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  1. [BitTorrent] The Pirate Bay shuts down its trackers in favor of DHT
  2. [BitTorrent] TorrentFreak: Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation
  3. Demonoid Rewrites Code, Comeback will be soon
  4. [BitTorrent] Can’t Login to IPTorrents? Here’s Why
  5. [BitTorrent] Scene Base Owner’s House Raided – Site Down
  6. [BitTorrent] Docspedia E-Book & Documentary Torrent Tracker - Docs.Torrents.Ro Returns!
  7. [BitTorrent] Do you know Btaccel ?
  8. [BitTorrent] 60 Minutes Report On Movie Piracy – An Interesting Video
  9. [BitTorrent] New Ratio System At What.CD Music Tracker
  10. [BitTorrent] BitMeTV Warns Against Ratio Cheating and Account Theft
  11. [BitTorrent] FreshOn.TV Invite Giveaway – TV Torrent Tracker
  12. [BitTorrent] Smoking In The Rain (SITR) Shuts Down
  13. ScR "stolen": will be back, updated
  14. [BitTorrent] Two Popular French Trackers Shut Down- Two More Open
  15. Torrenting: Check your anonymity
  16. MPAA: Antipiracy is now 'content protection'
  17. ScL Free Lecch Week
  18. Wikileaks: BREIN vs. The Pirate Bay legal information and potentially forged Experian
  19. Gazelle Article 3: Anonymous Links, Ticket System, and a Freeleech Tool
  20. STN tracker bans Romania
  21. [BitTorrent] IPTorrents soon to ban all Vuze/Azureus versions
  23. CN tracker opens IRC recruitment
  24. Run a Free BitTorrent Tracker on Google
  25. [BitTorrent] IPTorrents teams up with P2P release group FLAWL3SS
  26. The End is Near For TrackerChecker.org?
  27. [BitTorrent] Magic Warrior – Magic Torrent Tracker for Serious Magicians
  28. [BitTorrent] Filelist birthday
  29. [BitTorrent] What.CD Surprised Day
  30. Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Could Go Dark For Days
  31. Sweninjaz, a Stylish New Scene Tracker Now Open
  32. AnimeBytes anime torrent tracker – First ever open signup
  33. ITN closed
  34. 100 of the Best Free File Hosting Upload Sites
  35. Bibliotik - E-book torrents, magazines, comics and more (400 invites)
  36. Private Tracker News - Sparvar, TTi, iTN and MMA-Tracker Updates
  37. The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities
  38. [BitTorrent] RevolutionTT
  39. [BitTorrent] Free TorrentLeech invites for FileList users – Now on IRC
  40. [BitTorrent] New public pre channel
  41. Waffles to implement a new fake page
  42. [BitTorrent] LastTorrents is the new BitTorrents.Ro (BiTT)
  43. [BitTorrent] Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Blocked for Russians
  44. ShareConnector Case Appealed After Two Years
  45. [BitTorrent] Entertainment Industry Cuddles Up to The Pirate Bay
  46. [BitTorrent] Hackers Divert Anti-Piracy Website to Torrent Sites
  47. [BitTorrent] Radiohead Leak Their New Track To BitTorrent
  48. Download a Copy of The Pirate Bay Before It's Gone
  49. [BitTorrent] ChildBytes temporarily shut down
  50. ScT 2x rewards
  51. ETIV Reopens Registration For the Next 24 Hours
  52. An interesting trial
  53. Another Childish theNet ending, Invite"(theNet)"
  54. [BitTorrent] Use uTBackup to Save and Restore uTorrent Settings
  55. TrackeReactor - BitTorrent invites and news forum open for signup
  56. Is a Fair P2P Trial Possible?
  57. [BitTorrent] Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent (August 10, 2009)
  58. Karoo Won’t Disconnect Pirates Without a Court Order
  59. [BitTorrent] 14-24 Year Olds Pirate 8,000 Music Tracks Each
  60. Seedboxes Beware: Major Bug in TorrentFlux-b4rt
  61. uTorrent's 2.0 Beta Finally a Good Citizen
  62. Leaked Document Reveals Eircom Deal With Irish RIAA
  63. [BitTorrent] BREIN Holds Fire On Dutch Pirate Bay Block
  64. [BitTorrent] HDStar – Decent HD & Blu-Ray Torrent Tracker Open For Signup
  65. [BitTorrent] 28 New Private Torrent Trackers: August 2009 Edition
  66. [BitTorrent] Axxo Returns to Mininova, Or Does He?
