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26.06.09, 01:12
Removing unnecessary dots (.) from sentences

Very often one might find titles like the one below, in forums particularly in torrents.

Microsoft.Windows.Vista.ULTIMATE.x86.SP1.Integrate d.January.2009.OEM.DVD

There are times one needs to copy & paste the title without these dots. How do we accomplish this task? There is a simple way we can get rid of these etc. dots in every words. Follow the steps below.

Open Notepad

Copy and Paste the title in notepad.

press Ctrl+h to bring the find & replace window on focus.

In Find what column type "." (dot, without quotes)

click on Replace with column then press Alt + 255

Now click on Replace all

The result will be the words without any dots at all. see below

Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP1 Integrated January 2009 OEM DVD


26.06.09, 13:10
the problem with find/replace technique is that you should be pretty sure that the txt you want to convert doesn't have dots you want to keep - this can be somewhat solved with the 'replace next' command (if available)

also it is useful on larger quantities of txt - considering the title only it would probably take about the same amount of time to remove the dots by hand

otherwise its a nice technique :top:

26.06.09, 14:16
Nice one, but I remember seeing this on another forum. :wink:

Who are you? :biggrin: