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12.05.09, 18:41
Tracker: TTi.nu
Reason for the tracker change:
All of us in Staff just came back from a 1 hour long meeting regarding the future of TTi. The meeting is now over and we have finally come to a conclusion.

From now on, TTi will only concentrate on bands/artists that want to spread their material on the Internet and waiting for a record contract. As you might have noticed, we have had our own music releases with bands that want to be spread around the Internet, hoping for a record label to spot them for quite some time. Because of all the turbulence and insecurity about whether it's okay to run a tracker or not, we have now decided to go full out on bands that want to be discovered through the Internet.

The forum will stay as normal. We know how much you like our forum, and we will do everything we can to keep up the awesome spirit that we have today. We will however make some small changes, all for the greater good.

More things will come up, but more info about that will come up later on.

We of course realize that many of you are disappointed about this suggestion, but we have decided that this is the best for the future of TTi, because closing down the site completely is something that will never happen. We hope that you will still hang around the site and help us out keeping the site as good as we have always been!

Best regards,
TTi Staff
Tracker URL: TTi :: Login (http://tti.nu/)
Open Signups: TTi :: Signup (http://tti.nu/signup.php)

Rign now everyone can join.They lost many members because of that sudden tracker change
Category:Free music:tongue:
Users:(no real way to find out right now...) around 23000 users

User class Stats
User==Standard rules apply for this class. Please remember to keep your ratio higher than 0.5 to avoid a warning.
Power User==Upload 50GB, ratio 1.05, member for 30 days, demoted if you drop below 0.95 in ratio.
Pro User==Upload 250GB, ratio 1.75, member for 50 days, demoted if you drop below 1.50 in ratio.
Elite User==Upload 500GB, ratio 1.50, member for 80 days, demoted if you drop below 1.25 in ratio.
Legend==Upload 1TB, ratio 1.05, member for 120 days, demoted if you drop below 0.95 in ratio.
Hero==Upload 10TB, ratio 1.05, member for 180 days, demoted if you drop below 0.95 in ratio.
Superhero==Upload 20TB, ratio 1.05, member for 240 days, demoted if you drop below 0.95 in ratio.
Has donated money and are immune to automatic demotion.
VIP==Selected by staff.
Other==Customised title.
Uploader==Granted if accepted by a application.
Moderator==Can edit and delete any uploaded torrents. Can also moderate user comments and disable accounts.
Administrator==Can do just about anything.
SysOp== CineFX (site owner).
Number of torrents: 76(like 5 every week:eek13:)
General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you warned/banned!
Do not argue with the staffs expressed wishes!
Do not upload our tracker exclusive torrents to other trackers! (See the FAQ for details.)
Disrespectful and obscene behavior, as well as personal attacks on other users in the forums/torrent comments will result in a warning ( ) and/or temporary forum ban.
You will only get one warning! After that it's bye-bye, never want to see you again!
Respect the Staff, the First Line Support and the uploaders and their efforts! We are doing our very best for this site.
Do not spam us with PMīs telling us how great we are, tell your friends instead. If you don't like us, don't take it out in the forums, come to us directly and we can discuss the matter instead.
Read the FAQ, the "News" page and the Rules before contacting anyone in staff, including the First Line Support.
Most of temporary errors are explained in the "News" page. Most of the staff is online 24/7 on our iRC channel tti@freequest if you need quick help, just log in either thru our java chat applet or thru a standalone iRC client.
Only ONE account each is allowed on TTi!
Multiple IPīs are allowed/account so if you have a slow upload, you can always share it with someone with a better possibility to seed on your behalf, but beware! Cheaters will be banned!
Downloading rules - By not following these rules you will lose download privileges!
You will be granted access to the newest torrents on the condition that you keep a good ratio (minimum 0.5) If you fail, you are in risk of losing your account (You will be warned first)! Read the FAQ (for details.)
Ratios lower than 0.5 if downloaded over 1GB result in severe consequences, including banning in extreme cases.
Do not Hit'n'Run!
Stay as a seeder for as long as you can and ALWAYS make your best to seed every torrent that you take to a 1:1 ratio at least. If no one seeds, nobody can download.
There is no minimum ratio until you have downloaded a maximum of 1GB, then the minimum ratio is 0.5, anything under will result in banning within a week.
Always respect the uploader.
His/hers effort is the only reason why you can even download a torrent from us. Please use the "Comment" button to thank him/her.
Any unpleasant comments will result in a warning.
tracker changed but the forum renamed the same:klatsch_3::top::wink2:http://i42.tinypic.com/35asnsi.jpg
Wanna see the original TTi.nu(general tracker) please click here (http://www.sb-innovation.de/f210/tti-nu-10696/)

I don't have anything to say...I just wish they'll get back to the original state.....I hate free music:icon_angry[1]:

13.05.09, 01:06
What specific geners do they plan to have on this site, SBfreak??

It's kind of hard to see when clicking on the bar to see what geners are offered there. Do you happen to know as I'd really be curious in knowing, please??:smile:

13.05.09, 10:45
It's free sign up,just make an account and see what up with it:biggrin:

31.05.09, 18:56
TTi is a great Swedish tracker

Now again they have scene releases

and closed sign ups

31.05.09, 18:58
Since the old TTi is back, comments can be posted here: