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Tracker: Smoking In The Rain
Tracker URL: SmokingInTheRain.Us (http://www.smokingintherain.us/)
Open Signups SmokingInTheRain.Us :: Signup (http://www.smokingintherain.us/signup.php)
Invite System : The invite system is currently Disabled. After the Sites renovations, the staff decided to make some changes as well. At the moment, SITR is open for registration until further notice.
Category: Smoking In The Rain (Referred to as SITR or S.I.T.R.) is a General Tracker. They offer Movies, TV, Music, Apps, eBooks, Games, and Porn. Movies and Television are the most popular categories.
Number of Users: ~ unknown
Number of torrents: ~ Around 3000 torrents

Tracker Age: SITR is 3 Years old (1st Member signed up on February 3rd, 2006)

IRC: SITR has a fairly active IRC
Server: irc.LostIRC.org
Port: 6667
SSL: None
Channel(s): #SITR

SmokingInTheRain is an invite only site, although the staff will open registration to the public periodically. As of right now, the invite system is completely disabled and registration is open until further notice.


Site Renovations: On March 22, SmokingInTheRain's Staff unveiled their new Site Layout. Along with the cosmetic changes, came a few new features, along with some old policies and features being removed. The old layout was too cluttered and disorganized, so they decided to make some changes. According to the Poll, the majority of the members are satisfied with the new look. Once the change was made, some members who signed up within the few weeks prior had their accounts deleted accidently. They opened the registrations so the users could Register again, and to build a bigger community with the goal of increasing speeds, content, and participation. One great feature of the Sites Upgrade is the Page Load Times for the site. All the pages on the site open and load Extremely Fast. It's actually quite impressive.

Ratings and Comments:

Content: 4/5 - SITR is a General Tracker so they have all the main Torrent Categories you would expect. Each Category keeps up with all the newest content released over the Torrent Community, however rare or specific content can't be found here. (Like Classic Movies, MMA ect...)
Speed: 3/5 - Awhile back the speeds here were great but they have recently became a little slower. The Open Registration will hopefully increase speeds here.
Community: 3/5 - This is a very loyal community. The users here are friendly and helpful, and SITR is looking to expand.


SITR's strongest asset is its impressive community. With so many trackers out there, a user has endless choices to find what they're looking for, so what does SITR offer that keeps me coming back? It's the friendly and helpful staff, and the users. They are very dedicated to the site, and back when they had 4000 users they reached their monthly donation quota quite often. When members are loyal to their tracker, obviously they are doing something right.

Finding your way into this site isn't too difficult, so I recommend anyone who lives forums, IRC, and active, friendly members, to find your way here. Their main weakness is in the works of being fixed. The Download Speeds aren't bad, but they aren't great either. Bringing in more users to seed should fix this problem. Keeping a good ratio is very easy, which is likely why there is no bonus system.

Categories :

Torrents :
Movies is the most popular Category at Smoking In The Rain. There are two Sub-Categories: XviD and DVDR, the former being the more popular of the two.

The Forums are moderately active, however SITR has a loyal user-base. The staff and veteran members offer help quickly and extensively. The last time I had a question it was answered within a couple hours. The forums contain friendly banter as well. The entire community is very accepting of its New Members, and extremely loyal to the site, older members, and the Staff.

Rulles :



Tracker Stats:

After the change of the site layout the stats have not been listed on the site. This is likely because they are on Open-Registration to build a larger Membership, and because after the change, some of the newly created accounts were accidently deleted.

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this is the wonderfull


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Server: irc.lostirc.org
Channel: #SITR





SmokingInTheRain is a TV and movie tracker there is also tracks music.SITR doesn't have very good pretimes or speed, but I think it's a nice tracker with a good style.At SITR you must seed 72 hours or 1:1, whichever happens first.
prefer unrar'd movies. They still accept rars, just prefer avi's. They have a Normal/Regular Seeding bonus 0.1% per hour 1000 hours to get it full back
Free-leech 0.05% per hour 2,000.00 hours to get it full back Booster Seeding bonus NOT ALLOWED seeding bonus And the torrent must be fully downloaded.at least 0.9.ifferent user classes have different amount of seeding bonus slots. The Users there are 5 Seeding Bonus Slots available and 10 for high user classes P.U, Uploaders and so on Be sure that your client reports the full downloaded BEFORE doing anything else. Do not stop your finished torrent or tracker won't be noticed that you downloaded it fully and consequently you won't receive seeding bonus. Also, not report correctly the end of a download will be considered a fault and might put your account in our black list. Repeatedly reports of this might disable your account. The Tacker is new styled and they have a nice forum its all in all a nice little place to be test it take a look there and if you like it you can be on the right place

Content 8/10
Community 9/10
Speed 7/10

SmokingInTheRain.Us (http://www.smokingintherain.us/)

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Bye bye SITR.

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