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26.05.09, 22:49
We are a a little late in reporting this one but here goes. Veteran scene group Razor1911 (RZR) have released a cracked version of popular life simulation game The Sims 3. The same title was earlier leaked by RELOADED (RLD) but speculation was rife that it was a beta, pre release copy of the game. According to Razor1911's NFO, RELOADED's release is indeed a pre release beta version of the Sims 3. The same has been stated by Electronic Arts, the game's publisher. However, from what I have so far observed, there are no drastic differences between the two leaked versions of the game.

FILEnetworks Blog: Razor1911 cracks The Sims 3 Final – Leaked RELOADED release a beta? (http://filenetworks.blogspot.com/2009/05/razor1911-cracks-sims-3-final-leaked.html)

26.05.09, 22:59
i read

[UNNUKE] The.Sims.3-RELOADED [ retail.from.different.region ]
[NUKE] The_Sims_3-Razor1911 [ dupe.RELOADED.2009-05-18_previous.release.is.retail.from.different.regio n ]

i don't know what is right and what is wrong....

26.05.09, 23:22
Essentially it means that the Scene release, The.Sims.3-RELOADED, was nuked - it had broken a release rule or was not upto a predefined standard - meaning that any other group could release their own version. Hence why Razor1911 pre'd their own, but... it was RELOADED unnuked, as it was from a different region than expected, that is how it might've been released in Asia or where ever, rather than America. Hence, the Razor1911 is a dupe - it exists, but is unnecesary.

If it's over which one to choose, they both work well, though I think that there may have been some problems with the RELOADED release, but guides to fix any problems faced were given on a FileNetworks article.

26.05.09, 23:27
Also to be considered...

.... from Razor 1911

Reloaded release is not final. If you compare the file located in:
x:GameBincode_version.txt you will get these informations

Razor1911: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11195 Changelist: 625803
Reloaded: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575

If you compare the versions of TS3.exe you will get these infos:
Razor1911: (April 30. 2009 04:55:28)
Reloaded: (April 23. 2009 07:53:19)

LOL, just noticed this is also in the article above that I finally just read. :biggrin:

26.05.09, 23:40
Think about it the other way..EA has some serious security issues to solve...

26.05.09, 23:46
From the comments I've seen in some trackers, both seems to work nice.