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04.11.07, 23:57
anyone here playing rfactor? in my opinion this has got to be best racing sim ever,and keeps on shrinkin my hard drive capacity as there are so many addon mods. this game rocks.:top::top:

23.11.07, 01:18
I should probably check this game out im currently playing GTR2.
I got that nice logitech wheel G25 :D

25.11.07, 00:23
Don't like racing games that much, i play them like a freak for a couple of days and never touch them again after that...

Never heard of rfactor. NFS is prolly the only race game i know, except for ofcourse the WRC games. ^^

27.02.08, 18:47
rFactor is my favorite game at the moment. I just can't get enough of the 1979 F1 mod. The 2006 Champ Car mod is great fun as well.

The one mod I am really looking forward to is the F1 2007 MMG which should be released on the 29th. I hope the physics have been improved since the demo though. :)

My dream would be to get the LFS crew to join ISI and work on rFactor 2.

03.03.08, 11:35
I must get this game, everyone who play it says its a great racing game, with great mods.