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10.07.09, 05:53
Pisexy is a tracker mainly for movies (though it has all usual o day stuff). It is one of the older exclusive DVDR trackers (quite popular earlier, though not much now). The main focus is on DVDR's.




Apart from a routine display, Pisexy has also classified according to 'dvdtracker' 'scenetracker' 'music tracker' etc. for a complete group listing




DVD movies, presently some 1000+


HD movies, presently around 350.


Peerlist of a recent torrent:
Not downloaded recently from there, but from what I remember, the swarm speeds are good, and the speeds will be decent on new torrents.


Forums: Short and sweet.


Power users get invites.

Overall, it is a good tracker for those interested in DVD movies. Speeds are good. As for content, I would rate it around 7 for DVD movies. Most new releases will be there, but the same cant be said for old movies, though I have seen auite a few rare movies there, which are not there on other sites. I would rate it considering only DVD movies, because they promote themselves as a movies tracker, specializing in DVD's

10.07.09, 06:02
For the categories, do they have like a thing where you can select from a pane of options?

10.07.09, 06:19
Yes, they have a drop down, which lists all the things they have. Do you mean this:


10.07.09, 06:22
Yes, they have a drop down, which lists all the things they have. Do you mean this:

Umm in your original post, you said:

Apart from a routine display

That is what I am wondering about.

08.08.11, 21:09
DigItaly_laptop: I'm sorry people, PiSexy is not coming back due to lack of funding.. The site wasn't hacked or something, the server bills just weren't paid..

DigItaly_laptop: domain will be forwarded to a blog soon

DigItaly_laptop: i haven't got more info then that

dildobaggins: is this from the horses mouth?

DigItaly_laptop: from mrfrans

Rapscallion: guess all the rumors were tue after all they'd rather pocket the money they make than keep a good community alive

DigItaly_laptop: that's always been the problem, money. I haven't seen much of it over the years that I was there, I do know that things went bad after we lost the paypal account

DigItaly_laptop: i never want to be a moderator ever again, ignorance is bliss.

Another one bites the dust.