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  1. Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously? 2014 Edition
  2. LeaseWeb Sued For Hosting Megaupload and Other “Pirate” Websites
  3. Judge Understands BitTorrent, Kills Mass Piracy Lawsuits
  4. arabfilms tracker shutdown
  5. Piracy Release Group Has Been Spying on Downloaders For 9 Months
  6. Pirate Bay Downloaders Trolled By Movie Director’s Shaven Balls Director go crazy lol
  7. Security incident [OVH]
  8. Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, With Immunicity
  9. NZBMatrix Shuts Down Citing Piracy Troubles
  10. Demonoid Is Back, BitTorrent Tracker is Now Online
  11. “Six-Strikes” BitTorrent Crackdown May Target Private Trackers
  12. PRQ Police Raid Takes Down Dozens of File-Sharing Sites
  13. uTorrent Will Ensure More Privacy
  14. Pirate Bay co-founder Warg to be deported from Cambodia
  15. uTorrent Becomes Ad-Supported to Rake in Millions
  16. Demonoid Busted
  17. Filesharing Admin Arrested for Selling User Database
  18. Introducing BitTorrent Torque
  19. Facebook Removes Extratorrent Fan Page
  20. BitTorrent Pirates Go Nuts After TV Release Groups Dump Xvid
  21. World’s Oldest BitTorrent Site Shuts Down
  22. The Pirate Bay Celebrates Independence Day, Six Years After the Raid
  23. FileShareFreak is back under new management
  24. Megaupload Domain Goes Up for Sale, Again
  25. Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Gets $750,000 Back
  26. Young File-Sharers Respond To Tough Laws By Buying a VPN
  27. The Case for Copyright Reform
  28. Google Strikes Back After MPAA Objects To Hotfile Intervention
  29. Company: Cost of hosting Megaupload data untenable
  30. ISPs to Start Throttling Pirates, More by July 12
  31. Leaked: Police Plan to Raid The Pirate Bay
  32. Book Publishers Shut Down Library.nu and iFile-it
  33. Waffles.FM - SSL Errors Incoming (resolved)
  34. The end of FilePorn !
  35. The Best BTjunkie Alternatives
  36. Megaupload shut down by US officials
  37. 4Shared Sued To Reveal Identify of Infringing Users
  38. I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent….
  39. RIAA Wants To Shutter Torrent Sites, And More
  40. Copyright A Hated Word & Doesn't Help The Artists: EU Commissioner
  41. Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?
  42. At least half of the Italians disconnected from the internet soon ?
  43. NinjaVideo Admins and Uploaders Indicted By Grand Jury
  44. Anti-Piracy Lawyers Accuse Blind Man of Downloading Porn
  45. 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued In The United States
