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27.09.09, 06:29
In the following lines you will find how to setup, configure and implement utorrent's ipfilter

I wanted to add this for anyone looking for a bit of extra protection for people using uTorrent as their client:

If you would like to have or want extra protection then DL the nipfilter.dat.gz via blocklistpro.com (previously available from Bluetack.com; which no longer offers it). You don't have to register to DL file.

To do this simply click on the following link Downloads | BISS IP Block Lists Mirror | IP Filters | Freeware Security Software Downloads (http://blocklistpro.com/biss/downloads.html). Then scroll down to the header labled: BISS IP Block Lists Downloads.

Under this header find the link titled: P2P IP Filters and click on it. Then scroll down until you see the link titled nipfilter.dat.gz and click on it. This will bring you to the page in which you can download this file.

Download and save the nipfilter.dat.gz zip file and extact it. You will then have a data file named ipfilter.

Once you have successfully extracted this file, simply copy file into (if Vista OS) AppData>Roaming>uTorrent. If you use XP simply place .dat file into Documents and Settings>Your name>Application Data>uTorrent. After you copy file into directory go to uTorrent and open up preferences>advanced and scroll down to ipfilter.enable and set this to TRUE. Close out of uTorrent and you will start to see literally hundreds of block IP address under the logger tab. These are IP address that are known to be anti-P2P, etc.

Using these lists, you don't have to bother with PeerGuardian. It uses the same lists. Using uTorrents built-in IP-filter blocks the same stuff, only it won't interfere with normal browsing, plus it means one using one less application.

This completely eliminates the need to use the application PG2 (Peer Gaurdian 2), IMO, as you will be importing these blocklists manually and therefore will have much more control on what IP addresses you would like to block/add/monitor instead of PG2 doing this for you automatically (which can lead to unesscessary blocking of perfectly fine IP addresses and therefore giving you more Upload capabilities as a result of the user having full control of what IP address get blocked and which ones the user deems not a threat-which the user can then manually delete the non-threating IP addresses.

These IP Blocklists are provided as a free service to help add another layer to your security toolkit. The IP Blocklists are continuously researched and updated daily to keep up with current internet based threats in many different categories including but not limited to:

> Malware/Spyware sites

> Ads - Trackers

> Hijacked and Unallocated Bogon IP ranges

> Anti P2P enforcers

> Hackers/Crackers

> Web Spiders

> Bots

> Crawlers

> Web Server Exploits

Basically what thest lists consist of are simply blacklists of IP's known to be shady and are directly or indirectly alligned with the organizations and/or catagories listed above whose sole purpose is to slow down and even hinder your ability to complete your DL's (i.e. slow DL'n when SLR is would suggest otherwise; or some try to get you stuck from anywhere btw ~96% - 99.9% as so to prevent you from completely DL'n whatever torrent you may be snatching ATM).

For information about the purposes and contents of each Blocklist offered by blocklistpro.com please view:

BISS IP Blocklists FAQ | BISS IP Block Lists Mirror | IP Filters | Freeware Security Software Downloads (http://blocklistpro.com/faqs/biss-ip-blocklists-faq.html)

Anyone wanting further information can also look over:

Blocklist Pro Security - FAQs (http://blocklistpro.com/faqs/)

Also this can be available for users using Azureus as their client by downloading the blocklist here:


Also one note: I experimented and combined the 2 blocklists: the (Normal) nipfilter.dat.gz and the (Paranoid) pipfilter.dat.gz by opening both up via notebook and simply cut & pasted all info in the (Paranoid) pipfilter.dat.gz into the (Normal) nipfilter.dat.gz then saved file as: ipfilter and copied this combined .DAT file (now containing info from both the Normal & Parnoid Blocklists) into my uTorrent folder, thus creating a much bigger database of IP addresses that are known to be shady. At first I thought this would be better (having 2 lists vs. the 1 Normal list)

But after further thought on this it might not be a good idea to use (Paranoid) pipfilter.dat.gz if you use P2P-apps; after researching a bit I found out that using the (Paranoid) pipfilter.dat.gz will block legitimate peers, like those on school IP:s and so on. The IP:s contained in the (Normal) nipfilter.dat.gz should be enough

And if you read the BISS IP Blocklists FAQ's:BISS IP Blocklists FAQ | BISS IP Block Lists Mirror | IP Filters | Freeware Security Software Downloads (http://blocklistpro.com/faqs/biss-ip-blocklists-faq.html) they will tell you that the (Normal) nipfilter.dat.gz blocklist is usually sufficient enough for the average torrent user (you will note that the (Normal) nipfilter.dat.gz blocklist is bigger and contains more IP addresses than that of the (Paranoid) pipfilter.dat.gz blocklist).

# Important Note: One should know that you can never be 100% secure when transferring data from one peer to another. It is impossible to do so. But adding this feature will certainly decrease chances of being pinpointed.

Just a little bit more security for the user.

27.09.09, 06:43
Close out of uTorrent and you will start to see literally hundreds of block IP address under the logger tab.

On newer versions you'll have to go to Logger -> Peer Traffic Logging and tick "Log blocked connections" first :tongue:

About merging lists: it's a lot better if you use ListDrop to clean the final one up afterwards.

27.09.09, 08:56
i also use ipfilter but i dont think i use this 1. as i think but gonna save the site..for laters