View Full Version : Registrations open again

08.06.09, 01:05
Just a month ago we have closed registrations, but they're now open again.

However, there are a few changes. As long as you're newly registered, you have limited rights: for example, you can't send PMs, leave profile messages, or access the Members-only forums.

Here's a summary of the other changes:

All users with less than 10 posts have limited rights:

Every user which has/had less than 10 points when we reopened the registration was demoted and has the same status as a new user now.
Only Members can access the Invite forums
Elite members will receive one invite, which will grant the invitee full privileges
Guests have downloading rights for the public mods, and can still post and receive support
Newly registered users will have no user title. They'll be promoted to full Members in due time and given certain requirements.

Because this will certainly cause some confusion and questions to be asked, you may discuss this announcement here:

Yours sincerely,


Thanks to anon for the english translation!