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  1. Mininova Must Block The Pirate Bay and aXXo, BREIN Demands
  2. SnowTigers was raided by french police
  3. Swepirates - Swedish torrent tracker with DVDR and 0-day releases (signups open)
  4. The True-HD 720p XviD Blu-Ray Rips
  5. Find 2009 R1, R5 Movie Release Dates at MovieFreak
  6. Government Intranet Packed Full of Warez
  7. Wunza - Movie BitTorrent tracker back online
  8. Mininova and BREIN Clash in Court
  9. GFT tracker dynamic IP issues fixed, new user classes introduced
  10. SceneSound : New MP3 torrent tracker - possible alternative to SoftMP3
  11. Russian Police Make Arrests In First Ever BitTorrent Raid
  12. PirateFTP Selling Leech Slots For Scene Releases
  13. CZTeam General/0Day BitTorrent Tracker - The Last Free Signup Has Begun
  14. HD-Bits.ro userbase probable crash
  15. PTFiles not shut down - Site online at new URL
  16. DVDRSOURCE - New untouched DVDR tracker based on SweDVDR source
  17. Scene releases return to TTi torrent tracker
  18. Downloading 3322 Copyrighted Movies is Okay in Spain
  19. TorrentVault – Limited promotional open signups for FILEnetworks readers
  20. Anti-Piracy Group Raids P2P Admin’s House Without Warrant
  21. BitMe E-Learning Tracker - Now with mathematics ebooks, tutorials and DVDs
  22. XWT new announcement
  23. Comic Releech - Putting Fun Back Into BitTorrent
  24. IPTorrents goes high level
  25. TTi is coming back soon
  26. Games BitShock - New games torrent tracker from BitShock crew
  27. Tracker-Invites.us - Invite Forum Open For Signups
  28. FeedMyTorrents Closes In Face of Legal Threats
  29. Pro-Copyright Propaganda Enters US Classrooms
  30. 11 New Seedbox Providers to Speed Up Your Torrents
  31. FORUMS BACK ONLINE in TL & Check Your Profile
  32. SceneDirect game and movie BitTorrent tracker - the new MovieX?
  33. 'Spanish Napster' Sued For Unfair Competition
  34. Mininova Court Trial Postponed Until June
  35. Artists Don't Want Pirate Fans to be Disconnected
  36. SceneLife.net (ScL) is about to prune inactive accouts
  37. Anti-Piracy Group Takes Out Usenet Indexer
  38. Studios Urge ISP to Admit Piracy, Stop Wasting Court's Time
  39. BCG Invites ( 6 months ago )
  40. Vuze Cashing in on Porn BitTorrent Users
  41. SceneHD and PirateTorrents return after downtime
  42. Trial of OiNK BitTorrent Site Admin Delayed Until 2010
  43. Pirates crack RapeLay - the controversial video game that’s banned in UK
  44. Documentary Filmmaker Supports BitTorrent Uploader
  45. Anti-Piracy Group 'BayTSP' Infiltrates TorrentLeech.org
  46. Leecherslair new site url
  47. New Outlaw - Latvian BitTorrent tracker returns
  48. Last News About Music-Vid Invitations
  49. Vulnerability Renders MPAA/RIAA Copyright Warnings Useless
  50. Software Piracy Costs $50 Billion A Year
  51. MIT Harbors The Most P2P Pirates
  52. BitTorrent: King of Copyright Infringements
  53. UK Entertainment Industry Wants to Disconnect Pirates
  54. France Passes "Three Strikes" Anti-Piracy Law
  55. What.CD Crashes!
  56. Popular Torrents Start to Disappear From Mininova
  57. Bibliotik - A New Library Tracker For Comics, eBooks, Magazines & Scholarly Content
  58. Torrentfreak.tv
  59. InviteNation Returns to the Torrent Invites BT Scene
  60. Burger King Says Cheeseburgers Better Than Music Piracy
  61. 'New' Anti-Piracy Lawyers Chase UK File-Sharers
  62. Obama Wants Spain to Ban BitTorrent Sites
  63. 30 New Trackers to the BitTorrent Scene
  64. EU Rejects Three-Strikes Legislation, For Good
  65. Mininova Filters Copyright Infringing Torrents
  66. Download a Free Car from BitTorrent and P2P Sites
  67. IFPI Goes After Torrent Site Hosting Providers
  68. Bad News For FTN Users
  69. Last News About PTN
  70. HDbyte.org
  71. The European open internet is under imminent threat
  72. Record Label Sponsors BitTorrent Site isoHunt
  73. MPAA Website, Now With Torrents | MPAA Website vulnerable to XSS attack
  74. Italian Pirate Bay Trial in the Making
