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15.04.09, 00:32
Tracker URL:http://karagarga.net (http://karagarga.net/)
Open Signups?: Depends upon number of registered users, invites
Category: Classic Movies,Rare Movies, ebooks , old staff
Number of Users: ~22000
Number of torrents: ~58000


What to say about Karagarga, one of the most popular and definitely the most wanted, now almost cult private torrent tracker?
There could be writen a dozen posts, but here we will process only the basic ...

Karagarga is a retro tracker which specializes in older media content, primarily classic film industry, foreign, art, indie, alternative, rare, and generally non-mainstream productions by what is indisputably the most famous, but you can find also an enviable amount of literature and older musicals, recent, and even the latest date, a variety of genres and almost all of the relevant authors of they time.
Current rating [8] confirms the best quality torrent base, and despite the fact that Karagarga is currently only level 3, it's much harder to get the member than it is the case with some other trackers of same rarity. This can be attributed, to a relative lack of big part of today's 0-day generation of file sharers for older multimedia content, but also quite difficult surviving on tracker, slightly higher requirements for becoming Power User, and the smaller number of invitations.

Karagarga is characterized by a unique GUI, a large number of original features, a huge amount of cinema content from almost all over the world, undeleting of torrents regardless of inactivity, it's great and always an active community, detailed statistics, and very kind, tolerant and kind staff.

Unfortunately, this tracker is not among the one in which you easily survive, and this is the largest and the only problem of many new members. Also, freeleech is very rarely present, the split archives forbiden, but a separate video files still allowed, so the beginning on the Karagargia is additional more difficult.

Filtering by the amount of leech despite forbiden split archives does not guarantee safe up traffic, but the big advantage of tracker is that even the newest members are allowed setting of requests and upload on their own (which you can advertise in the offer section), so if you have anything in accordiance with the upload rules and follow regularly request section, you'll be able to eventually create a good buffer.

A special feature is the MOM or Masters of the Month - each month, members of tracker in coordination with the staff select the physical person (author), genre or era of our past that will get the status of Master of the Month, and result in bonus to be awarded to members involved in MOM activities.

Torrent list, as on each superior tracker, allows sorting by all categories and items (including the year of production, genre and country of origin), and for those who would like to know the opinion of members about the movie on the list that have not yet watched, will be able to do that through the "thumbs up / thumbs down" average grade.

Also great option here are some Bonuses:


Forums cover almost everything about the tracker, the content and file sharing, and the activity of members is very high. Staff often participate in discussions and are always ready to go out to help.

Ratio rules:
Download amount: 10-20 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.1. Warning period: 2 weeks.
Download amount: 20-30 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.2. Warning period: 2 weeks.
Download amount: 30-40 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.3. Warning period: 3 weeks.
Download amount: 40-50 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.4. Warning period: 1 month.
Download amount: 50-75 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.5. Warning period: 1 month.
Download amount: 75-100 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.6. Warning period: 6 weeks.
Download amount: 100 Gb or more. Minimum share ratio: 0.7. Warning period: 2 months.

As for cheating tips use Vuze Extreme and speeds 60-120kB/s

If you manage to fall into this phenomenal tracker, you're in with a reason, or because you like that kind of content , so shall and this be one of those you watch like a water drop on the palm:wink2:


06.05.09, 17:02
Any rules here on how to get invites??

06.05.09, 17:21
You must have uploaded at least 50GB have a ratio at or above 1.05 and have been a member for more than 90 days to receive invites

06.05.09, 17:46
and every week you got an invite if you have less than 4 invites

06.05.09, 19:06
And can you change the email here??'Cause i'm trying but it showes 404 not found when i click the link.Maybe i just can't change it, i don't know.Any help?

06.05.09, 19:12
Go to profile,at bottom where your old email is change it with another,but you must in field above that put your old pass then click save changes

06.05.09, 19:13
Go to profile,at bottom where your old email is change it with another,but you must in field above that put your old pass then click save changes

Did that the first time, and i got the confirmation email and when i click on the link 404 not found.

