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i think this is a little but helpfull pogramm ..with one click to clean your PC from cookies ..internetfiles..history ..urls and more

1. Is it possible, to delete the autocomplete entries of the Internet Explorer under Windows NT/W2k/XP?
Yes, ClearProg 1.4.0 and above supports this. But you need administrator-rights, otherwise this option is not active in Clearprog.

2. I am not able to set a paramter in attributes of ClearProg's shortcut. There comes a message: "The parameter is not valid". What is the reason?
Attention! Between ClearProg's filename and the first slash, have to be space:
C:\Programme\ClearProg\ClearProg.exe /all

3. When I delete the Internet Explorer history, then I get error message 430.
The reason could be, that some of Internet Explorer's DLLs are overwritten by other programs.

4. Why are the execute-entries in Windows startmenu still present, after deletion?
This entries are write protected, they will be deleted, after Reboot/Loggoff.

5. When I delete the typed URLs of the Internet Explorer, then they are still there. What is the reason?
In Windows XP, this entries will be also saved in the file "index.dat".
ClearProg can delete this file (Menu -> Extras -> Internet Explorer -> clear index.dat ) on Windows startup. This option is just aviable, if you have administrator rights.
Check this option, on next Windows start, this file is empty.

6. I use T-Online Browser 5.0. Why does ClearProg not delete the URLs?
T-Online changed the way, how these files are saved, in Version 4.5 and above.
Now, the URLs are saved in an encrypted file, this is the reason, why ClearProg is not able to delete the URLs, anymore.

The deletion of the whole file is no solution, because other options, like the favorites are saved in this file, too.
T-Online does not provide any information, so we have to live with this issue.

7. Is it possible, to delete the "index.dat" of the Internet Explorer?
Yes, ClearProg is able to delete this entries completly after Reboot.
Go to ClearProg's menu "Extras" -> "Internet Explorer" and choose the option "Empty 'index.dat' on Reboot", then choose delete Cookies, Cache and History. (You are able to save this option permanent, just go to "File" -> "Save Settings" ).
After reboot, this file is deleted, but Windows creates a new empty index.dat with a filesize of 16 or 32KB

8. Wich kind of clear-methods, does Clearprog support?
For now, Clearprog supports the following 3 clear methods:
1. normal - simply deletion of the files
2. Trash - the files will be deleted into the trash
3. secure - the files will be overwritten

9. When I start ClearProg.exe, then Windows shows the missing 'MSVBV60.DLL'. What can I do ?
ClearProg needs the VisualBasic 6.0 runtime libaries for running. Just download and install this
Setup (~ 1 MB). Then ClearProg should run without problems.

10. YAW gives an alert, that ClearProg is maybe a dangerous tool. What does it mean?
To reduce the filesize from 400KB to 120KB, ClearProg is compressed with the UPX compression tool.
A lot of maleware is compressed with UPX, too. You can ignore this message.

11. Why does ClearProg not delete the entries from Mozilla, OpenOffice, RealPlayer etc.?
Make sure, that this programs are not running during deletion. Some of these programs have an autostart function, the result is, that a part of the program ist still running in background and ClearProg has no access to delete these entries. Before you can start deletion, you have to close these programs, completly.

12. ClearProg hängt sich unter Vista beim Löschen des Windows-Temp-Ordners auf.
Man muss der ClearProg.exe erst die nötigen Rechte geben.
Dazu einen Rechtsklick auf die Clearprog.exe. Dann auf "Eigenschaften" - "Kompatibilität" und dort bei "Programm als Administrator ausführen" ein Häkchen machen. Danach sollte ClearProg den Temp-Ordner löschen, ohne sich aufzuhängen.

13. Can i start ClearProg automatical at shutdown of windows ?
At Windows XP Professionell you can activate ClearProg at shutdown. A Guidance you can find here in the forum:



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