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12.06.09, 19:11
hey friends

i have been using Nod32(3.0.621) since 2007.....because its easy to update and nod32 gets along cpu and ram well:smile:....but i wouldnt say the same about finding virus&delete :biggrin:

whats your preference about antivir....and why

12.06.09, 19:15
I use avast.Why?Because it doesn't use a lot of resorces,it's pretty easy to use, it's free and the best thing about it:IT DOES ITS JOB.

12.06.09, 19:18
avira anti-vir, its very easy to use, does not take a huge amount of RAM
and finally it catches everything...

12.06.09, 19:22
I use Kaspersky ( since 2006. I use this anti-virus because one of my friends recomended me for his exceptional performance and apparently had seen he's right. I am very satisfied by this anti-virus and I recommend to all of you

12.06.09, 19:31
I am very satisfied by this anti-virus and I recommend to all of you

@marianv90 i admit Kaspersky is strong antivir but what about update ?. i have used for a while but Keys that i found has been always gotten blacklist:smile: ...

12.06.09, 19:58
I use NOD32 v2.7. It just works, and does it very fast.

12.06.09, 20:34
Avira :top:. Low CPU and RAM requirements, great heuristics, daily updates, very good overall false/positive alarms ratio, very configurable and it won't flash apocalyptic pop ups to tell you that your system "Might be at risk!" just because you disabled a daily scheduled scan. It only shows a pop up to remind you to update it... and it is free!!.
There are other AVs that will have a 2-3% less false alarms, and might detect 2-3% more viruses, but they require no less than twice the CPU and RAM that Avira needs.
It does tend to make some noise about crypted and hevy compressed packers, but we can live with that! :wink:

Free antivirus - Avira AntiVir (http://www.free-av.com/)

12.06.09, 21:23
I am using Eset Smart Security 4.0.424.0 ! I alway love eset product. Low cpu and ram requirement. Never had problem about virus attack. No spyware and malware problem too. Eset is the best.

12.06.09, 21:36
ATM-------Kaspersky KIS
because on my Computer it is runnig best:top:

12.06.09, 22:04
i use avira latest version

12.06.09, 22:17
It's been hard to find a good Antivirus lately, so I've been testing free avira in one PC and NOD32 3.x in the other, so far so good. Avira nags monthly I guess, with offers to upgrade to paid version. Nod32 on the other hand is very light and is the one that least gives me false positives. At least I hope they are false positives, because some AV tend to find everything that is crack/keygen related, as trojans/worms etc.

Black Orchid
12.06.09, 22:52
Avira Personal. Does what it supposed to with no problem. Has stopped a few viruses so it does work.

13.06.09, 01:47
I was a Norton fan. Couple years ago, my pc was infected with a minor but irritating virus/trojan that Norton claims to be able to disinfect, but truth is Norton couldn't seem to be able to its job. I then was introduced to Kaspersky which has no issues disinfecting the pc.

One year later ironically same virus/trojan. Again Norton still can't clean it with their "newer" version of AV, this time I manage to trace the infection and told Norton the steps to manually clean it, guess what? They ignore my advise and proofs I shown them and still claims their AV can successfully clean it. :icon_angry[1]: :baeh:

Enough is enough, after that I am sticking with Kaspersky. :top:

13.06.09, 01:51
Nod 32 Smart Security suite.Never had problems with it.Updates once a day.Low memory usage.

13.06.09, 02:45
hehe! I still use AVG...I know its old and not as good as NOD but I am so use to it and worked well so far for me.

Free, simple, free = Winner :biggrin:

13.06.09, 03:46
I've been using version 3 of eset nod32 for a while now with no complaints or problems. It's unintrusive, compact, and it updates freqently !

13.06.09, 11:53
I used to use Nortons, but over the years it grew and grew in size, with feature I don't want nor need; I think 360 had the ability to make regular back-ups or something like that, in case a virus infected my computer - had Norton been doing it's job properly, no virus would be able to infect the computer. With the extra features, came resource abuse, constantly taking up a lot of RAM.

So I switched to Avast! and am happy with it.

