and committing them will result in the banning of you, your inviter, and your inviter's entire invite tree.
* We're a community. Working together is what makes this place what it is. There are new torrents uploaded every day and sadly the staff aren't psychic. If you come across something which violates a rule, report it! Ignoring it is only damaging the community.
* We respect the wishes of other sites here, as we wish for them to do the same. Please refrain from posting links or full names of sites that want not to be mentioned.

09.10.09, 21:54
Thank you.
All internal releases are freeleech. And the waffles method work fine ;)

09.10.09, 22:06
This site is from the HD release group Eureka, focused more on quality than quantity, the encodes are really good, most of them are freeleech, so maintaining an acceptable ratio is easy, good encodes take a lot of time so they are not going to release as fast as scene groups, but for the quality, the wait is really worth it.

16.12.09, 20:54
Is this site better than HD-Torrents? Both of them have around 5000-6000 torrents, but HD-Torrents has more users.

17.12.09, 03:09
Nice review ..
The internal encodes r freeleech .
Very slowspeed on old torrents.

17.12.09, 06:29
contents is good, but speed is sucks, btw waffles method works fine there. may be it needs some good uploaders.

18.12.09, 14:35
Is this site better than HD-Torrents? Both of them have around 5000-6000 torrents, but HD-Torrents has more users.

I really do prefer HD-Torrents, they got a lot more releases and nice speeds. AHD got like 1000 torrents compared to HD-t's 6200.

14.02.10, 19:52
Awesome HD new domain is Awesome-HD.net (http://awesome-hd.net), EuReKa aka Rabomil took his domain ( Awesome-HD.com (http://awesome-hd.com/) ) with himself to HD-Torrents, so it is not as everyone includung me thought Awesome-HD is not dead. However site itself still remains.

users > 6700
torrents > 1200

filenetworks.blogspot.com/2010/02/awesome-hd-open-for-signup-on.html (http://filenetworks.blogspot.com/2010/02/awesome-hd-open-for-signup-on.html)

FILEnetworks Blog: EuReKa Joins HD-Torrents - Signups Open, Awesome-HD Domain Changed (http://filenetworks.blogspot.com/2010/01/eureka-joins-hd-torrents-signups-open.html)

14.02.10, 20:25
EuReKa !! EuReKa !! first those guy have to learn how to encode :biggrin: sometimes the EuReKa rips are biger them the source :biggrin::biggrin:

"good encodes take a lot of time "

if you have a good pc you can rip a movie in 15 hours

Awesome-HD is a nice tracker, but seems to me a little dead

01.05.12, 15:28
For me its a below average tracker not much content and also pretime is not good.

23.08.12, 18:16
I heard about this tracker recently and I wanted to know how good is it when it comes to remuxes content. Also how is it, compared to HD-Torrents?

10.09.12, 13:18
Well, a little update on Stats here.

Maximum Users: 9,500
Enabled Users: 8,126 [Details]
Users active today: 1,820 (22.40%)
Users active this week: 3,938 (48.46%)
Users active this month: 5,969 (73.46%)
Users Currently in #awesome-hd: 124
Torrents: 6,614
Movies: 3,044
Total Size: 92.93 TB
Requests: 2,076 (62.91% filled)
Snatches: 507,134
Peers: 37,133
Seeders: 36,392
Leechers: 741
Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 49.11

Imo this was a good tracker for newbies in private trackers world. You get to download a lot of GB before having to worry about ratio and stuff. Releases are good but slow, as ppl have said here. The good thing is that they release some movies that I couldnt find elsewhere, but probably HDTorrents or other high level trackers (I'm not talking about cheating here) would have the same, I dont have accounts there so I cant tell...yet!

I said it WAS a good tracker for newbies because now its closed and only VIP+ classes can invite.

10.09.12, 14:16
Internals are good, seeds are bad. I had that tracker, just twice time I downloaded movie from that tracker. (My account was 2 years old) And when I got HD-Torrents and other HD trackers, I never use that tracker. (I dont prefer downloading remux, this tracker is good only on remuxes. But you can find remuxes on HD-Torrents too) I tried flashing, then I got banned. :D It is not necessary tracker in my opinion.

14.09.12, 11:05
It surely has grown but it is still not up to the standards of a good HD-tracker. I rarely used it back then, 3 years ago, and I never use it now. However, like you say, it is a decent newbie tracker and a good first step for those who have just started looking for private trackers.

18.10.17, 05:32
AHD Account Amnesty October 2017

AHD have decided to carry out an account amnesty for any account that has been disabled in the past for inactivity reasons. If you fall in this bracket join our irc, follow the instructions in the channel and after confirming your identity you will be back up and running. Server details are as follows
Server: irc.awesome-hd.me
Port: 6667 (+6697 ssl)
Channel: #help
The amnesty will run from today until Friday 20th October.

18.10.17, 16:46
An amnesty for inactive accounts? What did they do before, tell you to fuck off for not having time to visit their site?

31.10.17, 14:00
Global freeleech till November 2.

22.12.17, 10:50
AHD is having global freeleech (and a few gifts) till 28 December.