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  1. Latvia’s Largest BitTorrent Tracker Shutdown, Admins Arrested
  2. RIAA’s Anti-Piracy Trade Agreement Wishlist
  3. Acoustic Band ‘Utterly Depends’ on Piracy
  4. Alleged UK Pirates Offered Free Legal Representation
  5. Pirating movies is 'more lucrative than heroin'
  6. Uncovering The Dark Side of P4P
  7. Find and Share Music with TinySong
  8. Noel Gallagher of Oasis Speaks Out on Piracy
  9. Sharing 2999 Songs, 199 Movies Becomes ‘Safe’ in Germany
  10. Most Downloaded DVDrips on BitTorrent
  11. BCG - Fake Page coming ... Keys needed
  12. Comcast vs. BitTorrent, What’s Next?
  13. UK Game Piracy: Propaganda, Evidence and Damages
  14. The Pirate Bay Appeals Italian Blockade
  15. British Government Caught Pirating On Prime Minister’s Website
  16. Olympic Torrents More Popular Than Ever
  17. Shareaza Team Fights Back With Project Panthera
  18. IOC Wants Olympic Torrents Off The Pirate Bay
  19. Tackling College Piracy: MPAA and RIAA’s Favorite
  20. Usniff, Torrent Search Made Easy
  21. Legal P2P Music Service Doomed to Fail
  22. U2 Tracks Leak After Bono Plays Stereo Too Loudly
  23. IFPI Hijacks Pirate Bay Traffic
  24. Music File-Sharing Decision To Have Broad Impact
  25. HD-Bits Invites relaunched
  26. You mean WinMX still Works?
  27. The Pirate Bay Sees Boost in Italian Traffic Following ‘Block’
  28. RIAA Pays $107,951 to Alleged Filesharer
  29. Leaked Shows Signal Start of 'Pre-Air' Season
  30. Sharing 2999 Songs, 199 Movies Becomes ‘Safe’ in Germany
  31. Critical Vulnerability Discovered in uTorrent
  32. Millions Download Olympics Opening Ceremony via BitTorrent
  33. Tackling College Piracy: The P2P Quiz
  34. Tackling College Piracy: The P2P Quiz
  35. Prototype Anti-Piracy Tool Revealed and Taken Offline
  36. BrokenStones Back Up
  37. The Pirate Bay Blocked in Italy
  38. African Drug Cops to Go After Pirates
  39. Traffi*cLoader .com to Infect BitTorrent Users with Malware
  40. A Bacterial Argument Against RIAA
  41. American ISP flashes phantom bandwidth cap
  42. Controlling crowded Web challenges Comcast
  43. 080808, BitTorrent Meets Art Once Again
  44. Dutch police YouTube channel leads to arrest
  45. File-sharing Networks Return with Legitimate Ways to Share Music -- and Make Money
  46. Transmission BitTorrent Client Now Bundled With Clutch
  47. BitTorrent Fires 20% of Its Employees
  48. Textbook Torrents Makes Long Awaited Comeback
  49. EFF Supports TorrentSpy in Electronic Privacy Case
  50. BitTorrent Mac Fans Try To Save the Coratee
  51. llegal filesharing: A suicide note from the music industry
  52. uTorrent Developer Shares BitTorrent Speed Tips
  53. Judge Hints at Mistrial in RIAA v. Jammie Thomas
  54. Anti-Piracy Lobby Gains Power Over Internet Subscribers
  55. Capcom struggles with piracy, DRM, and low PC sales of DMCIV
  56. ‘Song of the Year’ Winner Says Downloading is “Amazing”
