View Full Version : Allowed to publish software to download?

19.06.09, 18:46
Hey Hey I may publish software to download?

Such as operating systems?
If so then what is this forum posting software?

Thanks in advance helps!

19.06.09, 18:57
You're allowed to post freely available software. Operating systems are OK too as long as they're free, too.

Cracks, serials, etc. are forbidden.

19.06.09, 19:07
Thank you very much.

You can only refer me to the appropriate forum please? :smile:

19.06.09, 20:02
Software - SB-Innovation - Leecher Mod Source Nr. 1 (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f69/)

20.06.09, 15:55
Thank you.

I got another little question I'd be happy if you take me to,
Why should not we advertise on the site Cracks, serials, etc??

20.06.09, 16:13
This isn't a warez board, so it would go against SB-I's purpose; also there's lot's of legal issues, so posting cracks/serials/keygens probably violates German law.

Illegal Contents

No illegal contents! Porn, Warez, Cracks, Racist contents and everything else forbidden by german law isn't allowed here.

20.06.09, 17:28
btw our members hates to use rapidshare to download free software just put there the link to the official page.