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  1. Portal: A 6-inch Android smartphone that can be strapped to your arm
  2. Proposal For Massively Expand FBI Extraterritorial Surveillance
  3. You Can Now Use Drones to Shoot Movies in the US, Feds Say
  4. Cirque du Soleil Figured Out How to Tastefully Use Drones in Theatre
  5. The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman
  6. Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph on Wealth Illusion, Structural Violence & Hope for Survival
  7. Battery that lasts 15 years created at Southern California University
  8. “Jet with 17- Ton Telescope” , NASA’s New Flying Observatory.
  9. Report Reveals Likely Causes of Mars Spacecraft Loss
  10. Microsoft charges the FBI $50 for a copy of your private data
  11. Here's The Best Sleeping Position For Your Health
  12. US Congressman Michael Grimm threatens reporter: "I'll break you in half"
  13. Possible Radiation Leak At New Mexico Military Nuclear Waste Site
  14. 1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun
  15. TTP peace committee trio down to two
  16. Saudi woman loses life, was denied medical help under gender law
  17. Curiosity capture rare photo of Earth from the surface of Mars,100 million miles away
  18. NASA is planning to make water and oxygen on the Moon and Mars by 2020
  19. Facebook Added to Russian Website Blocklist, Joins 30,000 Unofficial Others (wtf)
  20. With Office now on iOS and Android, Microsoft has finally looked beyond its ego
  21. Android 4.3 begins hitting Google Play edition Galaxy S 4 and HTC One
  22. iPhone 5C plastic case images posted
  23. Nokia Lumia 1020 now official, 41MP OIS camera in tow
  24. Wikileaks: The Global Intelligence Files
  25. Coup d'etat in Egypt - military says it has ousted Morsi; crowds celebrate in Cairo
  26. Google and Microsoft make Windows Phone YouTube app worse while they write a new one
  27. Turkey Protests 2013: Tens Of Thousands Take To Streets In Turkey
  28. Samsung: Galaxy S4 sales to reach 10 million next week
  29. "Vaccine" against heroin keeps it out of the brain
  30. What the future could hold for Firefox OS
  31. YouTube Launching Paid Subscriptions to Some Video Channels: Report
  32. BBC NEWS: Google edition adopts 'Palestine'
  33. Dramatic footage: Cargo Boeing 747 crashes at Bagram Airfield
  34. Top 10 Most Expensive Cell Phones in the World
  35. Al Jazeera English: Six-year-old Indian girl raped in New Delhi
  36. Iran will destroy Israeli cities if attacked
  37. Kim the Pig
  38. Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, dies in Caracas
  39. Nokia 105: £13 mobile phone with a battery that lasts 35 DAYS on a single charge :)
  40. First Leaked iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S Parts Emerge
  41. Apple loses 'most valuable company' title
  42. USA makes it illegal to unlock cellphones
  43. Samsung shows off world's first curved OLED TV
  44. Google adjusts image search, won't show porn unless you ask for it
  45. Kim Dotcom raid video revealed
  46. What Security Issues Does IPv6 Pose?
  47. Nokia Sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic Over Patent Infringement
  48. Government employees produce buggiest software
  49. FBI Could Pull the Plug On Millions of Internet Users March 8
  50. ACTA: The new threat to the net + Sign the petition
  51. New Google privacy policy won't affect Apps for business, government[Ars Technica]
  52. Al Jazeera English: Karachi Kidnap
  53. No Sale: Million-Dollar Bill Gets North Carolina Man Arrested at Walmart
  54. VIMEO: Human Sex Trafficing
  55. Children shame robber into fleeing
  56. Rickie La Touche Suffocated Wife to Death After She Destroyed His Star Wars Toys
  57. Harvard Review: Gates, Not Jobs, Deserves Recognition
  58. World's Biggest Gold Coin
  59. China wants Internet police
  60. Dark beer has more iron than pale beer
  61. First Chinese Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea Trials
  62. U.S. Business Journalists Optimistic Their Local Economies Will Improve
