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10.04.09, 02:14
this is a alternative option to mIRC

This guide applies to XChat 2.6.1 or newer on any platform, be it Windows or Linux.

When you first start the program you'll be presented with this window


Here you can choose your nickname, a second choice (in case it's already taken), username
and realname. The username can generally be anything you like, just make it up.

The next step is to choose a network to join. This is a matter of
personal taste, I can't really recommend one! Some are better than others,
you'll have to experiment. In this example, I'll join OzNet, an Australian
network. Just select the row and click Connect.

Hopefully your internet connection is working well and you've connected.This dialog will pop-up so that you may join some channels (chat rooms).


In this case I know the name of a channel e.g. #Melbourne (IRC channels
usually begin with a hash symbol), so I'll type it in and click OK. If
you don't know any channels, select the 3rd option Open the Channel-List Window,
this'll open a window and list all the possible channels on this network

Once you've selected a channel, XChat should join it for you and you'll get this window:




That's it, you're now online! Any more questions? Try the XChat Forum.

here are other options

A-but if you want you can create a text file in your xchat dir ("C:\Program Files\xchat" on windows), and give it a name (I called mine "loko_script.txt" but you can name yours what ever you like).

Bsearch the created text file and open it with a text editor and enter the following, replacing <these values> with your own ones (eg. "<loko_username>" becomes "jack daniels" etc):

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <NickServ_password>
/msg #######desired <loko_username> <007_passkey>
/timer 2 join ########

to understand i better here an explanation

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <NickServ_password>
Identifies your nick as actually being you, a requirement for using the /msg command.
<NickServ_password> will be whatever you set it as when you first registered on the irc server.

/msg desired invite <desired####_username> <desired#####_passkey>
This sends an invite request to user desired , including your desired username and password.
This command should mirror the one given to you by http://www.desired#####/irc.php

/timer 2 join #desired
This waits 2 seconds, and then tries to join the channel #desired######.
The reason for this is that you're not allowed to join the channel until you have recieved an invite from the previous command. If you find xchat is trying to "/join #desired#####" before you have recieved the invite, try increasing the value of the /timer command (eg. "/timer 7 join #desired" will set the wait 7 seconds only.

C in this momment set your client to run the text file upon connecting to the server:
d--go to the xchat menus, and choose the XChat then theServer List--
e---look and search the network entry for the server in the Networks list, and click it select it
f-----click and EDIT
g-----in the next window that opens enter the following in the "Connect command"field:LOAD -the desired####script.txt

here some Channel Modes

Each channel can have a series of modes. Only chanop's can change a channels' mode. The modes can either by set by the letter buttons on the right of the tool-bar or by using the /mode command. Modes can also be set by some other commands, like /op, /deop or /ban. The following is a list (which is not complete) of the channel modes.

* T - Topic Lock - With this set only chanop's can change the channel topic
* N - No outside messages - Normally people not in a channel can /msg the channel, with this set only people who have joined the channel can send to it
* S - Secret - With this set the channel is not listed in the channel list (/list), except if you are in it. This cannot be set with Private (see below)
* P - Private - With this set the channel name and topic is not listed in the channel list (/list), except if you are in it. This cannot be set with Secret (see above)
* I - Invite Only - With this set people can't just /join the channel, they have to be /invite'ed by someone in the channel
* M - Moderated - With this set only chanop's and voice'ed nicks can send to the channel
* L - User Limit - With this set only a set number of people can join the channel
* K - Key - With this set anyone who tries the join the channel has to pass this key (also called the password) as argument 2 to the /join command
* B - Ban - This can be set more than once (with different options). Each person who tries to join the channel has to be outside all the bans. Simply setting a ban stops anyone who matches the bad from joining
* O - Op - This can be set more than once (with different options). Each nick that is set +o becomes a chanop

for more information