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29.03.09, 11:53
YouTube - New Batman Arkham Asylum Trailer 29/01/09 [High Quality]

07.08.09, 11:25
YouTube - Batman: Arkham Asylum - Gameplay Blowout (Part 1)

07.08.09, 15:43
Great game but one wonders why they didn't release it earlier to tie in with the film.

07.08.09, 18:06
If I had to guess, I'd say they saw how last Batman was a succes and they took a shoot :wink:

08.08.09, 00:39
The game is incredible .I played the demo today and it is really awesome

08.08.09, 10:36
Thanks, I didn't know a demo was out, need to check that.

Great game but one wonders why they didn't release it earlier to tie in with the film.This game is not based on the last Batman Dark Knight film afaik.

08.08.09, 13:29
This game looks really great, at least the gfx does about the gameplay I can't say much as I didn't play the demo.
As I liked the last Batman movie pretty much I find the setting of the game cool too. :smile:

I hope this get released soon or at least a copy if it will be released soon on one of my trackers. :biggrin:

13.08.09, 21:30
YouTube - Batman:Arkham Asylum Gadgets Trailer *NEW*

16.08.09, 06:21
Kewl, oh the wait. Can't wait no longer for this. And being Batman is all about using neat gadgets. :biggrin:

24.08.09, 15:12
YouTube - Batman Arkham Asylum Review | GameTrailers

25.08.09, 06:00
The game is already released on Xbox360 and I have been playing it for 2 days now. Very good game and it is addictive.

You can find the game on any of the big trackers TL/RevTT/IPT.

25.08.09, 09:24
I'm currently playing it too and it is a really a good game.Like Dynamic say it is addictive

25.08.09, 15:43
Played it on xbox.It's a really cool game but I was expecting more.

25.08.09, 23:49
^same here...

i grabbed the ps3 demo, and even though it looks nice, the gameplay seems to be geared towards really casual gamers and not very rewarding...

my mate's planning on buying the full game so i'll run through it after he's finished and give it a fair go.

03.09.09, 23:01
The game is released and now can download on TL for pc users :top:

03.09.09, 23:22
The game is released and now can download on TL for pc users :top:

the scene hasn't released it yet - you are probably talking about a p2p release

03.09.09, 23:32
I think he's talking about the D2D rip from TL.

04.09.09, 06:49
Yes i'm talkning about D2D release and who cares scene or not ?

05.09.09, 05:12
and who cares scene or not ?

maybe if you wanna play it properly, without having annoying triggers messing up the gaming experience :rolleyes:

05.09.09, 23:23
this game is really enjoyable and definitely work checking out, even if you're not big on superhero type games. i was pleasantly suprised

05.09.09, 23:45
I'm already done with this game and really enjoyed it.
The graphics look quite good and the gadgets and stealth elements are pretty cool. :top:
Only thing I didn't like that much was that the end bosses were quite easy compared to normal enemies. :tongue:

23.09.09, 10:06
I played the demo and it was great. I'll get round to playing the full game as soon as I finish Resident Evil 5, which should be today or tomorrow :)