14.06.09, 07:39
I have been used Norton Antivirus amd i havent any problem with my PC

14.06.09, 11:37
I use Avira right now combined with DefenseWall + Router with firewall

14.06.09, 20:00
I use Kaspersky.
I used to be naked but once upon a time,my PC got Viking,all the exe are infected.
so after that,I begin to install anti-virus..
the reason is simple,I just feel Kaspersky is easy to use. Nod32 and Avast are a little sensitive...

14.06.09, 21:55
NOD32 antivirus

15.06.09, 00:07
ESET NOD32 is the best for me!

Detects almost everything.:top:

15.06.09, 00:43
eset nod32 for 2 years now. simple interface and clean to use :biggrin:

15.06.09, 10:07
Right now I'm using AVG and it works great! Why am I using it, well I did like Nod a lot, but then it started to get me some weird problems and i had to change it.

15.06.09, 18:58
Kaspersky the best one

15.06.09, 21:25
i have nod32 and it working fine for me don't take so much ram!

16.06.09, 10:24
i m using KIS ( why?? because it takes low resources,easy to update.One big problem of blacklisting is there but activate it online and get rid of this since last 4 months.it's the best.

17.06.09, 05:12
Avast 4.8 Home, working well to me.

17.06.09, 12:55
I use exclusively Avira AntiVir staff, i think it is very easy to operate :wink:

19.06.09, 18:24
Currently i use Norton AV 2009..Heard some good things about it, so decided to test it after i received a free 365 day key to it.
Gotta see whether its good enough to actually stay on my computer for longer period, but so far it has been alright...

20.06.09, 23:15
I am NOD32 fan too. I have tried several programs, AVG, Kaspersky, avira, avast... but after a short period I've always turned back to NOD32.

23.06.09, 00:54
I used to use Kaspersky, but got tired of having to find new keys all the time. :D

So now I just use the free version of AVG.

29.06.09, 00:48
Avira - nice detection, many false positives. It's free but those annoying pop-up ad is very intrusive.

Avast - got spyware, p2p, IM protectiom, few flase postives, no pop-ups! All that protection for free.

According to av-comparatives (http://www.av-comparatives.org/), among the free-antivirus, Avira is the best, followed by Avast and the last is AVG.

30.06.09, 21:24
I use Kaspersky or NOD32. It's depend which free Key offer I found...

30.06.09, 22:48
nod32 the best av why a use this av caz i love the advanced heuristics.
low ram cen detcet fud Protection from the Unknown $hit :top:

01.07.09, 19:02
Antispy were is the best in my opinion

05.07.09, 23:47
I use Avira anti-vir. Those pop-ups are annoying at times, but I have the auto-update set to a time where I'm usually not using my computer.

09.07.09, 13:36
Eset smart security, works fine on windows 7 x64 and havent noticed any slowdown with it. Seems to be ok virusdb on it also.

09.07.09, 14:47
I use avast because its very easy to use and it's free

09.07.09, 17:57
I use Avira, because it's free and have a good heuristic

09.07.09, 19:36
i am using Nod32 and it works great

18.07.09, 13:20
NOD32 suite rules! low mem...great background service.
wud love to try kaspersky if it had a lasting solution to registration :)

18.07.09, 19:05
I switched from AVG to Avast! Gonna see if this one os better!

18.07.09, 19:06
Last time I used Avast, having its P2P Shield on at the same time uTorrent was running made the PC freeze a bit every 3-5 seconds, unless you disabled it or added an exception for uT. Tell me if that has changed! :tongue:

18.07.09, 19:09
Mine works just fine with P2P Shield on!

18.07.09, 19:11
If you're downloading, they fixed that, then. :biggrin:

19.07.09, 08:54
I use KAV 8, still the best anti virus software for my case. Lightweight and easy on the memory. :smile:

31.08.09, 10:09
nod 32 v2.7 . simply and light

04.09.09, 02:11
I use avast anti-virus, because I like the noise it makes when it detects a virus. :biggrin:

04.09.09, 04:27
i am using Eset Nod32 with EMSI ani-malware