  63. Reports Of Rape Of Somali Women Fleeing Famine
  64. Tanning bed users exhibit brain changes and behavior similar to addicts: study
  65. Signs of Recovery Starting To Show In The Miami Real Estate Market And The Rest .....
  66. Effective Tips On How To Become More Aware Of Your Gas Dollars When Driving Out .....
  67. Russian Billionaires & Other Foreign Buyers Take Advantage Of Exclusive U.S Estates..
  68. NASA Finds Evidence of Flowing Water on Mars
  69. Analysis: In light of the FBI arrests trying to send a message to Anonymous .....
  70. Researcher Makes a Career Developing Cocaine Vaccine
  71. Astronomers Find Largest, Most Distant Reservoir of Water
  72. Samsung-funded study finds 3D video causes extra eye strain, fatigue
  73. Size of Galaxies
  74. 'News Of The World' to shut down
  75. Nobody is anonymous on net anymore
  76. China’s ghost towns
  77. Working at the Apple Store: Tales from the Inside
  78. A rare and remarkable interview with the Bill Gates
  79. Biggest numbers in the universe
  80. Nepal Becomes World's First Country To Recognize "Third Gender" On Census
  81. Cellphones Possibly Cause Cancer, WHO Warns...
  82. PSN Return Delayed, Hackers Publish Stolen Data
  83. WikiLeaks' Assange Calls Facebook 'Most Appalling Spying Machine Ever'
  84. Osama bin Laden is DEAD
  85. The World's Largest Interior Panoramic Photo Weighs in at 40 Gigapixels
  86. Welcome to the world of Fake Advertising - Samsung Galaxy Tab
  87. Autistic boy,12, with higher IQ than Einstein develops his own theory of relativity
  88. Quake sped up Earth's rotation and tilted the axis by 25 cms
  89. Huge earthquake hits Japan
  90. Penthouse Magazine Launches 3D Adult Programming Channel
  91. Yet an other bad news from Brazil
  92. Pressure mounts over Apple's 30% subscription charge
  93. U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’
  94. Bad news from Brazil
  95. Installing Freedom: Mubarak out of power
  96. LG Fires Back at Sony in Patent Fight Over TVs, Phones
  97. The First Space Airport in The World
  98. The Media Can Legally Lie
  99. Man faces felony for reading email confirming adultery
  100. Sudan teen lashed for "indecent" skirt
  101. Press regulations
  102. Who Killed Canada? Election Primer Video Now Available
  103. United Nations' Threat: No More Parental Rights
  104. Best meteor shower of 2010 arrives starting Dec. 13
  105. FBI Says Video Barbie Girl Could Be Used for 'Child Pornography Production'
  106. YouPorn, Perez Hilton Exploit Bug to Obtain Your Browsing History
  107. Man Accidentally Kills Wife During Botched Satellite TV Install
  108. New Michael Jackson Perfume Made From His DNA
  109. Moved from the "How the FBI Investigates Computer Crime" thread
  110. NASA to Unveil Details of Quest for Alien Life
  111. Amber Alert and Sharp-Eyed Citizen Help Save Missing Girl in California
  112. Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child
  113. Chinese Traffic Jam Enters 10th Day
  114. Man faces jail for videotaping gun-waving cop
  115. Woman jailed for making threats to herself
  116. Lohan Gets Jail Time - New York Post
  117. Teenage boy murdered in suspected 'vuvuzela rage'
  118. UN calls for Kyrgyzstan humanitarian corridor
  119. Ohio court: "Guesstimating" of speeders good enough for conviction
  120. Tropical storm leaves more than 115 dead in Central America
  121. Detroit Police shoot 7-year-old girl in house search[USA]
  122. Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
  123. Dennis Hopper dies at 74
  124. BP's Top Kill Effort Fails to Plug Gulf Oil Leak
  125. Maoists suspected of sabotaging train, 65 dead
  126. Hubble Catches Star Eating a Planet
  127. Bringing life back to Asia's 'dead' sea
  128. Crazy dad gives cigarettes to toddler
  129. Cop Busted Buying Cocaine, Claims He Was Replacing Evidence
  130. Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit
  131. Chinese Snap to Attention for Bra-Removing Contest
  132. Chefs Using Marijuana Create a New Kitchen Culture
