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23.04.09, 09:46
YouTube - Moon Trailer (HD)

High hopes for this movie? We'll see.

23.04.09, 13:25
I wouldn't mind seeing it; might even pay if my cinema get's it early.

23.04.09, 17:53
I know what you mean, too many times I get DVD faster than the movie comes in cinema!

23.04.09, 20:41
I really like the trailer and hope the movie will be as good as the trailer let's me think.I really like the subject,it's very interesting.

23.04.09, 20:55
Now, you have me intrigued. Sam Rockwell's last movie was funny...I think it was called Choke.

24.04.09, 01:51
Seems to be a nice piece! I didn't know about it until now. Looking forward to it.

25.04.09, 22:28
This definitely looks like it will be interesting. I will surely look forward to this!

18.10.10, 17:11
I just watched this movie! It was damn awesome! Sam Rockwell did a perfect job. The soundtrack was amazing as well, Clint Mansell really know how to do things right!

18.10.10, 18:25
it was a good movie, a bit slow at times but nevertheless entertaining, it could be added that this one, along with just a handful of other SF movies, is actually the best of what this year has to offer regarding the genre

21.10.10, 13:17
This is a must see film, Sam Rockwell is just awesome in it, 9/10 for me

14.02.11, 12:16
Indeed this movie was a very pleasant surprise :) Rockwell does a fantastic job and carries the movie alone but i must admit the script was brilliant also. One thing i really liked was Clint Mansell's score which perfectly filled in the beginning and the ending. Great movie, with a lot of nod to sci fi classics.