  67. [BitTorrent] Torrage: World’s First Torrent Storage Service
  68. [BitTorrent] Scene-Inspired (S-I) – Permanent free leech tracker now open for signup
  69. [BitTorrent] Swebits back online
  70. -FAKE- TrackeReactor for sale
  71. [BitTorrent] EliteTorrents Admin Finally Free After Dark Four Years
  72. [BitTorrent] GGF Plans Torrent Site Assimilation
  73. [BitTorrent] SceneX – Scene only torrent tracker open for signup
  74. [BitTorrent] The Pirate Bay to be Traded on NASDAQ
  75. [BitTorrent] Oldest BitTorrent Site Targeted by Police, Owner Arrested
  76. [BitTorrent] Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent (August 04, 2009)
  77. [BitTorrent] Shellife – Obscure music tracker with MP3/FLAC files now open for signup
  78. [BitTorrent] Pirate Bay Verdict Disappoints Consumers Union
  79. [BitTorrent] EZTV Makes Comeback with New and Improved Site
  80. [BitTorrent] Pirate Bay Spokesman Peter Sunde Resigns
  81. [BitTorrent] RaceThe.Net – New general tracker from HDME crew
  82. [BitTorrent] TemplateP2P invite applications now online
  83. [BitTorrent] Hackers Whack Music Industry For Punishing Pirate
  84. [BitTorrent] BitTorrent Stands Up for Net Neutrality
  85. [BitTorrent] BitTorrents.Ro (BiTT) – Not down anymore, signups open
  86. [BitTorrent] isoHunt Loses Appeal in Preemptive Strike Against CRIA
  87. [BitTorrent] Want to join LeechersLair? Final day of open signup
  88. [BitTorrent] Student Hit With $675,000 Fine in RIAA File-Sharing Case
  89. [BitTorrent] ScienceHD tracker open for signup
  90. [BitTorrent] ScienceHD cracks down on collectors - Be active or be gone
  91. [BitTorrent] Napster’s $10 Million Bid for The Pirate Bay Rejected
  92. [BitTorrent] Italian RIAA Sues The Pirate Bay For 1 Million Euros
  93. [BitTorrent] New IPFilter Updater For BitTorrent Client Blocklists
  94. [BitTorrent] Torrent Kids – A kids tracker with audiobooks, TV series, movies and more
  95. [BitTorrent] The Pirate Bay Ordered To Close In The Netherlands
  96. [BitTorrent] Dutch Court Refuses To Inform Pirate Bay Defendant
  97. [BitTorrent] GGF: Pirate Bay Purchase Will Happen August 27
  98. [BitTorrent] BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: isoHunt
  99. [BitTorrent] Italy’s Most Prominent BitTorrent Site Hacked
  100. [BitTorrent] Pirate Bay Sale Dead in the Water
  101. [BitTorrent] NonScene BRRip-x264 and BRRip-XviD releases now on TorrentLeech tracker
  102. [BitTorrent] US Movie Companies Go After The Pirate Bay - Again
  103. [BitTorrent] Beta Tracker MVidBits Accepting New Members
  104. ‘Pirated’ Youtube Clip Boosts Band’s Album Sales
  105. [BitTorrent] OK, Sell The Pirate Bay - Everyone Will Have a Copy Soon
  106. [BitTorrent] BitMeTv site changes and unlimited invites via What.CD
  107. [BitTorrent] Sparvar : Great DVD & Blu-Ray Torrent Tracker – Invite Applications Open
  108. [BitTorrent] Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent(July 27, 2009)
  109. [BitTorrent] Get Free Anonymous BitTorrent With ItsHidden
  110. Music Industry Groups Threaten Hunger Strike Over Piracy
  111. [BitTorrent] BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: BTjunkie
  112. One in Three Is A Music Pirate
  113. UK ISP Cuts Off Alleged Pirates
  114. [BitTorrent] Streaming and BitTorrent Sports Links Site Declared Legal
  115. Crazy Copyright Law Set to Cause Chaos in S.Korea
  116. [BitTorrent] Pirate Bay Founders Sue BREIN for Slander and Abuse
  117. Copyright Group Prosecuted For Failing to Pay Artists
  118. BitTorrent Hydra: Anonymous Hidden Tracker Via Tor
  119. Ireland's Largest ISP Starts Throttling and Disconnections
  120. How to Promote Your New Tracker: Just Buy eMail Addresses From Others
  121. Tvtorrents.ro new domain
  122. VIPMusic Tracker – First ever open signup, no invites needed
  123. Anti-Piracy Group Claims Mass Mininova Torrent Deletion
  124. Hero Pirate Stephen Fry Stars In BitTorrent Game
  125. BREIN Wants Pirate Bay to Block Dutch Visitors
  126. New Pirate Bay Owners Named in BREIN Lawsuit
  127. SceneDVDR and CareStreet – Two new DVDR trackers open for signup
  128. 3 Strikes To Be Administered By Post Office Subsidiary
  129. Asus Uses BitTorrent to Boost Software Downloads
  130. Megaups – General tracker open for signup
  131. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent (July 20, 2009)