  46. uTorrent To Launch a Paid Version
  47. BitTorrent and uTorrent Sued For Patent Violations
  48. FrostWire ‘Kills’ Gnutella to Go All BitTorrent
  49. Hotfile Battles MPAA Over Private User Data Disclosure
  50. MPAA, RIAA, Major ISPs Preparing ‘Graduated Response’ To Piracy
  51. CHDBits to lower invite sending requirements for one week from 1 June
  52. TTG might open registration at the 1st of June
  53. In 1892 Live Music Was Just a Phone Call Away
  54. Google boss: anti-piracy laws would be disaster for free speech
  55. Taringa! owners one step away from trial for facilitating copyright violation
  56. IP-Address Is Not a Person, BitTorrent Case Judge Says
  57. Dropbox: Nothing Shocking About Handing Your Data Over to the Feds
  58. Apple invents a new peer-to-peer technology
  59. RapidShare Goes Unlimited
  60. Record Labels Request $75 Trillion in Damages from Limewire
  61. Newzbin2 Uses TOR To Kill Domain Blocking Before It Even Happens
  62. Pirate Bay User Database Compromised and Exploited, Again
  63. UK ISP's To Block The Pirate Bay and Other File Sharing Sites
  64. Major BitTorrent Uploader Used No Anonymity – Bring Out The Straightjacket?
  65. LimeWire Settles With Record Labels, Still Faces $1 Billion Claim
  66. LimeWire Has Proof Studios Profit From File Sharing
  67. Pirate Bay Founder ‘Disappears’, But Not With Malice
  68. Hotfile Goes To War Against Copyright Infringers
  69. France, Spain among worst for game piracy
  70. Some File-Sharers Leave Trails To Their Front Door
  71. Turkish President could be a pirate
  72. MPAA Snags Google Downloading Torrents, Threatens to Disconnect
  73. Unreleased Songs Are Hunted by Hackers
  74. NSFW: Top PureTNA and Empornium Alternatives
  75. Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More
  76. BitTorrent Users Sued for Sharing Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape
  77. USA forced Sweden's hand on piracy and Pirate Bay crackdown
  78. The Top 25 Public Torrent Sites -Dec 2010
  79. Sweden’s #2 Torrent Site Up For Sale, The Perfect Xmas Gift
  80. FCC: 68% of US broadband connections aren't broadband
  81. COICA Halted Following Controversy
  82. UK Police want to Shut down Illegal Websites
  83. Minnesota Woman Fined $1.92M in File-Sharing Retrial
  84. Demonoid Switches to .ME Domain Fears Seizure
  85. Deli.sh tracker closing
  86. The Pirate Bay Appeal Verdict: Guilty Again
  87. US Government seizure of the internet has begun
  88. RIAA gives to the world valuable sites for sharing files
  89. Burn Any Web-Hosted File into a Torrent With Burnbit
  90. Corrupt-Net Shows You Which Torrent Trackers Get New Releases First
  91. Rapidshare Loses Lead
  92. FileShareFreak (FSF) - The Top 50 Most Requested Tracker Invites of 2010 (Part Two)
  93. FSF--The Top 50 Most Requested Tracker Invites of 2010 (Part One)
  94. LimeWire Shuts Down After Losing Court Battle With The RIAA
  95. SceneNotices Pre’d Against TorrentLeech & BTN – Will DDOS Attacks Follow?
  96. Tophos has a new face
  97. PeerPortal successor DeamonBytes.net
  98. Hackers Target and Exploit Pirate Bay Ad Server
  99. Police in File-Sharing Raids Across Europe, WikiLeaks Host Targeted
  100. uTorrent server for linux platform
  101. uTorrent 3.0.21340/uTorrent’s New Privacy Settings Cause Confusion[TorrentFreak]
