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15.04.09, 19:18
Tracker: XWT(Xtreme Wrestling Torrents)
Tracker URL: http://www.xtremewrestlingtorrents.net
Open signups: Nearly always free sign up,no invite system.Signups close usually for a few days before a WWE pay-per-view airs in USA.
Signup URL:(not always available) http://www.xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/signup.php
Category:wrestling,hand to hand combat,UFC
Number of torrents: aprox 4500
We Now ONLY Allow Torrents To Be Uploaded To XWT If The Show Was Aired During 1996 Or AFTER. Anything before that should be uploaded at XWT-Classics
NON wrestling related material such as Games, Movies, Porn & Software are forbidden.
Wrestling Themes and Image Packs are NOT Allowed - Your upload rights WILL be removed.
No files smaller than 80MB. Radio Shows & Video Games are an exception to this rule.
Advertising is NOT ALLOWED on XWT either via PM or video watermark, if you are caught doing this you WILL be banned.
Selling/Trading via PM or any other form through XWT is NOT ALLOWED!
Do NOT PM Users/Uploaders or Staff requesting torrents to be uploaded, we have a Requests & Offers section in our Forum for this.
All uploaded torrents must be well seeded until and after their completion. Torrents not seeded until completion will be deleted.
SEED after completion do NOT Hit & Run - Users should aim to seed 1:1 and seed torrents until they are well seeded
Do NOT re-release material that is still active on the tracker
Post a description with your torrent, make it half decent at least
Try include bitrate, resolution, codec type, release/air date, match card etc
You can find this sort of info by using programs like G-Spot & AVIcodec
Comments section is enabled for Power Users & Above ONLY! No spoiling, requesting, chat, or other disruptive behavior allowed. All forum and tracker rules apply to the comments as well.
Spamming, Advertisements, Disruptive behavior, or listing of other sites is NOT permitted.
Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes!
Only ONE account per IP Address/Household is allowed!
Do NOT upload our torrents to other trackers!
The ONLY time ANYONE is allowed to upload a torrent from XWT or XWT-Classics to another site is if the file is their OWN cap/recording!
Disruptive behaviour in the forums will result in a warning ( ).
Personal opinion: Great tracker for wrestling fans.It has a betting system where you can bet some of your upload on pay-per-view matches.Another mentionable option is the Eddie Guerrero (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Guerrero)(1967-2005) tribute page wich includes the history of all his career.Thay also recently added a slot sistem based on upload ammount and ratio.One more thing I'd like to add..it has no scripts so it's easy to fake upload even though I've never cheated there.It's easy to maintain ratio.Sometimes leechers on a torrent go over 1000.Also anyone can upload torrents but the torrents uploaded have to fit in torrent categories.This is a good way to build up ratio fast without cheating:top:

17.03.11, 09:07
I just wanted to ask, since I saw they have announced that they have "...decided to add a VERY advanced ratio cheating detector. This new system will detect ANYONE who tries to cheat their ratio". Does anyone know what kind of detector it is - I use on some trackers GreedyTorrent (boost my upload from 1 to 1.5 mb), but sometimes I forget to turn it off while downloading form, for e.g. this site, with lot of leechers, so I was wandering about that new system of detection and interaction with GT... Thanks a lot for any insight!!

17.03.11, 15:56
Does anyone know what kind of detector it is

Scare tactics. There is no detector that will detect anyone trying to cheat, and if there was, they wouldn't announce it.

23.03.11, 14:22
There are a very few really great Wrestling trackers, but XWT is the cutest imo. And is the fastest (release by couple of hours after the show). If you like wrestling - join XWT, you wont regret.