  57. Band Leaks Track to BitTorrent, Blames Pirates
  58. EFF Tool Hunts BitTorrent Throttling ISPs
  59. Pirated Music Crackdown...at the Airport?
  60. Piracy costing UK ?1bn in lost tax
  61. Travis Defends Fan from IFPI Threats
  62. Lawyer Exposes RIAA’s Legal Bullying
  63. AT&T Bans Wireless P2P
  64. ImageShack’s Free Torrent Download Service Expands
  65. Anomos project aims to develop anonymous Bittorrent
  66. Torrentz Celebrates 5th Anniversary
  67. MPAA Hacker Spied on The Pirate Bay
  68. BitTorrent Users Seek Compensation from Comcast
  69. ISPs To Send “Hundreds of Thousands” of File-Sharing Warnings
  70. German prosecutors ready to stop P2P lawsuit machine
  71. Record labels ask judge for ruling against Lime Wire
  72. Warner Bros. moves against Web copies of 'Dark Knight'
  73. Internet Mysteries: How Much File Sharing Traffic Travels the Net?
  74. Does BuckCherry Think The BitTorrent Community is Stupid?
  75. Halite, a Fast and Lightweight BitTorrent Client
  76. MPAA: DVR-blocking about "multibillion-dollar theft problem"
  77. ISP Secretly Copies BitTorrent Tracker Data
  78. Police Arrest Man Camming ‘The Dark Knight’
  79. Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009
  80. MP3Fiesta Continues to Grow Despite Doubling Prices…
  81. P2P-Next Introduces Live BitTorrent Streaming
  82. UK File-Sharers and the “Wireless Defense”
  83. Group warns FCC: Comcast's good behavior just a "trick play"
  84. YouTorrent Relaunches with 67,170 Legal Torrents
  85. MP3Sparks Thinks Aom3.org is RIAA
  86. QuebecTorrent Clone Outmanoeuvres Music Industry
  87. 100% Free and Legal Music Downloads Are Now Available (US only)
  88. P2P not hurting DVD, Blu-ray sales as revenues up from 2007
  89. EU to Extend Music Copyright to 95 Years
  90. Final RIAA/Jammie Thomas briefs in; new trial decision looms
  91. Warning: Fake Windows 7 M2 build on P2P sites
  92. No Anti-BitTorrent Precedent Achieved in Canada
  93. BitTorrent Host Loses in Court, Site Moves to Sweden
  94. Vuze vows to continue net neutrality fight
  95. The Most-Coveted Private BT Sites of 2008
  96. G8 Pushes Anti-Piracy Trade Agreement
  97. The battle to keep QuebecTorrent open against a legal attack by the CRIA and 30 oth
  98. Top Torrent Sites Ranked by Google
  99. Victims of WiFi Theft Not Responsible For Illegal Uploads
  100. UK Communications Regulator Enters File-Sharing Debate
  101. Pirate Bay Cop Not to be Investigated
  102. US Pirate Party Study Shatters MPAA Claims
  103. [July,8] Microsoft Imagine Cup Attracts Projects Aimed at Poor
  104. [July,8] Nokia Survey: Old Mobile Phones Usually End up in Drawers
  105. [July,8] IBM Software Enhances Web Accessibility for the Blind
  106. [July,8] DreamWorks Teams with Intel to Go 3D
  107. [July,8] Microsoft Says It Would Deal With New Yahoo Board
  108. Swedes Massively Protest Wiretap Law
  109. PTN is back
  110. Top Torrent Sites Ranked by Google
  111. BitTorrent Tracker Hosting Illegal Says Dutch Court
  112. Virgin Media: ‘Absolutely No Possibility’ of Disconnecting File-Sharers
  113. Court Hits BitTorrent Users Who Failed to Appear
  114. How The FBI Dismantled a BitTorrent Community
  115. 3-Strikes Law Not Needed to Disconnect Pirates
  116. Deep Packet Inspection and Your Privacy Online
  117. BrokenStones is permanently offline
  118. Coming Soon: Pirate TV Show
  119. OiNK’s Bail Date Extended for the 4th Time
  120. Malaysian Government Orders Immediate Torrent Site Blackout
  121. IsoHunt Goes Secure, Adds SSL Encryption
  122. Joss Stone: Piracy is Brilliant, Music Should be Shared
  123. Arrested OiNK Uploaders Bail to be Extended
  124. Don’t Humiliate Yourself Complaining to The Pirate Bay
  125. Government “Holds a Gun to the Head” of ISPs Over P2P
  126. The Pirate Bay Pledges ISPs to Block Sweden
  127. Kid Rock: Don’t Just Steal Music, Steal Everything
  128. Crazy Video Game DRM Prism, 1980’s Style
  129. Azureus is Dead, Vuze Goes Social
  130. MediaDefender Goes Forward with P2P Marketing
  131. BT offers quicker broadband - or money back
  132. Police Chief Faces High Court Anti-Piracy Action
  133. Pirates Slowly Killing MediaDefender
  134. Scc Under Pressure From Anti-piracy Agency
  135. Pirate Bay File Police Bribery Complaints
  136. First European Anti-Piracy Disconnection: The Finnish Government
  137. tehconnection.eu - new l33t site from admin of ScT
  138. IFPI Advises Kids to Use LimeWire and Kazaa
  139. No more Shu mod updates
  140. Demonoid is now Open to Register
  141. Its
  142. bittorrent use soars as MPAA fights on against P2P sites
  143. Good News from ScT
  144. Iceland’s Largest BitTorrent Tracker Wins in Court
  145. is torrentleech down?
