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12.05.09, 16:56

12.05.09, 18:18
good game but its not worth the time i would give a 7/10 due to slow pace and need to restart from last checkpoint on death

12.05.09, 18:38
Played about a quarter of the game.

I love sneak-em-ups'... but this ones just horrible. It's very linear. There's only one way to get through a level, and if your not thinking the exact same thing the developers were--it can be incredibly frustrating trying to be stealthy and figure out what your supposed to be thinking at the same time.

Pass. I don't think I'd pick this up even if it were on weekend sale on Steam.

Go play Hitman: Blood Money. It's much more satisfying.

12.05.09, 22:16
This ain't Tom Clancy's, but still a good game imo. I am enjoying it in xbox360.

13.05.09, 14:30
actually the baddest thing in this game when you use the morphine suddenly it appear naked and every thing stopped and this is don't related to reality at all

13.05.09, 15:12
the game reminds me of hitman.

13.05.09, 23:40
the game reminds me of hitman.

what about splintercell

14.05.09, 01:53
cool game but not my type i guess.. i prefer GTA 4 :D

14.05.09, 21:20
I have to say,that this is the best real action scenario game I've ever witnessed since Dark Sector & it is quite obvious that awesome gfx are to be enjoyed playing this game.

Hope to see it on PC quite soon.

14.05.09, 21:21
Hope to see it on PC quite soon.

It's already available for Windows.

14.05.09, 21:28
Was it officially released already ? :confused2: never heard of it at all,however,that I always check new games on regular basis.

Anyway,thanks for informing me,I will grab it up right now.

14.05.09, 21:29
Was it officially released already ?

Yes, like 2 weeks ago. Go get it :biggrin: