View Full Version : "Faith Fighter" game unites religions in outrage

29.04.09, 19:25
Representatives of several major religions have called for a game by radical developers Molleindustria to be removed from the internet because it is "deeply provocative" and "disrespectful".

Faith Fighter is a punch-up game for one or two players which involves bouts between Jesus, Mohammed, Ganesh, Buddha, Budai, and God Himself. According to its developers,

Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.

Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham:

This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet.

Playing violent video games will ultimately affect your behaviour and this game is deeply offensive and provocative.

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