View Full Version : Why not give it to me to enter?

19.06.09, 11:02
Hello :smile: I am new here hope you enjoy the day I registered here.

I have a small question, right on the home page I have all the updates of the software right?!

So I click on the "NEW Member title needed eMule v0.49c SBI Leecher v2.0"
And it gives me not to come in .. Why?

Thanks in advance for any help :top:

19.06.09, 12:41

You can read it in that topic.
We don't allow new members to have access in all forum parts.
That's a kind of anti leaker protection.
We will check all new accounts with some posts after some weeks and promote the user if he is a good one...

19.06.09, 17:33
Ok Thank you very much on the information.

Maybe you have some tips for me to help me as fast as gain full access to the forum man? :smile:

19.06.09, 17:36
There are no tips, you will find it out by yourself.