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CS Curse
24.09.09, 23:55
Hi everybody,

I recentely went to college, and on the collegenetwork you can't download torrents. Usenet isn't blocked, so now I'm looking for a free usenetprovider(don't know if it's called that way). I have looked for a while now and only found this one https://www.newsgroupdirect.com/signup/billing.php?planid=50 It's only 1 gb each month, so that won't do. I need at least 2/3gig per month. So can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

24.09.09, 23:57
There are some free news servers out there, but most don't allow posting binary articles. I doubt you'll find a free service that's like the paid ones in terms of speed and monthly bandwidth.

Have you checked if uTorrent 2.0 works at your college?

CS Curse
25.09.09, 00:02
I don't want a client that uploads because when I log in to the network, I have to type my student-number and password. So they have no problem finding me. If I download torrents, at least with a client that doesn't upload. Bitthief doesn't work. And I haven't heard of anyone that managed to download torrents on the network.

25.09.09, 00:03
Extreme Mod with forced RC4 encryption, perhaps? But remember:

some clients* use a newer lte-protocol, but azureus has still the old implementation and can't understand some encrypted messages.
-> if you have the encryption enabled and use a client with the new protocol e.g. ut 1.8.1, azureus wont be able to connect to other clients, which have the new ltep implementation too.

- bittorrent 6.1.0, 6.1.1, 6.1.2
- deluge all versions
- halite,,,
- utorrent 1.8.0, 1.8.1

25.09.09, 02:48
When I was at University, I used to remote desktop into a PC that I left on 24/7 back home. I would download all the torrents that I wanted, then connect a tunnel using an SSH tool with SFTP and just browse my shared torrent folder on the remote PC. From there it's just a case of clicking upload, and voila. A few hours later I have all the files I need. If you get a decent SSH/SFTP tool, you can even resume the uploads so you don't have to worry about disconnects or shutting off your PC.

Here's the one I used. It has the server version for your remote PC and the client (called tunnelier) for the computer at college:

Tunnelier (Bitvise) (http://www.bitvise.com/tunnelier)

The server part of it has a 30 day trial, but there are ways around that if you do some BING investigating (or Google, whatever you prefer).


CS Curse
26.09.09, 12:21
That's a good tip, but unfortunately I don't have a spare computer. And even if I had one, my parents wouldn't like it if I left it on all the time. I'll try the Extreme Mod with forced RC4 encryption on monday.

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Is forced RC4 encryption an option in the Vuze extreme mod? Or how do I get it? Sorry for the noob question.

26.09.09, 16:40
Is forced RC4 encryption an option in the Vuze extreme mod? Or how do I get it? Sorry for the noob question.

Set your Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Transport Encryption settings like this:

You may want to restart Azureus just in case. Hope this works!

CS Curse
29.09.09, 18:16
I tried the encryption and it didn't work. :(

29.09.09, 19:23
Too bad :frown:

The only thing I can think of is using a free VPN, such as UltraVPN or Hotspot Shield...

CS Curse
29.09.09, 23:35
I just heard a fellow student say he managed to download torrents with the unmodded Azureus. He said it downloads slow: 20-30kb/s but it downloaded the torrent. I tried it, but it wouldn't work.

On the internet they said http://torrentrelay.com should work. Un fortunately you have to pay for it now. Are there any alternatives? I tried BitLet - the BitTorrent Applet (http://www.bitlet.org/) but it keeps saying "could not start download".


29.09.09, 23:39
Ticking "prefer UDP connections" is another thing you could try...

"could not start download"

BitLet's only use is for when you don't have a BitTorrent client installed. It uses your real connection. Do you know what trick is your classmate using? There was a service to get torrents as direct downloads, but they most likely don't support big torrents.

CS Curse
29.09.09, 23:47
He said he wasn't using a trick, he just used his normal version of azureus without any adjustments. I tried Azureus again and got the following error under tracker: Connection error(SocketExeption:Software caused connection abort: revc failed)

I'll try the udp-option tomorrow.

29.09.09, 23:49
Interesting... perhaps they're just shaping BitTorrent for him, whereas they simply block it for you... and this:

(SocketExeption:Software caused connection abort: revc failed)
Sounds like something is RSTing the tracker connection.

Good luck with UDP!

CS Curse
30.09.09, 11:25
UDP didn't work. The next time I see him, I'll ask my friend wich version he's using. Are there any free seedboxservice out here. Maybe I'll try that. Vpn, is that the same as a seedbox?

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What about the imageshack seedbox? Is it safe?

30.09.09, 13:11
Are there any free seedboxservice out here.

Good luck finding any, Imageshack's is the only one I know (and read what I think about it below). FSF once found a social networking developers program that offered you bandwidth and some HDD space on a remote server and worked like a "mini seedbox", but after they published an article on how to use it, they started instabanning accounts with BitTorrent traffic.

Vpn, is that the same as a seedbox?

No, a VPN routes all your traffic encrypted via the VPN server, and thus eavesdroppers can't tell what you're doing.

What about the imageshack seedbox? Is it safe?

If you call automatic hit and run and working with the US government to block "bad" info_hashes safe...
ImageShack Seedbox Leechbox Service is One Big Scam | THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks and Info. | FileShareFreak (http://filesharefreak.com/2008/07/04/imageshack-seedbox-leechbox-service-is-one-big-scam/)

CS Curse
01.10.09, 22:21
Is it ok to use the VNP option of Windows? Should I use the option "use my internet connection" or "dail directly"? Or should I install a program for it?

01.10.09, 22:22
You'll still need a server to connect to :wink:

Furthermore, both UltraVPN and HSS both use OpenVPN, which isn't compatible. But there are some free PPTP services, ItsHidden for example, which work the way you mentioned.

CS Curse
02.10.09, 13:43
I tried ItsHidden and it worked perfect in my room. Unfortunately, when I try it in the classroom (where I have high-speed unlimited download) I get this error:

Windows confirmed that "vnp.itshidden.com" is currently online, but is not responding to connection attempts at this time.

This usually means that a firewall is running somewhere between the two computers and is blocking “pptp”. Windows has confirmed that Windows Firewall on this computer is correctly configured to alliw this connection. However, a remote firewall might be blocking your connection.
-> If you have acces to this firewall then configure the firewall to allow connections through TCP port 1723. If you don’t have access, contact your network administrator or Internet service provider.

Is there a way to change witch port is being used by VPN, or a way to make it work?

02.10.09, 14:21

Are you sure you typed it correctly?

Is there a way to change witch port is being used by VPN, or a way to make it work?

No, since it's the VPN server that's listening on that port.

CS Curse
02.10.09, 17:19
Yes, I typed it correctly, but I mistyped it here.

Do other VPN servers use other ports? Or is it generally the same port?

02.10.09, 18:04
Do other VPN servers use other ports? Or is it generally the same port?

The standard PPTP listen port is 1723. On OpenVPN the server can choose to use a custom one, so you may have more luck with UVPN or HSS.