  102. New File Sharing Virus Destroys Files, Replaces Them with Manga Images
  103. GGF Plans To Buy and Legalize Demonoid
  104. KICK ASS Torrents back in the business
  105. KickassTorrents Taken Down After Copyright Concerns
  106. Torrent Reactor buys a Russian town[p2pnet]
  107. Peter Sunde Banned From Operating The Pirate Bay
  108. Busted Movie Site Pleads For Cash To Fight Feds
  109. World’s First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden
  110. U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs
  111. TF -uTorrent Takes a Leap to Version 3.0
  112. The Pirate Bay Hacked, Users Exposed
  113. Pirate Bay and MegaUpload Escape Domain Seizure by US
  114. Underground-Gamer this is bad for you!
  115. Police Raids Tear Apart Hungarian BitTorrent Scene
  116. The World’s 5 Largest Public BitTorrent Trackers
  117. An AntiP2P organization will pay you to serve as Spybot
  118. Managing your Privacy Online: BitTorrent Downloads
  119. OpenBitTorrent Tracker Returns After Hollywood Shutdown
  120. BitTorrent Site Admin Hit With $262K ‘Bill’ By Anti-Piracy Group
  121. uTorrent For Linux Is Coming, Finally
  122. uTorrent uTP open source implementation, other clients implementations and more
  123. BitTorrent Site Admin Kidnapped & Beaten at Gunpoint
  124. [FSF]VCDQ.com is Reborn A PreDB With Amazing Extras
  125. µTorrent Web Now in Public Beta
  126. Xirvik - Reinventing How Seedboxes Should Be Done
  127. S p e c i a l M o d s . e u is closing with the end of the may
  128. SweTorrents shutting down
  129. µTorrent Griffin Alpha Adds Extension Support [Windows]
  130. The Pirate Bay Is Back
  131. The Pirate Party Becomes The Pirate Bay’s New Host
  132. uTorrent For Mac Upgrades to Beta Version
  133. The Pirate Bay Goes Down Following Legal Pressure[TF]
  134. uTorrent's New Project Griffin
  135. The Pirate Bay / CyberBunker / MPA Injunction In Full[TF]
  136. 1500 utorrent users call for a native Linux version
  137. What. Invite New Style
  138. [endgadget]NEC tech detects illegal video uploads in seconds, MPAA swoons
  139. MAFIAAs want Governments implant spyware to monitor our PC
  140. [ZP]New P2P Trojan Discovered
  141. [TF]The Pirate Bay, A Year After The Verdict
  142. Copyright is a "fundamental right" in Ireland
  143. UK P2P Warning Letters by December?
  144. FCC had no right to sanction Comcast for P2P blocking
  145. Police Declare War on BitTorrent Sites, Operators and Users
  146. Filmmakers Fake Piracy Threat to Boost Sales
  147. [TF]Pirate Bay Proxy Site Seized By Italian Police
  148. UK Anti-Piracy Lawyers Threaten File-Sharing Forum
  149. maVen in jail
  150. [TF]File-Sharing and Link Sites Declared Legal in Spain
  151. Google may soon leave China, reports say
  152. FTN - Invites to donors
  153. [ZP]FTC Warns 100 Companies About P2P Data Leaks
  154. [ZP]ACTA Would Disconnect File-Sharers After All
  155. [TF]New Zealand Introduces File-Sharing Amendment Bill
  156. [FST]Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is
  157. [TF]UK Says ‘No’ To Disconnecting File-Sharers, Sort Of
  158. [TF]Porn Studios Gag Rival Anti-Piracy Solution
  159. [TF]Huge Russian BitTorrent Site Has Domain Suspended[torrents.ru]
  160. [TF]Illicit File-Sharing and Streaming of TV Shows Increases[Sweden]
  161. [TF]Blocked Pirate Bay Users Flock to Other Torrent Sites[Italy]
  162. [freakbits]Pirate Bay Classified as ‘Threat’ by AVG Anti-Virus
  163. [ZP]STUDY: Almost 65,000 Irish Suspected of Weekly Illegal P2P
  164. [Slyck]Mininova Recovering from Torrent Index Loss
  165. [TF]Three Arrested As Police Swoop on Rapidshare Link Forum
  166. [TF]KickassTorrents Reveals BitTorrent Search Trends
  167. [p2pnet]Streaming will pass file sharing: Cisco
  168. [FSB]11 Best DDL Forums To Download E-Books, Mobile Appz, Documentaries, Comics......
  169. [TF]Pirate Bay Uploader Raided By Anti-Piracy Group
  170. New tracker - Torrent Script
  171. Top Ten Most Downloaded P2P File Sharing Clients
  172. p2pnet.net service still in the game
  173. [TF]New Anti-Piracy Task Force Set To Pressure File-Sharers
  174. [freakbits]Anti Piracy Outfit DDoSes Sole BitTorrent Pirate
  175. Google shuts down music blogs without warning
  176. [newteevee]Court: Norwegian ISP Won’t Have To Block The Pirate Bay
  177. [FNB]OurDiSC – Private Tracker For Full R1, R3 DVD And Blu-Ray Disks
  178. [FNB]Wunza 2.1 - Now A Ratio Free Movie Tracker
  179. [TF]BitTorrent Tracker Loses Lengthy Legal Battle[Iceland]
  180. [FSF]30 New Private Trackers: February 2010 Edition
  181. [TF]Police Skip Millions Of BitTorrent Users On Evidence Issues
  182. [ZeroPaid]ACTA Falling Apart?