  75. Last News About FTN Invitations
  76. Piratebay Founders Sentenced To Jail
  77. RIAA's Hostile Takeover of the Internet
  78. Taiwan Bans Torrent Sites, Brings in 3 Strikes for File-Sharers
  79. ‘Bad’ BitTorrent and Warez Sites Raided By Police
  80. Pirate Bay NOT Shut Down!
  81. SuperFundo Shut Down
  82. Rapidshare Shares Uploader Info With Rights Holders
  83. Guy Billed $62 000 For Downloading Wall-e
  84. Germany Forces ISPs to Agree to Web Filtering
  85. TVTorrents.com - Invites disabled
  86. List of Closed Trackers in Sweden
  87. The future of TTi
  88. ACT NOW !!
  89. What.CD - "Major Cleanups and Site Changes"
  90. Torrent Relay's free service shut down
  91. The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict - Guilty
  92. File-Sharing Admin Convicted For Crime He Didn't Commit
  93. Waffles.fm database on sale
  94. Lockdown resigns from FunFile
  95. File-Sharing Site Admin Sentenced to 6 Months Jail
  96. Docs.Torrents.Ro shuts down
  97. BBC Gets Ready for BitTorrent Distribution
  98. X-Men Leak Downloaded Over a Million Times
  99. France Rejects 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Law
  100. Waffles database hacked?
  101. CZONE Tracker is now CZTeam
  102. Tehconnection Adds 3000 Movie Torrents In One Month
  103. France to Block The Pirate Bay
  104. Why You Shouldn't Trade - Staff, Members Face Ban
  105. Two Swedish File-Sharers Arrested
  106. MediaDefender Buys MediaSentry
  107. He'll Be Missed :-P
  108. BitmeTV to ban Vuze
  109. MediaDefender Founders Leave Sinking Ship
  110. How To Check If A Torrent Tracker Is Really Down
  111. Torrentleech Temporarily Down
  112. SceneAccess (SCC) Is Temporarily Down
  113. ISOHunt vs CRIA
  114. Ratio Faker: Your New Best Friend To Get Tracker Banned
  115. FunFile Gone - For At Least A Few Weeks, Maybe Forever
  116. Forum News - P2PTalk Closes, Digital Raider Launches
  117. Discordia Takes Over 'Lphant' P2P Domain; Now Owns Shareaza, BearShare, Lphant &iMesh
  118. Waffles to ban OVH IPs?
  119. Admin Kicked From SuperTorrents, STMusic and FTS
  120. ThePirateBay Owners May Face Prison Time
  121. OiNK Uploaders Sentenced to Community Service
  122. TehConnection - Now running Gazelle
  123. Web Sheriff Takes Down RLSLOG
  124. Five File-Sharing Predictions for 2009
  125. Defendant makes motion for proceedings to be televised over the internet in SONY BMG
  126. Waffles Banned Romanian IPs
  127. Waffles WTF Leech
  128. ‘Wanted’ P2P Pre-Releaser Gets 2 Year Jail Sentence
  129. The Mighty ShareReactor Returns - Now With Added Torrents
  130. OiNK Admin and Uploaders Appear in Court
  131. Secret Cinema back online.
  132. Anti-Piracy Outfit Shuts Down 75 Torrent Sites
  133. Police Threats Close Many BitTorrent Sites
  134. CG to go Gazelle
  135. Demonoid Users Beware - Be Careful What You Download
  136. MovieX BitTorrent Tracker Busted By Australian Police
  137. Anti-Piracy Lobby Defeats European Democracy
  138. Atari Cancels Anti-Piracy Witch-Hunt
  139. Music Industry Takes Soulseek to Court
  140. Movie Studios Sue ISP Over BitTorrent Piracy
  141. Hacker Takes Over Torrentz, Sort Of...
  142. TorrentValley Raided and Shut Down
  143. China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites
  144. Recording Industry Takes Down BitTorrent & NZB Sites
  145. Ex-MPAA and IFPI Anti-Piracy Enforcer Shot Dead
  146. BitTorrent Sites Step Closer to Legality in Spain
  147. IFPI Abandons “3 Strikes” Model for Danish File-Sharers
  148. ISP Disconnects Customers with Open WiFi
  149. Futurama’s Anti-Piracy Message, Just Do It
  150. Lawyers Forced to Drop P2P ‘Wireless Defense’ Case
  151. Piracy Hurts Open Source Also!
  152. ISP Level Anti-Piracy System Neutralized By BitTorrent
  153. Happy BirthDay What.cd !
  154. UK Music Groups Launch Super Anti-Piracy Coalition
  155. Anti-Piracy Lobby Loses Against “Non-Filtering” ISP
  156. [STB] Freeleech and Upload Contest
  157. [TheDVDClub] FreeLeech & 2x Upload Event !