  133. Gulf Oil Again Imperils Sea Turtle -The New York Times
  134. Next Generation Storage Media Optical Disks
  135. Pakistan Taliban' behind Times Square bomb plot
  136. BBC News - Protests across US over Arizona immigration law
  137. Breast milk kills cancer cells
  138. Iceland Volcano Spews More Ash
  139. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Young Palestinians in Israeli jails
  140. Al Jazeera English: Palestinian PM blasts Israel ID law
  141. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Texas looks to rewrite history
  142. BBC NEWS: Kenya ends Somali pirate's trials
  143. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Kids caught in Mexico's drug war
  144. Al Jazeera English: Thai PM declares state of emergency
  145. BBC NEWS: Mongolia on verge of mineral boom
  146. Wikileaks: U.S. Intelligence planned to destroy WikiLeaks
  147. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Peru's animal-trade problem
  148. Lottery winner dies penniless after heart attack from money worries
  149. Acta: Confidential Consolidated Text Leaks
  150. Al Jazeera English: Somali pirates hijack tanker
  151. Bill Gates No Longer World's Richest Man
  152. BBC NEWS: Clinton rebukes Israel over East Jerusalem homes
  153. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO; Guatemala mine 'exploiting' locals
  154. Vatican on Defense as Sex Scandals Build
  155. Roy Ashburn: 'I'm Gay'
  156. Wikikeaks.org: Icelandic Icesave offer to UK-NL
  157. Al Jazeera English: Iceland rejects bank payback deal
  158. Al Jazeera English: Thousands march in Jerusalem rally
  159. Al Jazeera English: Dubai: Israeli premier faces arrest
  160. Shooting of 2 officers closes Pentagon subway station
  161. Mission Impossible Style Robbery !
  162. BBC NEWS: Brazil rebuffs US pressure for Iran sanctions
  163. Al Jazeera English: Police arrested in Nigeria killings
  164. Apple admits using child labour
  165. First waves hit Japan as tsunami alert is canceled
  166. Al Jazeera English: Syria and Iran defend strong ties
  167. SeaWorld Curator: Ponytail Likely Caused Fatal Killer Whale Attack
  168. General strike grips Greece, grounds flights
  169. Al Jazeera English:Seeking asylum in Australia
  170. Al Jazeera English: Amnesty slams Iran's rights record
  171. Al Jazeera English: The Mossad's secret wars
  172. BBC NEWS: Israel adds West Bank shrines to heritage list
  173. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Civilians flee Marjah fighting
  174. Al Jazeera English: Israel PM 'signed off' on Dubai hit
  175. Al Jazeera English: VIDIO: News Middle East Barrier imprisons West Bank village
  176. Al Jazeera English: Niger soldiers say coup 'patriotic'
  177. BBC NEWS: Ghana dig reveals ancient society
  178. BBC NEWS: In pictures: Ghana's market girls - the Kayayo
  179. Consortiumnews: Cheney Exposes Torture Conspiracy
  180. [BBC News] Wikileaks and Iceland MPs propose 'journalism haven'
  181. Al Jazeera English: Clinton: Iran pursuing nuclear arms
  182. Al Jazeera English:VIDEO: Little change for many in S Africa
  183. Al Jazeera English: Israel acts on West Bank wall order
  184. BBC NEWS: Iran accused of blocking opposition communications
  185. [USAToday]Cops using YouTube to find criminals
  186. Al Jazeera English:Iranian view of nuclear standoff
  187. Al Jazeera English: UK releases 'US torture evidence'
  188. Al Jazeera English: US denies 'direct Taliban contact'
  189. Electronic Frontier Foundation: Selling survellience to China
  190. Al Jazeera English: Israel: Peace talks to resume soon
  191. Al Jazeera English: Romania 'to host US missile shield'
  192. Electronic Frontier Foundation: Warrantless Wiretapping Case in US.
  193. Al Jazeera English: Jordan conducts mass arrests
  194. Al Jazeera English: Proxy detention 'collusion' exposed
  195. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: AJE LiveStation
  196. EAT THE STATE: Gaza: History Repeats
  197. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Yemen: A failed state?