  132. DRM is Dead, RIAA Says
  133. SqN - A New Ratioless Music Tracker Now Recruiting
  134. Fake DRM at Demonoid torrents
  135. Scene group APOLLO caught stealing releases from What.cd?
  136. Tvsource - New TV torrent tracker based on SweDVDR source
  137. New Pirate Bay Will Become a Pay Site
  138. Modified 3 Strikes Back on Agenda For New Zealand Pirates
  139. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent (July 13, 2009)
  140. Stephen Fry Admits He’s a BitTorrent Pirate
  141. MPAA Will Hunt Down isoHunt Founder for Life
  142. inPeril Tracker - The Old Danger.LV Returns
  143. PublicBT - another open tracker
  144. Download RMVB movies easily - RmvBusterS open again
  145. Movie Theater Streams 2K Resolution Film Using BitTorrent
  146. Pirate Bay Block Violates Democratic Principles, ISP Says
  147. EU Commissioner: Digital Natives See Piracy As ‘Sexy’
  148. Mininova Denied Rectification From Dutch Government
  149. The 10 Best Ways to Get Banned From a Private Tracker
  150. PtN Invite Application Open Again For Two Days Only
  151. Hackers Undermine Piracy Evidence With Hadopi Router
  152. Kazaa Uses RIAA Victim Jammie Thomas in PR-Campaign
  153. French Senate Adopts Revamped “3 Strikes” Anti-Piracy Bill
  154. TorrentBoy Returns for a New BitTorrent Adventure
  155. SeductionGR : BitTorrent tracker for money making, fitness, lifestyle and more
  156. Don’t Copy That Floppy 2 – Real anti piracy video or a parody?
  157. Judge Rules P2P Legal, Sites To Be Presumed Innocent
  158. CakeTorrent Makes Torrent Downloading a Snap!
  159. How to Pick The Fastest Torrents
  160. Free Download an iTunes Shot In The Arm For Moby
  161. Streets of Blood Premieres Worldwide on BitTorrent
  162. The Pirate Bay’s Founders Sail On
  163. Gormogon – Classic Movie Torrents, TV & Other Media (Private Tracker - 100 Invites)
  164. OpenBitTorrent Tracker Muscles In On The Old Pirate Bay
  165. SnB Tracker Has Officially Launched: The Latest Gazelle
  166. P2P Collection Costs Man Huge Fine, Suspended Sentence
  167. OpenBittorent
  168. CareStreet - New scene MP3/Lossless tracker based on SoftMP3 source
  169. PackMe.IN - The New Ratioless Packs-Only Tracker
  170. Limewire Gets More Serious About BitTorrent
  171. TorrentLeech SignUps Quick
  172. The True-HD 720p XviDHD Blu-Ray Rips at IPT & PTM
  173. Pirate Bay alternatives - 12 BitTorrent trackers that could replace TPB
  174. The Pirate Bay Promises to Share the Loot
  175. Filmdom - Gazelle based DVDR tracker (100 invites)
  176. A Glimpse at The Pirate Bay's Uncertain Future
  177. ExtraTorrent.com - A Rising Star on Public BitTorrent
  178. Suspicions of Insider Trading Surround Pirate Bay Buyers
  179. Not another ‘Pirate Bay are sellouts’ post
  180. Pretome News!
  181. Canadian Broadcaster Accused of Censoring Copyright Debate
  182. Digg and Mininova Team Up to Seed Bruno
  183. Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde Discusses the Site’s Future
  184. The Swedish Invasion: The Return of the Nordic Trackers
  185. The Pirate Bay Sold To Software Company, Goes Legal
  186. The Pirate Bay Will Close Its Tracker and Remove Torrents (Updated)
  187. ReFuX – BitTorrent tracker for audio appz and music editing/authoring software
  188. MediaDefender Virus Scam Targets Torrent Site Users
  189. ISPs Doubt Accuracy of Anti-Piracy Evidence
  190. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent(updated)
  191. Featured Forum: PTInvites.com Open For Registration