  158. Sweden to Introduce Controversial Anti-Piracy Law
  159. HDBits.ro is Finally Back ON !
  160. Pirate Bay Tricks Anti-Pirates with Fake Peers
  161. Record Label ‘Infringes’ Own Copyright, Site Pulled
  162. NorBits back online
  163. New Zealand First to Adopt 3-Strikes Law for Pirates
  164. TTi Big Weekend Double Upload !
  165. HDBits.org Opened Invites Again !
  166. TehConnection: Gazelle,FreeLeech & Double Upload
  167. FTN Updates Inviting System Policy
  168. Vuze Reinvents Its BitTorrent Client
  169. Bush Signs Draconian Anti-Piracy Law
  170. SCC Birthday Hottest Chick Contest
  171. TTi is 3 years old (FreeLeech)
  172. SCC v2 BETA ! (2nd Birthday)
  173. STB News
  174. TextBook Torrents Turns The Final Page and Closes Down
  175. Court Deems Pirate Bay Block to be Illegal
  176. IFPI Loses Another P2P ‘Wireless Defense’ Case
  177. [What.cd] News from the front - contest winners and freeleech album
  178. Hollywood Illegally Demands Money From Kindergartens
  179. News Site Criticized for Linking to Pirate Bay Torrents
  180. New look at LIbble.com
  181. “Saw” Director Explains Why He Was Worried By BitTorrent
  182. “Saw” Director Recruits ‘Army’ to Post Fake Torrents
  183. ExDesi.com is open for sign-ups.
  184. Slacker Uprising BitTorrent Takedown Sent to DNS Provider
  185. Sony Urges ISPs to Cooperate Against Piracy
  186. Cox Disconnects Alleged Pirates from the Internet
  187. Massive Warez Scam Architects Run For Cover
  188. The Pirate Bay Clashes with Book Publishers
  189. Georgia Negotiates With Internet Movie Pirates
  190. Legal Bullying Continues for Icelandic BitTorrent Tracker
  191. Warez Scene Member Gets 3 Years Probation, $2000 Fine
  192. CopySense Sleek Predator, or White Elephant?
  193. Important TT Announcement
  194. Pirate Bay Wins Court Case, Italian Block Lifted
  195. European Parliament Says No to Three-Strikes Law
  196. OiNK Six Appear in Court, Faced By Pirating Police
  197. What Freeleech Report
  198. Mininova Breaks Download Records
  199. ISP: It’s Impossible For Us to Stop Illegal P2P
  200. uTorrent’s Mac Client Leaked
  201. EFF Sues Feds to Stop Domestic Spying
  202. Customs Officials Arrest 14 Year Pirate
  203. The Pirate Bay Tops 15 Million Peers
  204. TorrentIt Makes Long Awaited Comeback
  205. Comcast Discontinues Newsgroup Service
  206. MediaDefender Secretly Sells Porn to P2P Users
  207. Warez Scene Member Sentenced to 18 Months Jail
  208. Linking to P2P Downloads Confirmed Legal in Spain
  209. Police Arrest ‘Wanted’ P2P Pre-Releaser
  210. Norbits Hackers Threaten to Release User Info
  211. Pirate Party Official Raided after Uncovering State Trojan
  212. A different kind of Elearning torrent site
  213. Danish ISPs Reject Anti-Piracy Proposals
  214. BitTorrent Uploader Escapes Jail, Loses Job
  215. MediaDefender, One Year After the Email Leak
  216. BadBits raided ... owner taken
  217. Metallica Interview Canceled after Pirate Bay Row
  218. The Secrets of a Running A BitTorrent Tracker
  219. RIAA: Lobbyists or Law Enforcers?
  220. Spore: Most Pirated Game Ever Thanks to DRM
  221. Pirate Bay Boycotts Press after Public Witch-Hunt
  222. Is it Time To Make File-Sharing a Criminal Offense?
  223. Study Says Intellectual Property System Should Die
  224. Proposed Copyright Law a 'Gift' to Hollywood, Info Groups Say
  225. OiNK Uploaders Charged with Copyright Infringement
  226. BitTorrent Tracker Admin Jailed for 18 Months
  227. OiNK Admin Charged With Conspiracy to Defraud
  228. Slipknot Frontman Says Labels Cause Piracy
  229. Ipernity Media Sharing Site Embraces BitTorrent
  230. Arboga autopsy photos on The Pirate Bay
  231. a music blog
  232. Anti-Piracy Scam Emails Target BitTorrent Users
  233. Legal UK P2P service Wippit shuts down
  234. isoHunt Sues the CRIA to Legalize BitTorrent Sites
  235. Danish File-Sharers Not Responsible For Wi-Fi Theft
  236. Browse Torrents Anonymously at Mass-Torrent.com
  237. Furious Author Cancels Pirated Book
  238. Download Torrents Instantly with Instant-Torrents
  239. ISPs Hand Over Details of ‘Several Thousand’ Pirates
  240. [BitHQ] Recreation of BitHQ !!
  241. Sigbritt, 75, has world's fastest broadband
  242. City Market Bans Legitimate Traders to Beat Pirates
  243. [BitHQ] Free leech period has begun!
  244. TC Competition ... Freeleech
  245. MPAA Wants ISPs to Cut Off Pirates
  246. BitTorrent Searches Skyrocket as Sites Grow
  247. Howell verdict: RIAA wins $40,850 P2P judgment
  248. Google’s Insights on BitTorrent Clients
  249. TorrentRelay’s BitTorrent Download Service Expands
  250. Indiana Gregg to Beat Pirates with Music Download Site