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31.07.09, 22:22
Using KDX, a guide


In this tutorial, I'm going to be showing you what KDX is and how to use it.

What is KDX?

KDX is a gem. It's a secure application for filesharing with servers that can range from public, to private. Most of the goodies are in the private servers, but I'll be showing you how to get into those.

Gathering Apps

First, go over to Haxial (http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/) to download KDX. Once you've downloaded it, install it.


First, go over to your side bar: (note, yours will be a different color as I have a theme on.)


And click commands, then go down the list and click Settings. In this window, you're going to need to make yourself a name and a description (this can be an ad for your server or just a phrase). You're also going to need to change your icon. In order to do that, make a 32x32 icon and then copy and paste it (yes, copy and paste it) where the icon is.

Connecting to a tracker

Next, go to the Address Book button.


Right click in the window and press new.

Enter in these settings:


And then click save.

Now single left click hlsux.bugdave.com (a very good pub tracker) and let it connect. There'll be a window of text pop up, read over it, then close it. Now, pick a group name and you'll see a list of servers. Click on a server that interests you.

Now you're finally where the files are at. On some servers, they make you upload something before you can download fast. If this is the case, upload something, and then go in the chat and tell them you uploaded something. (Chat can be found on the sidebar). To upload something, go to the designated folder and drag and drop the upload into KDX. In order to download something, all you have to do is single left click it and the transfers window will pop up with the download.

How to get into private servers

First off, you have to be active on some servers. After you're there for a week or two, you'll be noticed if you're active in the chat and avidly uploading and downloading stuff. The administrators and co-admins will then invite you to there servers thus giving you more files.



Well that concludes this tutorial on setting up and using KDX. If you think I missed something, feel free to post and I can show you how to do whatever I missed.

02.08.09, 00:09
It'd be good if you could upload the latest KDX client as an attachment:

Unfortunately, the Haxial Software company is unable to continue operation, and has suspended itself.

The software is no longer being distributed or sold, and technical support is no longer provided.

03.08.09, 01:09
It'd be good if you could upload the latest KDX client as an attachment

Bump! I really want to check this out. Did some heavy searching, but to no avail - all links were broken or fakes.

03.08.09, 01:54
yes. Even Wikipedia has thier link to the site also providing the same info re: the software company suspending itself.
Too bad :(

09.02.10, 17:09
You can get it here, anon: HAXIAL KDX Forums -> KDX 1.600 Out (http://www.kdxsector.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=96)

09.02.10, 17:10
Better late than never :lol:

Thank you!