View Full Version : Furk: Direct Download BitTorrent Proxy On Steroids

16.06.09, 16:36
Furk is not your regular torrent site. Not only does it function as a meta-search engine, but you can also download 'torrents' via Furk's servers using HTTP. And it doesn't stop there. Furk holds these downloads in a searchable database that anyone can use, turning the site into a kind of mashup between BitTorrent and Rapidshare.

Link (http://furk.net/) :thumbsup:

Article (http://torrentfreak.com/furk-the-direct-download-bittorrent-proxy-090615/)

16.06.09, 16:47
Omg it's just like rapidshare. Only premium accounts get all feautures.

16.06.09, 16:55
At least it can be useful if you need to download a torrent at places where BitTorrent is blocked (work, school, etc.). :smile:

16.06.09, 17:01
lol Bittorrent blocked at school:mad2:.My informatics teacher's download speed is 7Mb/s :redface:

16.06.09, 17:02
Mine doesn't either - I get 540kB/s on FL and TL. But some do :wink:

16.06.09, 17:49
usually at educational organizations internet access isn't blocked (compliments to your friendly admin, who is usually a relatively younger person and uses the same sites, so he gives others a free pass :biggrin:) whereas older organization members mostly aren't even aware what is really happening and some of them also download a few songs here and there :tongue:

same goes for other companies, some have a habit to limit their (lower-rank) co-workers while a selected group of (higher-rank) friends use max speed for file sharing but they afaik steer clear of public sites and use demonoid and more private sites - with usually respectable speeds they can raise their ratio quickly