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DarkSaibot v.1.3.10
30.05.09, 15:51

Tracker: AceTorrents
Tracker URL: Ace Torrents (http://www.acetorrents.net/)
Open Signups : From time to time
Invite System : Yes,depends on the UserClass
Category: Movies, TV, Aps
Number of Users: ~ 20000 maximum
Number of torrents: ~ around 7,473

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Torrents :

Forum :

Rulles :

UserClass & Promotion :

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A site I would classify as middle of the pack in terms of speed, quality and selection. Pre-times are ok and the bonus system is nice addition (I believe its something like 0.5mb/hour seeding). Occasional freeleeches make this site a good one to have lying around just in case.

30.05.09, 16:01
hmm...how do you change the theme?? I want the icons from your pic:tongue:

DarkSaibot v.1.3.10
30.05.09, 17:58
hmm...how do you change the theme?? I want the icons from your pic:tongue:

You can't because the screenshot's was an older one on the torrents ..i have to put an older one first until a fix somehow the problem with my sb-i album that are full and i can't upload anymore pictures...i need a good hoster right now.:confused:

The Pictures has been fixed and you don't have anymore to change the theme/icons :tongue:

30.05.09, 18:39
You can't create another album or..?

You can PM me the pic, I'll host it in my album in the meantime. :smile:

DarkSaibot v.1.3.10
30.05.09, 22:33
You can't create another album or..?

I can Create an Album my dear friend but after i create an album it dosen't appear me anymore the Upload Image option:confused:
They are some hosted on imageshack..should whe leave'it like this or reupload in some album that still work's?

30.05.09, 22:37
I'll talk to our admin to see if your limit is reached and if it may be increased. :wink2:

You can PM me or anon (hope it's ok :tongue:) the pictures in the meantime.

30.05.09, 22:39
~ IS-hosted pictures uploaded to my album in the meantime

04.06.09, 20:41
open signups at the time of posting: Ace Torrents :: Signup (http://www.acetorrents.net/signup.php)