  146. RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue
  147. Good link for Tracker Privates and Public
  148. NBC: P2P Is Evil — Except When We Use It
  149. isoHunt Introduces New Torrent Rating System
  150. MiniNova hits 4 Billion Downloads
  151. music vid
  152. shocking News from SceneTorrents.OrG
  153. he Pirate Bay Faces Lousy $740,000 Indictment
  154. Avoid Getting Banned in Torrentleech for Sharing accounts
  155. Virus Threatened to Kill File-Sharers, Creator Arrested for Copyright Infringement
  156. Torrent’Em, a Flashy BitTorrent Search Engine
  157. Australian pirates busted by police in biggest raid
  158. RevolutionTT - only µTorrent 1.7.6
  159. Another EliteTorrents Uploader Facing 10 Years in Prison
  160. P2P raids in Hungary
  161. SUMOTorrent: The New BitTorrent Juggernaut?
  162. Demonoid down again!!!
  163. The War Against BitTorrent: Attack of the ISPs
  164. Prosecutor Announces Charges Against The Pirate Bay
  165. BitTorrent Encryption Confuses the BPI, ISPs and Journalists Who Don’t Research
  166. How to Protect Data in File Sharing
  167. The Hidden Risk The Hidden Risk Of File-Sharing
  168. The War Against BitTorrent: Attack of the ISPs
  169. OiNK Domains Now Point To The Pirate Bay DNS
  170. Oink founder: We're just like Google
  171. OiNK Makes a Statement Which Seems to Support the BitTorrent Hydra
  172. OiNK Domains Now Point To The Pirate Bay DNS
  173. The Pirate Bay To Bring Back OiNK
  174. OiNK.cd Servers Raided, Admin Arrested
  175. The RIAA Attacks Usenet
  176. SuprNova: The Legend Returns Today
  177. BitComet Pollutes BitTorrent with Junk Data
  178. Television Studios Embrace BitTorrent
  179. uTorrent and WinZip New Targets of BitTorrent Malware
  180. TorrentSpam: Report Fake and Malware Ridden Torrents
  181. Most Popular DVDrips on BitTorrent (wk31)
  182. Major Victory Within Reach For European File-Sharers
  183. Mininova Launches SFW Video Site
  184. MPAA Responds to Harry Potter Leak
  185. US Gov't Cracks Down On Pirated Games
  186. Teen Arrested for Recording 20 Second Movie Clip
  187. The Pirate Bay About To Relaunch Suprnova.org
  188. MPAA: Damage Caused By Uploader Can’t Be Measured in Money. Now Give Us Money
  189. Downloading More Than Ever Before, Brits Care Less About Getting Caught
  190. FOX Threatens Measures After The Simpsons Movie Leak
  191. The Pirate Bay Goes Simpsons
  192. uTorrent Relaunched as Official BitTorrent Client
  193. P2P Takes Two SourceForge Awards
  194. Police close Spanish torrent sites
  195. Full BitTorrent support, offline sharing coming to AllPeers
  196. Rock Star: I Feel I’m Going to Jail for Downloading Torrents
  197. Limewire: 'Congress Should Make ISPs Filter Copyrighted Content'
  198. New Bill Mandates Anti-P2P Filters for 'Top 25' Piracy Schools
  199. New anti-P2P laws loom
  200. uTorrent Mobile UI Goes Live Tomorrow
  201. p2p file sharing ‘risky’ says FTC
  202. Swedish anti-P2P laws
  203. ShareConnector Trial Ends
  204. Hearing on Inadvertent Sharing Held Today
  205. Busted! A Look at BitTorrent Copyright Complaints
  206. TorrentBytes Offline - Again

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