  192. Automated Legal Threats Turn Piracy Into Profit
  193. Some want to draw your attention novelty. >>BH<<
  194. How to get new torrent updates via Twitter
  195. onlyDVDs tracker – Download full DVD movie torrents
  196. Brazilian President Shows Warmth To Pirate Bay Spokesman
  197. Release group RAGEMP3 quits the scene after raids
  198. appDowner: A BitTorrent Powered iPhone App Store
  199. Pirate Bay Cow Gatecrashes Milk Competition
  200. uTorrent Dominates BitTorrent Client Market Share
  201. Michael Jackson’s Death Causes Surge On BitTorrent
  202. vgmTorrents - Video game music tracker
  203. mojblink - Large Slovenian private tracker with lots of English torrents
  204. Pirate Bay to file charges against Sweden?
  205. SceneHD back up
  206. 250 Bibliotik Invites – Torrent Tracker for PDF/LIT/TXT eBooks, Magazines & Comics
  207. No "3 Strikes" in Spain, Watch Out Torrent Sites
  208. Sarkozy Says He Will "Go All The Way" With 3 Strikes
  209. Swepiracy open for signup - Swedish general tracker
  210. The New PianoSheets Tracker: A Musician's Paradise
  211. Pirate Party Enters the German Parliament
  212. XTVi - Public TV torrent index with custom RSS feeds
  213. CoExist Breaks the Curse of the No-Ratio Music Tracker
  214. Romanian ShareReactor (RsR) - Excellent 0-Day private torrent tracker open for signup
  215. ISPs End Anti-Piracy Talks With Entertainment Industry
  216. 5 untouched DVDR torrent trackers (DVD5, DVD9 & Blu-Ray) open for signup
  217. BCG gives 5 referrals To OLd Members
  218. The Essential Guide To Getting Into Private Trackers
  219. European Countries Amp Up War on Piracy
  220. UK ISPs Unintentionally Block Torrent Sites
  221. Total-Sports - New sports tracker with Cricket, Football, Baseball & other torrents
  222. Collecting IP Addresses Illegal in Sweden
  223. Major Scene MP3 Pre-Release Group Busted By Police
  224. dvdclub is signup and Free Leech ON!!!!!!!!
  225. PizzaTorrent Grows Tired of Attacks and Shuts Down
  226. Etiv.in - New 'Tracker Invite' Site Open for Signups
  227. SvartaKatten – Swedish tracker with movies, TV shows, HD content and music
  228. Germany is about to censor internet
  229. ISP Ordered To Hand Over Records of Pirate Customers
  230. SceneRace.net Server move‏
  231. SceneSound tracker country bans lifted - Signups open
  232. Court Orders P2P News Site To Dishonor Convicted Pirates
  233. Acid (AL) Tracker – Community based private BitTorrent site (Unlimited Invites)
  234. Anti-Pirate Bay Site In Pirate T-Shirt Failure
  235. The Pirate Bay Joins Anonymous’ Fight Against Scientology
  236. 700MBz movie tracker – 24 hour freeleech on all new torrents
  237. Ace-HD - New HD torrent tracker from AceTorrents crew
  238. Strange TTi signup page?
  239. Private Tracker Account Theft On The Rise: The Danger of Shared Seedboxes
  240. Data Protection Makes Identifying Online Pirates a Nightmare
  241. I Love Classics - BitTorrent Tracker For Classic Movies and TV
  242. Legal Authority Kills French Three-Strikes Law
  243. ISPs and Copyright Holders Set Up ‘Pirate Review Board’
  244. Prepare Yourself For Video Mixtape Month on The Pirate Bay
  245. InspireThe-Net (iTN) A New Ratio-Free Tracker
  246. Fake aXXo Lures Users to Private Torrent Site
  247. 'The Scene' music BitTorrent tracker - Now a ratio free site
  248. SceneSound and DVDSeed signups open again - Get in without an invite
  249. Pirate Bay Nemesis Has Name Changed By Pranksters
  250. Z-Cult FM Comic BitTorrent Tracker Turns The Final Page