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29.03.09, 00:21
Release: Q3 2009

In old US military parlance, getting a Section 8 meant getting dismissed from duty for reasons of mental instability. In the upcoming game from TimeGate Studios, Section 8 is the nickname given to the 8th Armored Infantry, an elite unit of futuristic soldiers who are the first to jump in into any galactic hotspot. And when we say jump, we mean a serious jump: Section 8 soldiers basically drop thousands of feet from their orbiting carrier to the ground without so much as a parachute, creating a small impact crater when they land, ready to fight. Read more (http://gdc.gamespot.com/story/6206988/)

YouTube - Section 8 - Finished Trailer HD

Now this looks promising

29.03.09, 00:31
Yep the trailer looks great..can't wait for a gameplay trailer.Will it come out for pc?

DarkSaibot v.1.3.10
29.03.09, 00:35
I think that the gameplay will be some like the Mass Effect gameplay..but the grafic is :shockkk!:

Every day i'm cursing my own old pc :biggrin:

29.03.09, 00:36
Will it come out for pc?

yep, and for x360

29.03.09, 11:49
Trailer does indeed look amazing. Love this kind of games.

20.08.09, 10:55
YouTube - Section 8 Exclusive Dynamic Combat Missions Diary

20.08.09, 17:57
I think graphics of this game it's not so good :rolleyes2:

20.08.09, 18:43
I feel its kinda Mass Effect + UT3

20.08.09, 18:46
Cool game, I think it will be famous amongst Battlefield series players.

22.08.09, 15:05
sounds like a Doom 3 style with lots of tiny extra details to add more dynamics to the game play,

04.10.09, 17:17
YouTube - Section 8 Review

05.10.09, 07:22
I thought I was gonna like this one, but the review ended up not be as exciting as I wished. Guess that if you like games like Quake Wars, maybe this one is for you.

05.10.09, 11:22
there is no pint posting new videos for this game it's already released ...

05.10.09, 16:45
I posted a review so people can watch and see if the game is good or not!