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08.06.09, 20:26
Send files direct to other users (P2P) using your browser

High Speed

Your files are sent the shortest way - direct between you and the recipient. There are no intermediate servers slowing down the process. Try FilesOverMiles and send files between your home computers to see how fast it is!


You control who downloads your shared file. You give a secret and unique URL generated by FilesOverMiles. Your file is encrypted and sent direct to another user. No intermediate servers.

Link (http://www.filesovermiles.com/) :thumbsup:

08.06.09, 22:20
sounds interesting at first, but when you go to their faq page you get all kinds of 'this is not yet implemented', 'limits' and so on

imo this needs some time to be perfected

08.06.09, 22:51
Nice finding. Regarding the FAQ, it doesn't mention the max file size and if it supports resume or not. It's the very reason why I hate to transfer files through MSN, it can't resume :mad2:

08.06.09, 23:05
@ alpacino
ICQ is better than MSN for that

08.06.09, 23:06
ICQ is better than MSN for that

Yes, but it depends on your client. You can archieve better transfer rates with Miranda, for example.

10.06.09, 14:48
Or use a Sharehoster

10.06.09, 20:07
You mean one-click hoster? I'd consider that a last resort, since there's nothing easier and faster (in terms of how much it takes to finish the procedure) than starting to transfer the file directly to your talker. :biggrin:

10.06.09, 23:30
Yes I mean one-click hoster...