View Full Version : There are Cheaters on Waffles !?!

15.04.09, 07:46
Ok this is the pic, I couldn't get it post right

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OK, I was looking through the Power User invite section on the lovley Waffles, and if appears they are getting too my cheaters and traders on X264 from their trade aggreement with Waffles. :shockkk!: Are there really that many irresposible people that get up to poweruser rank, just to get invited to another decent site and not able to control themselves? They made it this far, Can't they just be cool and stay under the radar ? Don't mess up these simple pleasures if you reading these. Be patient and don't rush, or get too greedy, Please,
We all cheat. We all make mistakes, but we can be careful ! :biggrin:

15.04.09, 11:27
I don't think that the majority of those banned people are people from sbi...
There are enough incompetent cheaters out there who just use every tool they can get there hands on.

Nonetheless, it seems that x264 has better scripts than waffles. Otherwise waffles PUs wouldn't be banned from x264 while they are fine on waffles :rolling_eyes:

15.04.09, 15:23
There are Cheaters on Waffles !?!

You can be sure of that. :biggrin:

Jokes apart, I'm with you and Manas on that most of them surely are people using buggy tools or GB/s speeds.