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Tracker: GfxNews.ru
Tracker URL: Gfxnews.ru - (http://forum.gfxnews.ru/index.php)
Open Signups : Registrations seem to be opened frequently at 2nd to 4th day of the month. (Plus issued codes every hour)
Invite System : unknown
Category: Graphics oriented applications, training and content.
Number of users: ~86000
Number of Torrents ~16000

They have tons of graphics content in many categories. Anyone interested in graphics should have an account here. To my knowledge, this tracker is unique in its content selection.

Many of the people who use Gfxnews are graphics professionals or serious hobbyists with a lot of knowledge. Asking in the forums is a good way of getting serious graphics oriented questions answered.

A common issue new users run into is that it's hard to seed back, because they jump on old or re-registered torrents. Compared to other private trackers with strict ratio rules, building buffer is about the same, so experienced pirates should have no problems. People are now no longer banned when they hit low ratio. Instead they're placed in limited account mode, allowing them to eventually seed back - unless they donate first.
It's my impression that several members donate to download and have easy access, without having to seed back. The frequently open signups, and limited account system, support this idea.

Some of the moderators and members release exclusive content to the tracker, either personally or through scene groups. Many of these releases are completely unique.

The rules are often updated and can be accessed through the forums, through several topics. Some of them are particular to the tracker, and it's necessary to know them to avoid trouble. RTFM applies. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

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Torrents :

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09.02.10, 20:43
Registrations seem t o be opened frequently at 2nd to 4th day of the month.
(Plus issue code every hour)
Number of users: ~86000
Number of Torrents ~16000(earlier number was overestimated due to summing torrent numbers + torrents comments + number of posts that included forum posts)

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