06.05.09, 22:38
I remember I got HTTP 404 when changing my e-mail as well; it worked after changing something in the confirmation URL...

08.05.09, 22:03
I remember I got HTTP 404 when changing my e-mail as well; it worked after changing something in the confirmation URL...
What did you changed??

08.05.09, 22:05
I don't remember by now :biggrin: But post the URL (without the confirmation code) here, perhaps I can manage to do it again...

10.05.09, 10:33
my dream tracker....

Hope it's easy to cheat on, with my connection. :(

10.05.09, 17:51
Hope it's easy to cheat on, with my connection. :(

According DarkSaibot, the PMR works there.

11.05.09, 04:01
Great review!! I'm a big fan of this tracker if you like old,rare,cult,.. movies you should have KG is the best.:smile:

11.05.09, 19:38
if it's a rare and non-mainstream movie then it's definitely on KG or it will be soon thanks to their community - whenever i posted a request there it got filled within a few days

14.05.09, 09:40
i have karakarga ,it is a turkish tracker and i think it is not a good tracker.there are very low seeders in torrents.

14.05.09, 10:39
yea there are,on new torrents,only one but i get max speed,but after that there are always around 20-50 seeders.and if you find better tracker with rare movies call me anytime

14.05.09, 14:00
yeah you are right on that point,this tracker is good source for rare/old/cult movies but thats all.i think it is not a big tracker,but it is still good.

29.07.09, 11:40
using speed mode+

1-3X ratio stop
60-120kb fake upload with
dont stop fakeupload even 0 peers

i will update any event occur besides

29.07.09, 17:42
The PMR is supposed to work there, because just like at RevTT, their staff patrols peerlists.

CS Curse
01.08.09, 21:27
I have had already a lot of trouble finding well seeded old movies. I will try to get in this one.

10.11.09, 19:19
the ultimate when its coming to arthouse & classics!
its becoming more and more the library of babylon.

if you want more old trash though cinemageddon is a good place to start.

10.11.09, 22:05
I recall there being one of the first movies that was ever made and uploaded on KG. I think one of the first films ever produced occured somewhere around the 1800's and it happens to be on KG. I can't confirm it's current status re: seeding, but when I did download it, it was only about 3 secs in length showing 3 people dancing in a circle.
If you like really old stufff like that, that is also rare, KG is a good place.

17.11.09, 15:22
Aww KG, since the topic is pretty high in subforum, I'll allow myself to post little impression of this tracker. Well. It is my favorite one. Really, I enjoy all aspects of it. Great community forums, many many good old/rare/world/ movies there, very helpful (and even publicly open) IRC channel. Not hard to get into... if you are into these type of movies just ask on IRC and access will be granted to you if you are lucky and can provide some evidence of knowing to sustain ratio. Not to mentioning I got (and most power users) 4 invites... I even uploaded some of my movies there and I try to contribute to tracker as much as my time/bandwith allows me.

17.11.09, 15:38
Agree, KG excels not only in content but in community too. I try to seed there as much as posible :)
Some torrents can be underseeded but if you ask for help people will jump in quickly, as all torrents are unpacked making them easy for reseed from archived CDs or DVDs.

12.05.11, 02:51
FYI guys!....

The Freeleech festivities have begun! - 2011-05-09 11:01:10 (2d 15:33:52 ago)

In case you haven't noticed from the main page or the forum topic:

All torrents will be considered free to leech starting from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th of May for all enabled users including those on probation. During this week no download will be counted, only upload matters. Also uploading new torrents will be completely turned off including request fills.

Now is the time to jump on all those torrents you always wanted but couldn't because of ratio or other reasons! Enjoy the freeleech fest! :)

Yours truly,
the KG staff

31.05.11, 22:04
i think it low tor and seeders bc it just suit for someone who like classical or old stuff .....