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24.07.09, 11:20
Release Date: January 15, 2010
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes
Screenwriter: Gary Whitta, Anthony Peckham
Starring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Evan Jones
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

"The Book of Eli" revolves around a lone warrior (Washington) who must fight to bring society the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption. Oldman has been set to portray the despot of a small makeshift town who's determined to take possession of the book Eli's guarding.

YouTube - The Book of Eli (tailer 1 HD)

24.07.09, 14:02
This one looks alright. Except I think, IMHO, that Denzel Washington just seems to both fit and not fit a part of some lone warrior.

He fits b/c of his history as a fairly decent actor and would do a decent job of his part.

He doesn't fit due to his age. How well would an older warrior do against his peers who are younger and maybe physically stronger than he is in this 'apocolyptic world'??

29.07.09, 12:45
looks very ineresting

29.07.09, 15:00
I do not like movies with Denzel, but this movie looks good

29.07.09, 18:08
And why don't you like Denzel?

26.09.09, 10:58
YouTube - The Book of Eli HD Trailer#2

26.09.09, 15:30
the book of eli ??? i think stalker or fallout will be better for the title no?

27.09.09, 04:42
He doesn't fit due to his age. How well would an older warrior do against his peers who are younger and maybe physically stronger than he is in this 'apocolyptic world'??

now, now, look what rambo did in his age and might continue in the fifth part too :biggrin:

I do not like movies with Denzel

try watching Fallen (1998) or Training Day (2001) for some good Denzel led action, if that doesn't work for you, dunno what would :wink:

27.12.09, 23:23
The Book of Eli Debut Movie Trailer [HD]
Director: Albert/Allen Hughes
Release: 1/15/2010
Genre: Action/Adventure
Studio: Warner Brothers
Website: The Book of Eli - In Theaters January 15 (http://thebookofeli.warnerbros.com/)
In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. Empty cities, broken highways, seared earth—all around him, the marks of catastrophic destruction. There is no civilization here, no law. The roads belong to gangs that would murder a man for his shoes, an ounce of wateror for nothing at all. But theyre no match for this traveler. A warrior not by choice but necessity, Eli (Denzel Washington) seeks only peace but, if challenged, will cut his attackers down before they realize their fatal mistake. Its not his life he guards so fiercely but his hope for the future; a hope he has carried and protected for 30 years and is determined to realize. Driven by this commitment and guided by his belief in something greater than himself, Eli does what he must to survive—and continue. Only one other man in this ruined world understands the power Eli holds, and is determined to make it his own: Carnegie (Gary Oldman), the self-appointed despot of a makeshift town of thieves and gunmen. Meanwhile, Carnegies adopted daughter Solara (Mila Kunis) is fascinated by Eli for another reason: the glimpse he offers of what may exist beyond her stepfathers domain. But neither will find it easy to deter him. Nothing—and no one—can stand in his way. Eli must keep moving to fulfill his destiny and bring help to a ravaged humanity.

YouTube- The Book of Eli Debut Movie Trailer [HD]

27.12.09, 23:30
i can name it Fallout 3 the Movie:smile:

27.12.09, 23:33
i can name it Fallout 3 the Movie:smile:

Fallout 3 had a lot more..zombies,ultra cool gus,giants,mutated noobs and so on(never finished it though).This is just a post apocalyptic plot type movie.

EDIT:Sorry should've searched before making a new thread.

27.12.09, 23:40
i meant the plot, wrecks and the masked man.

btw played fallout 3 for 1 hours and then shift+del,
pokemon is better than it imo.

28.12.09, 01:58
I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

even though the story seems to be overused and the casting is average.

28.12.09, 12:57
another movie with a certain subconscious propaganda embedded within:

The Book of Eli

Eli = god, in hebrew, so it actually refers to the sun

fight to bring society the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption

another religious reference - to bring knowledge (educate, or more correctly indoctrinate) to the mindless society


guided by his belief in something greater than himself
to fulfill his destiny

Carn egie - carn referring to carnal or persons lower nature
Solar a - clearly connected or relating to the sun, no wonder she is fascinated by Eli (the sun) :rolleyes:

...wake up people, they are trying to tell you something

14.02.11, 13:53
I liked the movie but somehow i expected something on a larger scale...Denzel is great and Oldman can always keep up the pace, but most of what made this movie interesting from the trailers, was under-developed as story arcs in the main movie. THe biblical refferences were also a bit too in your face and the conclusion was kind of dissapointing, but the action was well shot

30.03.11, 20:07
Post apocalyptic theme always interesting to watch, no matter how bad they are. And naming it fallout 3 movie just shows shear ignorance.