  198. HULC - exoskeleton by Lockheed Martin
  199. Al Jazeera English: China protests US-Taiwan arms deal
  200. Global Research. Anatomy of a Military Coup d'Etat
  201. Al Jazeera English: Venezuelan channel taken off air
  202. Reporters Without Borders: Jordan: threat to online free expression
  203. Al Jazeera Englsih: Britain raises terror threat level
  204. Al Jazeera English: Smugglers dump refugees in Corsica
  205. Unseen video footage of the "Miracle on the Hudson," flight 1549 in New Yor
  206. Al Jazeera English: Climate panel admits glacier gaffe
  207. Ars Technica: China claims their internet is largely "open"/unrelgulated
  208. Video games blamed for return of rickets
  209. Reuters News: VIDEO: Amphibious aid in Haiti
  210. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Zimbabweans' perilous journey
  211. BBC NEWS: Russia to boost ties with Ukraine
  212. BBC NEWS: Sarkozy quells Haiti rift with US
  213. Al Jazeera English: US denies 'Haiti occupation'
  214. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Doubts cast on H1N1 scare
  215. Al Jazeera English: The US as a great warrior tribe
  216. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Disputes over Haiti aid control
  217. Al Jazeera English: Google 'may quit China'
  218. Al Jazeera English: Haiti: Pictorial Gallery of earthquake damage.
  219. BBC NEWS: Haiti earthquake: Thousands feared dead
  220. Too much TV may mean earlier death
  221. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Black Iraqis claim discrimination
  222. Al Jazeera English: Overseas French reject autonomy
  223. Al Jazeera English: US denies jet flew over Venezuela
  224. Reporters Without Borders: Israel: “Gaza, the Black Book”
  225. Reporters Without Borders: Iran jailing Journalists
  226. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: US accused of plot to occupy Yemen
  227. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: White Power USA
  228. Al Jazeera English: Argentine bank head sacking blocked
  229. Al Jazeera English: Aid convoy breaks Gaza siege
  230. Which should it be? The moon, Venus, or a nearby asteroid?
  231. Reporters Without Borders: USA: United States imprisoning journalists
  232. Reporters Without Borders: COLUMBIA: Teaching how to spy
  233. BBC NEWS: CIA bomber courted as informant
  234. Al Jazeera English: 'Punish, humiliate, terrorise'
  235. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Insecurity plagues DRC refugees
  236. Reporters Without Borders: Media and Terrrorism
  237. Al Jazeera English: CIA confirms deaths in Afghanistan
  238. BBC NEWS: VIDEO: Making a living from a mountain of rubbish
  239. Al Jazeera English:'The US military is exhausted"
  240. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: Reflections of War
  241. Reporters Without Borders: IRAN: Witnesses arrested or censored.
  242. BBC NEWS: Afghanistan children killed 'during Western operation'
  243. Reporters Without Borders: BRAZIL: Bloggers banned.
  244. Reporters Without Borders: SPAIN: Free expression debate
  245. Al Jazeera English: 'Israel resembles a failed state'
  246. Al Jazeera English: VIDEO: What future for 'Greater Israel'?
  247. Al Jazeera English: Lithuania hosted secret CIA jails
  248. Al Jazeera English: CIA linked to Palestinian 'torture'
  249. Wikileaks: Is the Internet Filter Australia's Berlin Wall
  250. Al Jazeera English: US Iraq jail an 'al-Qaeda school'

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