View Full Version : Do you want a new thread for a second review?

25.08.09, 20:31
Maybe you noticed that new reviews of already reviewed trackers are mostly posted in a new thread.
Till now we moved them to the existing review and put an extra link in the index list.
Now I would like you to decide if we should keep the current way of handling or if we should use a seperate thread for every review regardless of the fact that there is already one.
Of course there will still be every thread linked in the index list.

25.08.09, 21:19
No we will have tooo many threads.Why not add a permalink(link to post)at the end of the first review?? Example:
First review

Updated review I by "SB-i member"
Updated review II by "SB-i member 2"

25.08.09, 22:05
You mean a link at the end of the first review (first post) in the thread?

25.08.09, 22:07
Yes that's what I meant.:wink:

A link in red or bigger size that everyone can see of course.

25.08.09, 22:14
i'm the only who voted "Yes" :eek3:,

i voted yes because it'd more better, a new review can be organized by putting the date(ScT 2008) and ScT (2009)

also its more comfortable than scrolling down and viewing pages for new images.

25.08.09, 22:30
I can't see the point in making reviews for trackers that were already reviewed.We should concentrate on trackers that don't have a review.

also its more comfortable than scrolling down and viewing pages for new images.Did you take a look at my ideahttp://www.sb-innovation.de/images/smilies/new/eek13.gif?

25.08.09, 22:40
the only better thing of a newer review is that the pictures are more actual. if a tracker has 9.000 torrents and after half year 15.000 its a big change.

i suppose that its better to have it in one thread otherwise there is a lot of chaos and if its possible to do the newer review on the second post. so u can find it easier. if u find the newer review on the fifth page u wont look at it.

if an review is too old (think about a half year) if there is someone who post a new review the old one can be deleted. if no new one is here it should be deleted, of course.

kind regards

25.08.09, 22:55
Did you take a look at my ideaimage (http://www.sb-innovation.de/images/smilies/new/eek13.gif)?

sorry i didn't,
i suppose you're right with the links method :top:

26.08.09, 00:02
I voted for "No", for the already mentioned reasons that it helps to keep up a solid structure and lowers the amount of new posts at the same time.
I don't see any problem in searching the newer review if, lets say, a link to new one is put under the original review. That way, everyone would know where to go for the new review.

And I suppose, it's really enough to update a review only, if the tracker went through major changes since the last review.
This would also help to keep the amount of posted reviews at a minimum.
Sorry if I repeated myself a bit, but it's late already and I wanted to clarify myself. :biggrin:

greetz vDD

26.08.09, 10:13
I agree with vDD+wR.It doesen't make any sense to make double reviews if there aren't any major changes

20.09.09, 17:40
No, keep it like it is

In the same thread we could have updates of the review

20.09.09, 18:51
as i think its gud...u can update review..again..& also with that..which rm,mratio,vuze mods works grt & perfect..info with it....so ppl read review..get the perfect idea..abt what to do & what to dl too..:D

23.02.10, 04:05
i think either way would be fine but having seperate will help see what's the major different!

23.02.10, 12:13
First of all it is better if users post new reviews - that would be lace for discussions instead what i have seen today, how do i feel and so on. Doing never once a year can be the place for new members to show their commitment and for veterans to show they are still on the field.

23.02.10, 16:53
i think either way would be fine but having seperate will help see what's the major different!

Undecided? :tongue:

Just for the record, extra reviews are linked to in the index, for example:

700m.bz [II]