  183. [TF]Twitter Uses BitTorrent For Server Deployment
  184. ‘BTN’ Launches - An Innovation Among TV Trackers
  185. [TF] Judge Jeopardizes Anti-Piracy Cash Operation[Germany]
  186. Best BitTorrent Trackers To Download British (UK) TV Shows
  187. [newteevee]10 More Sites for Free and Legal Torrents
  188. Is leak to bittorent a GOOD or a BAD thing - case study of ‘Ink’ movie
  189. Analysis: Fewer Oscar nominee movies leaked this year
  190. Breaking News - Judge rules in favour of iiNet
  191. p2pnet.net nearing The End
  192. RevolutionTT Invite A Friend-A-Thon Competition & Country Bans
  193. OMG! PiirAtez!!
  194. New Tracker HeavenSource.org(Heaventracker merged with Polishsource)
  195. [Usenet]Newzbin prepare for High Court battle with MPAA
  196. 99 % of BT transferred files are copyright infringement.
  197. UK House of Lords - Anti-Piracy Scheme “straightforward legal blackmail”
  198. RevTT bans countries?
  199. Microsoft Sues LinkoManija tracker(Lithuania)
  200. Patent of an anti P2P Company
  201. p2p "Just Taste-Testing" or the Parasite killing it's host.
  202. Hadopi in theory and practice aka BitTorrent Spammers Chosen to Spy On French Pirates
  203. When antiP2P becomes overkill?
  204. MusicDNA a new MP3? I do not hink so...
  205. EliteBits tracker raided by anti-piracy group
  206. RIAA Victim’s nearly 2 million fine reduced to about $54000
  207. So that's the reason why Awesome-HD was down
  208. OiNK Admin Found Not Guilty, Walks Free
  209. PT Banned Romanian RDSNET network
  210. Founder of Oink music piracy site 'had $300,000 in bank'
  211. what.cd ratio system changed
  212. Torrentit docking the ship
  213. UFC fights the Internet
  214. TorrentLeech Open Signup via IRC
  215. BanMeTV Bans Romania
  216. Free leech on TVT
  217. STMusic Open for today only
  218. Big Media Double Standards
  219. isohunt Dies .
  220. [BitTorrent] bitGAMER 2.0
  221. SCL's Gift ( 5 Invites For Every User )
  222. Iplay Sends Invite For Every User
  223. PTN DiAM0NDS
  224. What.Cd opens Signing up via irc ( Inter views Only )
  225. SceneSound.org Open For Limited Time
  226. Free Leech on TranceTraffic
  227. RevolutionTT will open signups the 25th
  228. Waffles Christmas Music Week!
  229. Nerrot – The World’s Most Minimal Torrent Site
  230. Underground Ravers (UR) Invite Giveaway 02 – Hardcore Music Tracker
  231. x264-BB : Download m-HD (MicroHD), 720p and 1080p Movies, TV Shows & More
  232. Hacktivists Protest Proposed Shutdown of P2P Sites
  233. British Music Industry Sees Piracy Threat Beyond P2P
  234. DRM Fiasco Ruins James Cameron’s Avatar 3D Preview
  235. uTorrent Adds Video Streaming Support
  236. BCG Adds Referrals, HDBits.org Will Open Invites
  237. new user classes on TTI
  238. HDBits opening invites
  239. filelist is back as filepost
  240. animatoonic closed!
  241. Bitmetv Invites on IRc
  242. Tixati - An Advanced New BitTorrent Client
  243. RevolutionTT – Improvements and Expansions
  244. ScL is open
  245. SCT is closing
  246. Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service
  247. The Pirate Bay shuts down its trackers in favor of DHT
  248. TorrentFreak: Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation
  249. Demonoid Rewrites Code, Comeback will be soon
  250. Can’t Login to IPTorrents? Here’s Why

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