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24.04.09, 07:31

Tracker: ExtremeShare
Tracker URL: ExtremeShare - Login (http://www.extremeshare.org)
Open Signups: from time to time
Invite System: yes (though I still don't know how to get 'em)
Category: 0-day Tracker with english and Ro scene content. Has some own packs.
Number of Users: >200000
Number of torrents: ~22200

Categories: (not really categories, but filters)

http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/5286/extremesharecat1.jpg http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2621/extremesharecat2.jpg



Exclusive ES Torrents:


Foruns: (most Ro, but has 1 En section)




User ranks:


Major announcements and poll are all in Romanian, they have a CS 1.6 server.
You can preseed other torrents, but don't hit and run. Minimum ratio is 1.0. Contents are great IMO, they have some nice packs and cheating is very easy. I was able to cheat using GT and RM in the past (some 3 months ago).
IRC channel:
Hope you like my 1st review. :top:
@Darksaibot: I stole your layoutz hope you don't mindz :redface:
If anyone want to add something, post here or pm/public profile.

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24.04.09, 07:57
@Darksaibot: I stole your layoutz hope you don't mindz :redface:[/B]
If anyone want to add something, post here or pm/public profile.

It's an universal layout brother don't worry :wink2:

I have to add that this site has some good cheating scripts ,not the best but good,speeds are good.content is also pretty good and it's moust of the time free signup.

26.01.10, 18:52
Anyway the main point is that this tracker is very cheatable.I even wonder why people even use this tracker.Have you even seen it's theme?:stupid:UGLY is the word for it.

26.01.10, 19:00
LOL! I just got in but I do agree that it's an ugly looking site. :biggrin:

26.01.10, 19:03
Noob staff what can i say:biggrin:Romanian staffers don't give a shit about cheaters.They just want people to donate money and lots of users.

26.01.10, 19:25
well i have to admit i like the header :tongŁ:

26.01.10, 19:30
That old 1-2 years old thing?:tongue:

26.01.10, 19:56
I never liked this tracker.In the past they stole many FL.ro torrents claiming them as their own.
If you have FL you definitively don't need this one.
Plus their admins say they have anti-cheating scripts:eek:

26.01.10, 20:10
actually i just signed up because of the header :redface:

26.01.10, 20:17
I just saw something.This is the cheating thread.Can someone please move these to the review thread?? Thank You.

May I ask what's so cool about that header?:confused2:

10.02.10, 21:11
Feb 2010 information and statistics:
Hosted in Netherlands
Torrents ~22200
Forum Topics ~1200
Forum posts ~ 120000

Update? :klatsch_3:

10.02.10, 21:12


No number of users?

10.02.10, 21:44
That is why forum post numbers because number of users is hidden, i even had to sum up forum posts myself,

If you are vieving user profiles links to user info of users registered in Feb 2010
has link like extremeshare.org/tracker/userdetails.php?id=257XXX
where XXX - are numbers.

So 257000+ is number of entries in their php database, but some of them might be deleted

200 000 + and stop whining :D